Sunday, December 6, 2009

Totally frustrated!

I haven't blogged in a very long time. I signed up on Twitter a while back so I keep in touch with my favorite conservative bloggers who are signed up as well.

It seems to me our government moves from one controversial subject to another and it is just plain depressing. So I've become a coward, I suppose, and have retreated from writing my comments - just to take a breather.

Family life has so many ups and downs, and combined with the decisions our politicians make we know that in due time those decisions will effect further what is already close to a disaster for families.

I heard an opinion this morning by a prominent TV personality who's name totally escapes me, sorry" but he stated the Wall Street CEO are making big bucks this Christmas season and they are the ones who got us in the economical trouble in the beginning - their actions and decisions then is which has impacted our finances today. They are getting away with it again and what is our government doing about it - again, absolutely nothing!!! For crying out loud, what chance do the working class have to get ahead!! We shout out "throw the bums out of office" and every voting season we either keep the same ones in or replace them with individuals with the same mindset. It is our fault we are in this mess - we have the power, but we have given it away - willingly. Oddly enough, when the bulk of our society, the middle class, do stick up and shout out they are called weird names. Oh me! What are we going to do!!!

Whatever - we have another election year coming up for our congress and senate - let's do a better job of it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Charles Krauthammer: "Decline is a Choice"

I would like to thank the blog "Bride of Rove" for suggesting the read of Charles Krauthammer's speech. Following are some excerpts I chose to share. Please follow the link to read Mr. Krauthammer's thoughtful, although lengthy article and well worth the time. It certainly put many ideas and Liberal actions into prospective for me.

Charles Krauthammer is a syndicated columnist and contributing editor to THE WEEKLY STANDARD. This essay is adapted from his 2009 Wriston Lecture delivered for the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research in New York on October 5.

"Decline Is a Choice - The New Liberalism and the end of American ascendancy." by Charles Krauthammer 10/19/2009, Volume 015, Issue 05

"The effect on the dollar is already being felt and could ultimately lead to a catastrophic collapse and/or hyperinflation. Having control of the world's reserve currency is an irreplaceable national asset. Yet with every new and growing estimate of the explosion of the national debt, there are more voices calling for replacement of the dollar as the world currency--not just adversaries like Russia and China, Iran and Venezuela, which one would expect, but just last month the head of the World Bank."

"There is no free lunch. Social democracy and its attendant goods may be highly desirable, but they have their price--a price that will be exacted on the dollar, on our primacy in space, on missile defense, on energy security, and on our military capacities and future power projection."

You may link to the article here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

What's up with this? Fox News is in the Dog House with the White House

A quick note - watching Glenn Beck right now. Did you hear about Anita Dunn, the White House communication's director. She appeared on CNN today and blasted Fox News as an enemy of the country!!!!!

Holy Cow! what is happening to our country that we can't even have a choice now of who we watch that the White House communication's director can take potshots at any news network. It's one thing for the news network to compete and put out their own opinions, but another thing for the White House. Perhaps the White House staff and czars, et al, need to go back to school and learn how to read the constitution and try to understand we do have choice in this country.

I am fearful, however, that this president and his followers are trying to take our privileges of freedom away.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday morning opinion

I have a Sunday morning routine and for as long I can remember for the past nine years, we have followed the same pattern. Coffee on, planted squarely and comfortably in front of the TV and the local news first, then CBS Sunday Morning news, and then read the newspaper. I am not sure how long I have had a fondness for Charles Krauthammer, maybe it was when we started watching Fox News in the afternoon on the weekdays when he was on the panel which appeared at the end of the news reports. Although, my first introduction of Mr. Krauthammer was long ago in the 90s when I was up early caring for my son Brian and I watched Brian Lamb and C-SPAN. Charles Krauthammer was often a guest, I enjoyed hearing his point of view then and I continue to value his opinion today.

My first stop when reading the Sunday paper is the Viewpoint section and Charles Krauthammer's column. I found this morning's column as interesting as any other of his opinions, but I thought I would share this one here today.

It has to do with the decision President Obama must make regarding sending troops to Afghanistan. If you have any family member or friend in the military, I am sure you are very interested to know what the president will decide to do. I am disappointed that it is taking the president so long to make up his mind. As you will read in Mr. Krauthammer's column, this wasn't something that just came up and the president needed more time to think. I am sure President Obama has to check with everyone of his monetary supporters to see what they think, I wish he would go with his guy. I know he and Michelle have pledge support to the military families, but you can't put off making decisions while soldiers are dying.

I hope you will find Charles Krauthammer's column as enlightening and informative as I did. You may find it here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tim Hawkins - The Government Can

This video is a humorist way of looking at the government taking our money!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ten US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

US soldiers fire a Howitzer in Logar province. President Obama is to decide whether to order a surge of troops in Afghanistan. Read the story here.

Personally, I find President Obama's behavior disgraceful as per the other story I just browsed on the Drudgereport page here of President and Mrs Obama going out and celebrating their 17th anniversary while we have troops dying in Afghanistan and the President can't make up his mind what to do. I think maybe he has made up his mind, but isn't sharing the news with the American people. I have been married 45 years, and I can tell you, honestly, if I had a sick child, parent, or there was a major problem in my family, there wouldn't be any going out to celebrate anything. My marriage is not based on when and where we go out to dinner but to take care of the business of the problems at hand in my family. And, I expect the same thing of my President. Surely, his chefs could have come up with something extra special for a sweet and simple twosome dinner for he and Michelle rather than having to parade all over Washington. I imagine the troops in Afghanistan would appreciate some of that R&R too.

It's makes me so sad. The news articles are saying this is the largest death count in 10 years. Don't you know if Bush would be in office right now people would be up in arms and we would hear screaming and hollering from the Democrats.

I pray that God will PLEASE give President the common sense and wisdom to make a good decision for our country and our troops first and foremost. He needs to get out of Himself and get some humility and serve the United States of America.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chris Wallace Dubs Obama Admin "Crybabies" Over Fox Sunday Snub

I agree with the "Crybaby statement!" What's their problem going on Fox News? It's the best network on air today. They really do make every effort to bring on both point of view and that's what we want in order to make a good decision.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama's Healthcare Program

If you have been attempting to understand what is going on in Washington with regard to health care and what changes are being discussed then you should be congratulated!! Who can keep up? I still don't quite understand what the Government Option is but everyone says its a bad thing and now we don't have to worry because it's been written out! Whew! that was close.

Now Michelle Obama has stepped in and is speaking about health care. She is wearing what the report describes as a "bondage belt" which is something I would never wear unless I was like a size 5. But this wasn't an article about fashion unless on the other hand she was attempting to make a statement about bondage that I am too stupid to "get." In her speech she states that "women suffer under the health care system." Ok, is she trying to make the point woman are in bondage? Now, don't take me wrong, it's good to get a woman's prospective on these things. Mom's are the ones who usually do the doctor bit more than the men as far as taking the kids to the doctor and all those sorts of chores. Personally, I must reply, we have good health insurance, and I can't complain one iota about the care as a woman that I have received either now or when we were very young and struggling. I had serious health issues back then and do now and can't complain about the service I've received. Now, I 'm not saying we don't need to address other issues in our health care system, but they weren't covered in Michelle Obama's speech.

However, I was absolutely bowled over when I read Michelle Malkin's column about the health care system when then citizen Obama and Mrs Obama were leaders of at a Chicago Hospital back in 2006. Why oh Why are these type of facts held back so long and out of sight when there is a very important bill being discussed in Washington that is going to obviously change each and everyone of our lives whether we want it to or not - do we really have a choice?
If our choice is taken away from us and we are forced to accept what someone else thinks is good and it isn't then we fall prey to physician's who may not provide us with the care we need and what we have been accustomed to and we will become like cattle going to market to be slaughtered. If it didn't work for the Obama's and the hospital in Chicago, then it won't work for the whole of the United States.
I am grateful for those Democrats who have the guts to stand up against what President Obama wants and to create a program with the Republicans that will work for all of our American citizens. Oh, we can't forget all the American citizens who have protested and brought our interests to light otherwise the bill would have been passed and who knows what kind of healthcare plan we would have been stuck with - although we still are not sure!

Please do check out Michelle Malkin's article - it is written here at this link. She will fill in all the details about the Obama's and the Chicago hospital.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Constitution Revolution

This is my very favorite political photo for 2009--------

It is the 9/12 Teaparty held in Washington, DC, and the view is on Pennsylvania Avenue. Awesome, isn't it?

Please check out this blog I discovered today - very interesting writing, please go here!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Laura Bush Defends Obama Speaking To School Children

I love Laura Bush. I appreciate that she commented on the "guidelines" that was send from President Obama's education department which was, in my opinion, the main objection of so many, including mine. They have been changed and perhaps not being sent with the speech at all. This is a good interview.

Monday, September 7, 2009

What really does "Public option" mean?

Happy Labor Day to all! Hope each of you are having a very nice relaxing day!

Are you as confused by all of this talk about President Obama's new health care program as I am? Do you think anyone who knows what the politicians are talking about? If you flick from one news program to another you will hear entirely different explanations and the definitions will vary extremely depending on which political party is doing the talking.

I read an article in our Sunday Review Journal this morning. The article was written by Susan Estrich titled "Who will run free hot dog stand?" and it mentioned something like buying hot dogs compared to health care for $10 or $20 but some, she said, couldn't afford a hot dog for even that amount. I did not see the comparison. A friend of hers doesn't have insurance and she described what he has had to go through in the public hospital as compared to what she deals with having insurance. Her conclusion is blaming the conservatives for screwing up the ideas that liberals want to pass just because the conservatives don't want to raise taxes.

I know of two situations where both individuals have been in need insurance coverage of some kind. One individual had lost his job and shortly after that he was involved in an accident with no insurance. His health care cost was astronomical. He had worked and paid taxes since he was 16. He had insurance when he was employed. The social workers at the hospital asked him if he had the unemployed insurance, Cobra, which is available - guess what, it costs $500+ a month - please tell me, if you are unemployed, how can you pay for it!!! Duh!!! He applied everywhere for assistance and was denied - he is an American citizen. He is working now, he had to take the job he could get due to the economy and can't afford insurance because his wage is so low he can barely meet his expenses.

The other individual had a good union policy and he has a child he is responsible for 100%. He had to have surgery and he was off work too long, then the economy crash hit he lost more work time and consequently lost his insurance too. He has been earning enough time to be eligible for union insurance again, but in the meantime if his child gets ill, he's hurting or if his health problems erupt again, he has no recourse. He is an American citizen too, and has worked as well since he was 16 and paid taxes.

I am a conservative but I do believe there should be assistance available for American citizens when they need it. We are a generous country and we should take care of our own.

I can understand the point of view of the conservatives wanting to rein in frivolous spending - wouldn't you? Why would you, if you were on a fixed budget, take your mortgage money and spend it on an unnecessary trip or car or furniture. We do need our health care system remodeled and upgraded within reason.

There are three or four blanket ideas floating to be voted on when Congress returns tomorrow and now the President has come up with his own plan. Some will include the Public Option - whatever in the world that is - and some won't. And, now the Democrats are talking of pushing the Republicans out all together and they will push the bill through on some sort of executive situation.

I am sure that John Q Public is more informed today than ever in history. Because of the Internet and cable news, we have choices and through communication tools like blogging and emails we can get our opinions across. I think this is a thread to the politicians and they don't like our being more informed than they are. There are a few who have remained patient with their constituents at the town hall meets and I give them a big "thank you" whether they are Democrats or Republicans - I thank them for listening! But for those who think they know it all and have been resentful and rude, I'll bet they won't be in office next voting cycle. I wish the Democrats and Republicans would work together peacefully and with consideration to get a good heath care program passed that would help all AMERICANS now and in the future. I can dream, can't I!

I found a law website/blog which stated simply the term "public option" and you may link to it here. I don't know about you, but my head is spinning with overkill - - it's no wonder many of our politicians don't have the answers, they don't know what they're voting on either.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Feeling guilty

Actually, I was feeling guilty and wondering if I was justified in that. I remember when my husband and I went to Marriage Encounter many years ago, it was said that "Feelings are neither right nor wrong" but we know the right or wrong is the outcome and how we react.

I have not watched the funeral of Senator Edward Kennedy. I do not have fond memories of him although I have heard of many of the bills he has been responsible for that has helped the poor and needy. Nonetheless, we lived in Massachusetts during the time of the horrible death of Mary Jo Kopechne. I was much younger then but raising my children and even so had a moral sense of outrage at Senator Kennedy's reaction or lack of - totally avoiding helping that young beautiful woman who was in his care - a coward. And since, cooperating in assisting getting his nephews off and out of trouble when they had women troubles. I just don't have any respect. Maybe that's why I really don't feel guilty or want to give any homage to a man of his background.
When I opened my blog dashboard the first thing I saw was the photo of a very young military boy - yes, a boy. He had only been in the Army for a year and now he is dead. Can you imagine the grief of his parents. This is where my grief and tears are shed - painfully. He is the hero and he should be given the honor that Senator Kennedy is receiving. Oh my! My heart is breaking into 1000 pieces thinking of that young man's family. So soon, gone. Truly a Hero.

The solder is Pfc. Matthew E. Wildes, 18, of Hammond, La., joined the Army in 2008. He deployed to Afghanistan on May 24, 2009, and died August 27 of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his vehicle. You can read more about this young man at Airmanmom's blog.
Airman Mom is dedicated to bringing us bloggers the news of our military personnel and I appreciate her dedication and contribution so much. Thank you Airman Mom, you are amazing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't you agree - it's a mess and getting worse!

No quotes or links or educated pronouncements here tonight. I can't remember a time when our country was under more turmoil that since Obama took office. The media had a field day to begin it all but for the most part now you may be really getting both sides of the story. The Conservative and Liberal side, yes, we have to allow both sides to be heard and said. There has to be equality, but up to now it has been one-sided.

It's a laugh that the Obama administration groupies with the close union organization SEIU and another Liberal group called "Health Care for America Now" will be professing their basic freedom of speech to hit the road and denounce what the Conservatives and Independent Parties have been professing. The Democrats have chastised those who have come out to disagree and voice their opinions as being radicals and even worse. But, aha, now they are following the LEADERS and COPY CATTING exactly what they have denounce. Oh, the farce in it all. This should be an interesting week watching the Obama Health Care posse carry out their duty - attempting to put down and put out the energy of what has become a huge success for those individuals who have spoken against the Obama Health Care programs.

We have a right to choice and to know what to expect. Granted there are areas where there should be changes - but not the entire Health Care system.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

CBS Sunday Morning

Every Sunday morning, Bob and I make a point of being in front of the TV to watch our favorite Sunday program. It is complete with all types of entertaining varieties of interest from music, art, interviews and nature. This morning the show began with two sections both about President Obama's healthcare program and the public who are debating and attending the town halls. After only 15 minutes of watching which included the intro and commercials, I had had enough and my husband agreed.

Here's a link to one of the CBS reports. Their argument has now become that we don't know what is in Obama's Health Care bill. Well, guess what? He most likely doesn't either since he has left it up to the House and Congress to put it all together. President Obama gave them a list of what he wants for the bill and let them to the work of putting it into a bill to be voted on.

"Members of Congress are getting more than an earful," political professor Larry Sabato, who directs the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, told CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson for CBS' "Sunday Morning." "They're getting a belly full." He went on to labeled the town hall attendees as "belly-achers" - in this report - and that's when our TV went black - we turned it off. I resent the labeling they are giving those individuals who are exercising their basic right to speak. Their labels are childish. I was hoping this report would cover both sides, but it wasn't a balanced report. Why can't any of these networks tread the middle of the road and present these situations equally?
This is only one of several town hall photos used in this report. I especially like the sign mentioning "fishy." Once the idea of the White House sniffing out emails that seemed "fishy" became public then another robust outrage began against the White House and for our right to Free Speech. Yet, the reports detail the people in a riot mode whereas in the President Obama Town Halls everyone is smiling prettily. I think that's not reality.
In any of the photos or news clips I have seen, the people seem to represent the ordinary United States citizen. The ones who have worked so hard all their life to earn what they have. Middle Americans who don't want President Obama and the Democrats to take away their rights.
One of our Las Vegas Review Journal writers, Thomas Mitchell, wrote a column for the Sunday Viewpoint section. The title of the column is "Instead of shouts, insults, how about persuasion?" I agree that some restrain and less hollering would be to our benefit. However, on that note, on this mornings CBS show, a clip highlighted the young woman who was speaking to Senator Spector. I have seen this clip quite often and my opinion of her demeanor was quite different from the way she was portrayed in this mornings report. At the town hall, she had a list in her hand and granted, she was excited as she spoke but she was not hollering at Senator Spector. She was looking directly at him and standing probably three to four feet away from the senator. She was extremely concerned and those feelings came through in her words, however, the CBS reporter labeled her as one of the "belly-achers." Come on now!
These people are like the sleeping lion that has been awakened. Regardless of whether yelling or being nice, this movement has certainly put the Democrats and President Obama on the defensive and perhaps they will put more thought into what type of bills they will produce. And, perhaps, this will also highlight the politicians who have their own best issues on their mind and not their constituents.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whole Foods being put out to pasture by the Libs

Well, talk about the protesters being rowdy in the town halls and the Obama administration harassing them!! I just read a story on Twitter, then a blog, then the article in ABC news on line (read the ABC story here). It's unbelievable that the Obama administration would turn on one of it's own just because he voiced his opinion about Obama's Health Care plan and the disagreement of the plan. Oh sob sob! I am referring to the grocery store - Whole Foods. The store is being boycotted because the Democratic CEO disagreed with the Obama health care plan. Unfortunately, those who are boycotting the store have their information backwards, I believe. The individuals who were interviewed and said they would not shop at Whole Foods since they heard about John MacKey's opinion, are under the impression that the Obama Health Care Plan WILL give health care to all. Maybe it will, and maybe it won't but regardless it will be at such a cost, the guy boycotting the Whole Foods Market will probably not have enough money left from his pension or paycheck to purchase the food.

It makes me wonder if President Obama or any of his administration ever had a college course in economics - where are they going to get the money to pay for this health care plan. Granted there are many who need health care assistance, but not the way the Obama administration is planning

There is no discrimination here - the pious outrage will befall anyone regardless of race, religion or political selection. We are NOT permitted our own opinions if it disagrees with the Obama administration on any matter and if we dare we will be chastised and cast off as demons. It is pathetic. If President Bush ever did even one-tenth of the stuff the Obama gang is getting away with, he would have been run out of office without nary a Congressional rule on it.

The day will come when there will be an uprising and the citizens will speak. President Carter had a short lived four years, and if these sorts of antics continue like attempting to mess around with our Freedoms, then four years will be it for President Obama and his administration.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Town Halls for All!

I know a lot of people who shout, scream, throw fits, shake their fists and other types of gestures at their TVs during some types of news broadcasts and they are mainly the political ones I'm referring to. The people that I know are not the type to march in a riot type of situation - maybe I could call them "closet protesters" and they have finally come out of the closet.

Why are people so surprised? For years and years and years, we've used our common courtesy and remained calm in public, maybe shaking our head if we hear a broadcast or read a newspaper headline in public we disagree with. We restrained ourselves until we go home, get comfortable in the privacy of our living rooms or den with our favorite drink and snack and turn on the network news. I am not alone when I confess I have screamed at the TV violently and spoken to politicians who could not hear me. My husband is a quiet man and he has laughed at me sometimes because I suppose it could be a humorous sight to see this ole lady saying nasty things to a TV screen, but I've experienced his attitude towards the opinions and comments from politicians and his remarks ain't pretty either!

So now!!!! we have our outlet to be heard. We can go to our political Town Halls to be heard - that is if your congressman is holding them. Unfortunately for us here in Nevada, Senator Harry Reid is not going public with his Town Halls. He is in trouble here in this state anyhow and there are many who would like him out of office. Do you think he might be afraid to face his constituents?

President Obama jabbed Las Vegas a couple of times and his comments have effected the economy very negatively. I didn't hear Senator Reid stand up for us one time, so don't you know those attending the Town Halls would give Senator Reid an ear full. It does make me wonder, will Nancy Pelosi be holding Town Halls?

So, we have come of age and found our forte - the Town Halls, and we are being chastised by the MSM and Democrats. I guess because we have "stolen" their techniques for getting noticed. Well, too bad, we have found our voice and we WILL use our inalienable rights for our Freedom to Speak.

I really do hope people will be courteous - you can get a better response through politeness than shouting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Difference of Opinion

It is very frustrating to hear the Liberals accuse the individuals at the Town Hall meeting to be a racist group just because they are opposing President Obama's Health Care plan. There are many of us who also didn't like President and Mrs. Clinton's Health Care plan back in the 90s when President Clinton first came into office. No one called us racist then - so why would they be doing this now? We are opposing a plan.

I just listened to a clip from an internet news link - Bretbart Youtube video of Rep Dingell accusing anyone who spoke out against this Healthcare Bill of being members of KKK. Since when do we not have a right to speak out against any issue we oppose to our elected members of Congress? Granted, some individuals and groups are more rowdy than others and so what - unions are organized and they march and protest and sometimes are rowdy - that is their right, have you ever seen anyone complain about their protest tactics?

President Obama was voted into office by ALL classes of American - or - he wouldn't have been elected. Why are people trying to tear down what I would have hope would have been a character building time for our country? These senior citizens and young people are not protesting against any person's skin color, religion, or background, but a basic issue of our country which if passed will change everything for many of us that are satisfied with what we have.

The Heritage Foundation writes "Criticizing the President is not Racist" - and if you think back, when did it ever become an issue when a person of any race criticize a president be accused of being racist? We are losing the principal stronghold of our freedom to make this our main issue and we will lose our basic of freedom of speech for all by making race an issue, because race certainly isn't the main issue here - this change effects every American citizen.

How the Congress votes will change life for all. There is no doubt we do need health care changes for those in need, those who can't afford to pay for insurance, better control perhaps on the outragious costs of health care, medication and services. There has to be a more substantial method to this plan than taking from the majority who are opposed to the plan on the table at this time.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Over zealous Senior Citizens

Can you imagine? We were watching CNN this morning - both channels, separate formats, different reporters and I was shocked by the rude manner of the media's reporters as they talked about the behavior of the people at the town meetings. The media's take was so outragiously absurd and I believe the media's opinion is on the merge of fantacy - they must have one heck of a slanted writer to report the justification of American citizens voicing their opinion as being a crowd in a riot mode. I think it is actually so funny how the media is ganging up on the Seniors because they have finally come out and spoke up for what they want. It must be a real shocker for the youngins that run the news media today to see people their grandparent's age getting rowdy - maybe they think it's only the rights of the youth to speak their mind in a town hall. Maybe they think anyone over 55 years old should be seen and not heard. Well, it's howdy doodie time kiddies!!! They forget we are the very ones that paid the big bucks for the media and other business survival today. We are the shakers and the movers but we've moved on to our relaxing days - but surely don't want some guy like Barack Obama and his associates coming in and taking away what we worked so hard so long to enjoy.

Take a good look at those people showing up at the town halls! They remind me of hard working individuals who have saved and skimped for their family, probably working more than forty hours a week, and the mothers who worked too and put their kids through college - and it's probably the same kids who are raising hell about the Seniors standing up for their earned rights to speak.

I don't give a shit whether it's organized or not - we have our rights to raise hell just like everyone else does. I am so very grateful these people have the balls to get out there and speak their mind. President Obama is NOT my savior - not in a million years and he doesn't have the loving spirit to give us what we need. He wants to form us into what he and his community organizers from the gangster work he came from in Chicago are like - - well, buddy, it ain't gonna happen.

Thank you to all those Seniors and Youngins who have joined in and are speaking your minds. We are behind you all the way. We know the truth of the matter. If CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC don't get their act together - they will all be out of business and the only media station in business will be Fox - and that wouldn't bother me a bit.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Jets for our Leaders! Oh Boy!!!

I wonder if I could hitch a ride to North Carolina, Fort Bragg, in particular to see my grandson who is serving in the Army. I have some paperwork he needs. If they are buying those new jets with our money, why can't we have benefit of them too??? Huh?

"The House Orders Up Three Jets" is the name of the Roll Call article - and you can read the complete text here.
I wonder who's behind all of these extra spending in the Congress? Can you guess and for what purpose?

The Reporters are home!

Journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee are home - thanks mostly in part to the journey President Bill Clinton made to North Korea to meet with the leader Kim Jong Il. You can read more about the home coming here.

Regardless of which political preference, during a time like this we must be thankful to our President, Secretary of State, Al Gore, and especially President Clinton for their efforts to free these two women who it seemed were doomed to a life of hard work and solitude in a foreign country.

Their arrival on American soil in Burbank, California, via a private jet provided by an American businessman to President Clinton was followed by all the news networks this morning. We were able to experience the young ladies first steps back on American soil and share their tears as they were greeted by their family. It was truly a rewarding event.

Thank you to our administration for all you did for the safe return for these two young female journalists. Also, appreciation to President Clinton and his relationship with the North Korean leader without which this event may not have occurred.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Not a Doctor, But I Play One on TV

I don't know about you, but with the health problems I have, I wouldn't want to be second guessed by the "opinion" of which pill or treatment to take as projected by President Obama. Granted, we do need a plan to help the poor and those unemployed who can't afford a plan, but President Obama's choices have not been spot on - not by a long shot!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the job training

I believe this is the reasoning most liberals have today however I am not with that majority of thinkers.
Granted the system needs changes and better guidelines and over seekers, but to add more czars and add more committees whether from inside or outside the government is not what is needed. If we are broken now, we need to fix it. If you have a flat tire, you don't go buy a new car but fix the flat. If you think about it, the thinking of adding more agencies is about as bad as what we have been going through with the lending companies - give out credit whether they can pay for it or not.
It's time to stop and take serious evaluation of the good and the bad. Everything is not in disrepair. We definitely do need people who are experienced to do the repair work. Would you hire a pool man to come in a fix your electricity? This is was the Obama administration has been doing - hiring inexperienced individuals to head up agencies.
I guess President Obama is trying his best to pay back to all his faithful friends with top jobs at the White House. It is essential he realizes at some point you can't put an inexperienced person in a top priority job and fix our economy and health care efficiently and effectively. We don't have time to "train on the job" because we are going down the sink hole fast and so far there's no one experienced enough to plug the drain.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boehner to the White House: I Don't Believe the Economy Has Been Rescued

Are Chief of Staff Emanuel and President Obama so naive they don't know how to read or add? Our county is at 12%+ unemployment and as per Senator Boehner Ohio is not far behind. I guess the President and Chief of Staff is only checking out the low unemployment states, and I wonder who they are?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor - Confirmation hearings

In the course of the past couple of days, I have responded to several opinion polls as to whether or not I thought Sonia Sotomayor would be the next Supreme Court Justice to replace Souter. I answered yes every time. There was only one poll out of the many that was tied with "no" the rest were all unanimous yes, she would be confirmed.

I actually felt guilty, but it is inevitable. Not only because the Democrats outnumber the Republicans but because it is a done deal. The Republicans had a tough time selling their candidates regardless of their race or experience. I don't know why except the first word that popped into my mind was pantie waist chickens - the Democrats that it! I know that is a silly thing to say but I do think they act juvenile at times. They scream racial indignations all day long, but if a Republican brings a full qualified person of Hispanic or African American or even Italian, Irish or Polish, forget all about it - - it's a no wash!

It all gets very boring after a while being able to predict the footpath of the Dems. I wish they would practice what they preach. This position should be about the law and the following to the letter of the same.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tea Party commercial

Amazing video prepared by an Alabama teenager.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Call me unrealistic, if you must!

I was reading an article in by Camille Paglia and I was surprised by the tone of her response to a letter from a reader. I have this impression "Salon" is a liberal publication and I would never see anything in the least supporting any Conservative, but I guess I am wrong. The headline of Camille Paglia's article caught my eye in this morning's which I check faithfully early every morning and in the evening. The title of the article related to whether "Palin can ever come back ." Surprisingly, Camille Paglia's reply to the gentleman's questions was similar to how I have felt and I am very comforted to see it in the written press. You can read the full text of her reply here.

I know first hand how difficult it is as a woman to be committed to both family and a job. Governor Sarah Palin has been blessed with generous skills of organization and love. She has prospered well in both lifestyles of being a public servant and a wife, mother and her own person. She has also been fortunate to have a very loving and accepting husband without whom she couldn't have accomplished what she has. Her children are blessed with the abundant love from both parents and have demonstrated their bond as a family many times on the public stage. The other family who has been in the public political eye has been the Kennedys. They also experience a close bond, a deep commitment and also tragedies. They also had a disabled child in their family.

I do find extreme contradictions in the way the families are treated by the media and I believe it is because of the gender of the politician as well as the financial background. I am convinced that Governor Sarah Palin has been the blunt of so much ill publicity and lies because she is a woman. No man would have to put up with the enormous baseless stories. She is a strong woman and I believe even women might feel agitated and compromised by Sarah's aggressive authority even though she is a committed organizer and get it done person. Women might also fear her and be jealous. Why else would a blogger from Alaska be one of the thorn in the side of Sarah Palin? Yes, there is the Freedom of Speech issue, but lies are not apart of our freedom.

Personally, I wish she had pursued her aggressors in a more subtle and quiet manner. She obviously (hopefully) has a good lawyer. For those instigators who are pursuing a route that is illegal, they can be stopped and without her making a sound, the issue pretty much settled. Well, settled as much as it could be in our country run by Democrats with a one-sided view. Oh, was that a slight of hand comment - well, take it as you will!

The important issues in my life are minimum compared to Sarah Palin's trial, but my issue was my son's life. I handled it without fanfare but with action unknown to those who were preforming poorly. It's not a valued comparison I know, but one I know does get results. I've heard opinions from many commentators that I respect and their comments were that Sarah should stop talking about it, and I agree.

It swells my heart and brings tears to my eyes when I see this beautiful young woman who has accomplish all that she has with the magnificent family and terrific husband. I want her to succeed. She does have a glass ceiling to break and she can. She has a lot of work to do before she can succeed in accomplishing that goal. One last word, for some reason and I can't figure out why, I believe the Republican Party is not completely behind her. Why would John McCain's staff treat her so poorly and without respect - maybe I'm wrong on that, it's my gut feeling from what I have read. Are they - the Republican Party - intimidated by this aggressive woman?

I hope she succeeds, I want her to succeed. Whatever she chooses to do, whether it's now or later, I wish her well always. God bless you and your family, Sarah Palin!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin

I was shocked when I heard the announcement from Sarah Palin this afternoon. She won't be running for re-election as Governor of Alaska. I am not sure I understood her completely, but I thought she said she would be stepping down soon.

She mention that she had a half million dollars in legal fees due to the personal attacks on her. There isn't a day that goes by someone isn't picking on her or her family. I've never seen anything so horrible in the media in all my days on this earth. What is wrong with people?

Is there something wrong with being a God-fearing, family loving and respectful person in this society? Is there something wrong with caring about your neighbor and what happens to our environment? Is there something wrong with being honest? What has happened to our America? There was a time when what Sarah Palin stood for was what every family was about - there was no difference from house to house, but not any longer.

We haven't heard the end of this. Sarah Palin - you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers! We support you!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

An interesting website

I came across this website in my searches recently and thought it was very interesting, although based on the track record of the Obama administration I question the validity of all the data. However, the amount of money flowing through the departments of our government as shown by the data charts is staggering and well worth following. Just to note, this website is put out by the administration.

The website is: IT DASHBOARD - a Federal Dashboard of Federal Spending. For your information, here is a paragraph explaining the nature of this acquired data:

FAQ - For Public

Background: The IT Dashboard provides the public with an online window into the details of Federal information technology investments and provides users with the ability to track the progress of investments over time. The IT Dashboard displays data received from agency reports to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), including general information on over 7,000 Federal IT investments and detailed data for nearly 800 of those investments that agencies classify as "major". The performance data used to track the 800 major IT investments is based on milestone information displayed in agency reports to OMB called "Exhibit 300s" Agency CIOs are responsible for evaluating and updating select data on a monthly basis, which is accomplished through interfaces provided on the website.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I do apologize for not producing a post with in depth insight and virtual creativity, but there's been some distractions around this environment of mine. I do like these videos I've come across in my searches to share with you and I hope you enjoy them as well. Please be sure to check out all the blogs that are listed on my page. They are very interesting and have comprehensive coverage of all the turmoil going on in our political world. In particular I recommend Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion and Sister Toldjah.

Take care.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Republicans who voted for the Energy Bill on Friday

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for printing the names and photos of the eight Republicans who voted with the Democrats to pass the Cap and Tax Energy bill. You can read the complete article on Michelle's blog here.
Also, if you have the time, ready Michelle's main page. She reveals documents from the EPA that have been suppressed regarding our environment and how wrong reporting by the Obama administration will effect our country. My opinion - Al Gore is certainly getting richer and we're getting poorer and poorer. Nancy Pelosi appeared on the floor before the vote was taken at the House of Representatives yesterday - and her final comment, as she shook her fist in the air and she shouted "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" - that is her opinion of what this Cap and Tax bill would do for our country and I instantly thought "what about all the jobs we are going to lose and the businesses it will effect!" They really don't care, do they?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Republicans are shooting the party in the foot...............

Humiliation! What is wrong with these men! There's so many things I'd like to write about these situation with our outstanding brilliant Republican leaders and their obvious stupidity and inability to control their insatiable sex drives - they are selfish indeed. Some say it has nothing to do with the way they lead the country - it most certainly does - it clearly is directed to their commitment and honesty.

I am an old lady but I have been married and been true to one - it's not difficult - it's a matter of who you are true to, when you hurt your spouse, the one who is really hurt the most is yourself because you become a betrayer of your own values and virtue. For crying out loud! Yes, I hold these people to a higher standard, I trust them, although I know for many that trust is misplaced.

I at least give Senator Ensign credit for settling up with his wife, and he is darn fortunate that she was willing to work with the situation and do counseling. But, the Governor from South Carolina, balderdash!!!! Did you hear about the emails-----the first thing I thought of was it's too bad he didn't say those sweet things to his wife and maybe he wouldn't have problems!

Who's next? Some humans can be so naive and weak. They'll be more to fail. It's tough out there in the political circle right now, maybe this is a way to cope with the stress. Oh Good Lord, please help us all!

And another thing - Obama is pushing all these new rules, regulations and changes through so quickly - just so no one will read the umpteen hundreds of pages in each bill so they really don't know what they are signing. He is very cunning! He's out to prove a point and he's winning! Medical changes, an outrageously expensive energy program, immigration reform, and the riots in Iran and North Korea's nuclear weapons - just to name a few items to be concerned with! And, he wants every bill pushed through the Congress without nary a peek or discussion! I wonder why that is? By the way - have you noticed, President Obama hasn't mentioned our wonderful military personnel once in any of his speeches or townhall meetings. Has he forgotten who is protecting our homeland?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How can they look at themselves in the mirror?

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, now aren't they a cozy pair! They make me sick to my stomach.
Those two are the tip of the iceberg of deaf and dumbness - they can't see the forest because of the fog - it is those two who served on the finance committees who were blind to any problems that then President Bush brought to light regarding the failures of Freddie and Fannie. Now they act like Robin Hood and Friar Tuck riding in on their white limousine with all the answers. And another thing when President Bush wanted to make cuts in Medicare, the Democrats had a huge hussy fit.

This is like a play on Broadway and its difficult to tell the good actors from the stinky actors. And, for the finale, President Obama has fired one of his administration committee heads because President Obama said " the man was disoriented" and a lot of other things - well, duh! President Obama should be writing out VP Biden's walking papers - I've never seen any elected person so disoriented as Joe Biden is - and guess what? he's going to run for president after Obama's terms are up!!!! This is really a BAD play!!!

I know this is a mashed up maybe unintelligent post but I can't think fast enough to capture how really upset I am about all the crap happening around us. And, President Obama is picking on Fox News because they aren't bowing down and kissing his shoes - please!

I think I'll try to find one of the kid's fairy tale books, those stories are closer to reality than what's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Obama Stimulus: Predictions vs. Reality

Obama can't blame Fox News for these numbers!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today is Flag Day

The Pledge of Allegiance

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one Nation under God,indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.

A great day for Americans to give tribute to our Stars and Stripes! Read here for the History of the American Flag!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sorry Sarah, but I agree with Charles Krauthammer

The issue of Sarah Palin vs David Letterman was brought up during the Lighting Round on the Fox New's Political Report this afternoon. It was Charles Krauthammer's opinion and I lean towards agreement with the esteem Mr. Krauthammer, its time to let it go.

We are into what, day four or five of the Letterman vs Palin ugly dispute. There's no doubt Sarah is in the right and in my words, Letterman is a scumbag for discussing Sarah's daughters in an extremely sexual manner. It isn't only Letterman who is a dope, but the people in his audience for clapping cheering and laughing and the all the others who continue to support Letterman. As one blogger wrote, it would be a very different story if Letterman had said something like this about the Obama girls or even Chelsea Clinton.

But, enough already. There's no more to be gained, the more it is talked about by Sarah and our side, the more Letterman gains. This all goes to prove one thing, now sexist Letterman is and how hypocritical the Liberals are. Sarah needs to get down to discussing the difficult issues if she is going to run for a higher political office. Those who are important and those that matter know the story and we need no explainations - we are with you Sarah!

As I was wrapping this post up, I logged on to Fox News and found this large photo with caption on the main internet page. Maybe it isn't going to go away so quickly and maybe someone with ethics will do something about David Letterman and his sexist attitude!!!! Check out the follow-up story here.

I was so thrilled to see this article from the Right Wing News

Thanks to one of my favorite blog sites - Le gal In sur rec tion for a link to a new to me blog -the Right Wing News, I would still be feeling like I am the only one who thinks First Lady Michelle Obama's clothes are in my humble opinion - dorky! Here is the link to that article and to a really interesting blog.

I feel like President and First Lady Obama has brought a new style of uncomfortable chic to our Whitehouse. I've felt uneasy that I seemed to be the only one mentioning it. I knew that surely someone else noticed how out of place her outfits seemed to be. I have thought they both lacked the polish and sophistication I expect from someone occupying the Whitehouse. But, referring back to yesterday when I thought that perhaps it was a youth thing, I am older and all the previous First Ladies were more mature in age than Michelle so in retrospect I thought that perhaps it wasn't so outrageous for our First Lady to wear more youthful styles. However, I was cringing when I saw the photo of our First Lady exiting "Westminister Abby" looking as though she had just visited a friend for a drink. Her casual outfit seemed so disrespectful and inappropriate for the occasion.
As for President Obama, the most recent photo of him with his feet propped up on his desk, eating a cracker while talking on the phone wasn't too mannerly. Why would he permit such a photo to be taken by the Whitehouse photographer? The headlines attached to the photo certainly hasn't been complimentary - "Obama Shoe Photo Seen as Insult by Some Israelis."

Both the President and First Lady seem to have taken their positions on as being above the rest of the world - as they are the greatest and beyond reproach. A Newsweek writer even went so far as to mention President Obama as a "god." They have been catapulted to stardom in an unrealistically short space of time and there seemingly remains a long time to go.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarah Palin vs David Letterman

It was reported this morning on Foxnews and CNN about the jokes David Letterman told in his top 10 list mentioning the Palin daughters and sex. Here is one article about the incident.

I find David Letterman's comments disgusting, but it is something close to obsessive not only this incident but all others articles the liberal media or personalities have with Sarah Palin and her family. What is it with them? I read the comments following this article and a couple others and their opinions are so disrespectful. Does in all come down to the facts of being liberal in actions advocating abortion, free sex, drugs, homosexuality, etc, versus following a religious belief and trying to raise your children with good morals? Unfortunately, there is an issue of free will in all of us and we do mess up, but are conservatives held to a higher standard and can be chastised easier by the mass of liberals thus giving themthe liberals, the freedom to say whatever they want no matter who it affects? They protect their own, for example, Former President Clinton, and his "love affair" in the oval office. An person I know who is an extreme liberal said about President Clinton "that was his business and it didn't affect his job as President." She said the same thing about Senator John Edwards from North Carolina - "what they do in their private life is of no concern since it doesn't affect their job"- that's a Liberal Democrat opinion. So why are they picking on the Republicans? Do we do hold ourselves to a high standard and are our family values higher? I don't think so, as I am not implying Democrats do not have high standards for their families but they just can't see the inequality as they are criticizing Sarah Palin.

Governor Sarah Palin didn't shun her daughter when she was pregnant but took care of her. There are many of us who have gone through the same situation as Sarah has - not condoning the action of their child but certainly knowing it isn't the baby's fault. Could it be those who are complaining and shouting out ugly remarks about the Palin's they themselves were abandoned by their mothers, maybe they were neglected and shunned by society and this is their revenge for not receiving the acceptance for their mother's transgressions. I don't know the answer for that and I don't understand the cruelty in their comments. I just don't get it. Why do the liberals consistently attack Sarah Palin? Are they fearful of her strength?

In the article I referred to above in this post, they are again attacking Sarah for shopping. Please check out this photo I have copied from the "Washington Examiner." First Lady Michelle was coming out of Westminster Abby. Personally, I think her outfit is too casual for the event but most of the posts have favorable comments about her outfit. She is young and maybe that's the deal - it's a different set of rules for her generation. All the articles of Michelle and the children shopping in Paris are complimentary and positive. Whose money is First Lady Michelle spending by the way? And, what about the big party for the Obama girls in London on the set of the Harry Potter movie stage? Who paid for that? I don't begrudge the girls their fun but I certainly don't like the double standard. The press pounces on Sarah Palin for everything and Michelle can wear a $500 pair of tennis shoes to serve the homeless. I think she could wear a paper sack and it's all haute couture.

The Liberal Democrats need to get "nice."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congratulations! Charles Krauthammer

This afternoon on Fox News it was announced that Charles Krauthammer won the Eric Breindel award for Excellence in Journalism. You may read about it here.

My husband and I are faithful watchers of the Fox News program in the afternoon where Charles Krauthammer is a member of a panel of three - himself included. It is an inspirational and educational 20 minutes because Mr. Krauthammer doesn't mince his words and sometimes adds a touch of humor which can be momentous! His opinion on political matters is to be respected.

The first time I saw Mr. Krauthammer was back in the early 90s when I was a faithful watcher of C-SPAN early in the morning when Brian Lamb was the host. I was always up early (3:00 AM Las Vegas time) because I was caring for my son Brian who had been injured while serving with the Army in Germany. My Brian had severe brain damage and severe respiratory condition. Brian was totally disabled and we never left him alone. I became a C-SPAN addict since the cable programing at that time was slim but also C-SPAN offered volumes of knowledge to be learned by just tuning in.

Mr. Krauthammer was a regular guest on C-SPAN at that time. Then, as now, I find him very interesting and wouldn't miss any opportunity to hear him speak or to read his columns.

I was very proud and grateful he was awarded this award. He is truly deserving.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A very special lady!

I've been gone, now I'm back, but movin and thinkin slower than a snail! Just wanted to let you know Former First Lady Laura Bush will be on Fox Network with Greta Van Susteren - here's a link to Greta's Foxnew's website - "On the Record."

I'll be back blogging as soon as I can get my political brain waves in focus - too much, soo little time! Our Soldier Tom was home on leave and we stayed on the move!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Classy Act

Great to see former President George Bush and to hear him respond to some of the talking points put out by the Obama White House.

This made my day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today we give honor to those who have served their country well and gave their life to protect. We are a grateful nation and we appreciate what our veterans gave given for our country.

Later this morning, we will go to our Veteran's Cemetery to place flowers at our son's grave.

It is an awesome sight pulling into the cemetery entrance to see all of the American flags placed by each gravestone - the wind blowing each flag gently. It is breathtaking.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Soldier Tom's home, I've been occupied!

Our Soldier Tom has been home for a week now and we've been so very busy. It's great to have him home and back from Iraq.

BUT, I couldn't let this opinion go by without stating on this issue. I love VP Cheney but coming into the limelight at this time has made my day! I have a smile on my face when I see him in the news or hear him speak to the reporters. I think he has been fantabulous. He can carry it off better than anyone right now speaking on the issues contradicting President Obama - who woulda thought.

You have to love him - and too, he has a couple of Yellow Labs and a Black Labs - all the reason to be partial to him. I know his speaking out on the terrorist issues and other national problems has surprised many on the left - I am sssooo glad.

I know some of the Republicans are not too happy about his appearance, but I really don't care. There was a report on the news this morning about the Republican party losing members and they are about as many registered Independent voters as there were in 1992 when Perot was running for President. I will remain true to my Republican Party, but I sure as heck don't have to agree with some of their opinions - they best get busy or they'll lose again in 2012.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seems all too simple!

I have become accustomed to mistrusting the Democrats. Anything they do and everything they say has an ulterior motive. So, now, we have President Obama doing something to preserve the policies of Former President Bush - well, he isn't really preserving Bush, but the politics - is there an ulterior motive, or, has he really listened and taken the advice of his Commanders who know more than he does when it comes to the military and war. Personally, I believe you have to had served in some capacity to understand the commitment the person has when they put on the uniform. There's no politics involved, it is serving our country and protecting it from harm. They do it willingly certainly not for the notoriety.

I am awe inspired and speechless and grateful President Obama has chosen this path to preserve the photos of the treatment of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan from the public eye. I hope he doesn't go back on his word and bale in to the groups who can be rather resourceful to get their way.

Although, one positive element if there are additional investigations - the Dems especially Nancy Pelosi who have had loss of memory of who knew and who didn't would be revealed full face with their possible lack of honesty. When have you ever seen a politician do the "two-step" so effectively for so long - Mrs. Pelosi performs "the change my mind soliloquy" seamlessly.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

National Day of Prayer/Military Tribute

Let us all Pray for our Country, our Families, and our Leaders. Let us lift up this day in Pray to our God giving thanks for the Blessing of our Beautiful USA.

God Bless you!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

RIP - Jack Kemp

It was with great sadness that I read about the passing of Jack Kemp. He was a mainstream Republican who became familiar while serving with the George H. W. Bush administration. He had been diagnosed with cancer in January.

Our prayers are with his family and friends.

Read more about Jack Kemp's political life and comments here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I wanna pair of those shoes!!!!

Have you seen our First Lady out being fancy free with her brand new shoes? First Lady Michelle Obama steps out in Lanvin sneakers and they're only $540! Read more here The article reports she is volunteering at the local Food Bank.

I am at odds to come up with what would I wear to help out at a local food bank, but I don't think it would be an expensive pair of shoes or clothing. Granted, she needs to dress the part for her title, but, well, did we critique Lady Di's attire when she was visiting the poor - or was she more adaptive to her environment and more interested in helping those in need rather than doing a photo op moment!

It is refreshing however that the media is reporting on the First Lady of the White House and the price of her attire rather than the Governor of Alaska. I wonder what designer's wear would First Lady Michelle wear if she went riding on a motorcycle or racing in the Adirondacks. Can you see the headlines now? Wow, the cost of those leather goods would set back the budget a few dollars. I know I am being sarcastic, but why bother with these reports anyhow, unless it is strictly a photo op.

I am watching until she does something constructive with her time. The garden bit was just a photo opportunity. I've put in many gardens and her way wasn't the way! Yes, I know visiting shelters and dishing up food to the homeless and talking to military wives is encouraging - but, can she do it without the camera and publicity? What of it all? The military families need help. I have read it is on the agenda, but what, what does the Obama administration plan doing for the families? What is the Obama administration plan on doing for the homeless - or should that be better left to the states and local government to deal with on the basis of their environment. Showing off the wealthy side of life to the poor of the poorist by bringing the White House staff and serving fancy food is very poor in taste and lacks common sense.

Unfortunately, my budget doesn't accommodate me running out and purchasing a pair of those $540 Lanvin sneakers. Right now I'm wearing a very old pair of worn out sandals that are quite comfortable.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama's "I have a gift" and Supreme Court Justice Souter retirement

My blogger rights haven't been taken away yet, but I've had commitments elsewhere which kept my mind from filling with blogger chatter. I know its an addiction but I had to take an antidote and stay away from the "blogger" file folder on my desk top - it wasn't easy.

There's so much to chose from going on out there in the MSM and with Fox News - easy pickins for us to post. However, I was a bit besmungined by the latest orator and revelation by Harry Reid that Obama admitted to Senator Reid that he, Obama, "had a gift" with reference to a speech Senator Reid wrote about in his book coming out soon. Oh good heavens - humility is no where to be found on the premise when Obama is in the room. It is great that Obama is so fond of himself that he can reveal this tidbit to Senator Reid, and of course, Senator Reid couldn't pass up the chance to write about it in his book. Can you believe it, even the Senator's wife told him not to write it but Senator Reid couldn't resist.

Today when President Obama announced Supreme Court Justice Souter's decision to retire, President Obama added a few comments relating to Justice Souter's reasons. Previously, the news reporters were saying that Souter didn't like the political environment and looked forward to spending more time at home. Unless I totally misunderstood President Obama's comments, he was blaming the conservatives for running Justice Souter off. Excuse me, Justice Souter has voted liberal and yet remained through President Bush's terms in office, but now he's leaving when President Obama is in office. Justice Souter said "he didn't like the political environment." Well anyone with half a mind would get it - he doesn't like what President Obama and his liberal people are doing around Washington. Or, did I miss something?????

As a Republican I really do feel like a minority, swimming without a paddle and getting blamed for everything. Of course, it is so commonplace for Obama to blame the Bush administration for everything that's wrong and even though the Bush Administration has left town and we know everything is worse than when Obama came to the White House, who else is there to blame, an imaginary friend? And, then there's Senator Spector jumping ship!!! It's almost like a magical adventure land story, too good to be true, but unfortunately it is our life today here in the USA.

I don't entirely remember what it was like back in the day before Newt Gingrich gathered up good and dedicated flock and took Washington by surprise. But I think we are in the same boat now and we need a strong leader because it's a worse time all around. We have several good Republican leaders out there but are they strong enough to fight the good fight - this time I think its different. Back then when Newt came into the Congress, he and President Clinton worked together. You could see there was a respect between the two men. But, this time the Dems out number us - a lot - and I don't know how we will survive this time! Obama came into office chanting "Change." I will begin chanting "Hope" that is hope for a miraculous Republican Comeback! I know we can do it!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm going to be rationed - help!

According to Charles Krauthammer's article (read it here) "Obama: The Grand Strategy" - I am an endangered species and if I need a hip replacement I could be in deep doo-doo if Obama's health plan is approved.

I have reached the Age of Medicare this year and should be receiving my card soon. Fortunately, we do have a REAL health care insurance policy to subsidize our health problems. Yes, we are fortunate, but the plan is expensive. The era of knee and hip replacement has been on going for many years, just as medical heart problems, cancer, etc, but according to Mr. Krauthammer's article, if we are old and ready for Heaven's Calling, we could be denied the right to receive certain medical treatment under President Obama's new health care program. Seems to me I've heard about this happening in other countries, but we, as U. S. citizens, have escaped that sort of discrimination in our healthcare system - perhaps so - until now!

The Age of Growing Old Gracefully into the Age of Medicare has been transposed under Obama's plan from Gracefully to If You're Lucky and maybe Medicare would still be there. Would that method of rationing transpose to the need of less nursing homes? Our country will then be occupied by only humans below the age of 55 since that seems to be the age when ailments seem to imposed problems. Can you imagine that? The wisdom of age will be gone.

Another issue on my mind which does not relate to Obama's Health Plan but to his ideas for Green Cars. Look at Obama and his wife - healthy, fit, energetic, he works out constantly, and I would guess so does Michelle. There is a time in every one's life where the inevitability happens and arthritis and other ailments impose their ugly heads in one's life - I'll bet Michelle's mom is plagued with some type of age related ailment. The point is those who have those types of problems and many other illnesses do not have the physical capabilities to get in and out of one of those tennie tiny cars. Do the people in Washington make decisions based on their own physic and health, or are they trying to clone and dictate what they believe should be the norm?

It is inevitable that one day President Obama and Michelle will fall to the old age ills that we all do and he will then understand and realize a "one size fits all" does not apply. I hope by that time we are still a country of freedom of choice and his policies have not forced us to be his clones.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The First 100 Days

As per the Drudgereport article, Supporters of Obama say he was the best president ever. What's your opinion?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Freedom of Speech is one sided - only for liberals

We are having a beautiful spring Sunday here in southern Nevada which would guarantee anyone to aspire to a positive disposition. I was doing really well until I opened the Sunday newspaper, separated the parts I read and those I dispose of, and then I came to the LV Sun section. When I saw the column about the tea parties the negativity just swirled throughout my emotions.

It is stated on the top of the first page "Locally owned and independent' but on the second page, left corner it is revealed "The Sun is locally owned by the Greenspun family of Las Vegas and has been a separate voice in the community since 1950." The Greenspun family are the Democratic party leaders of our valley. This morning's LV Sun front page left hand column "Where I Stand" is written by Brian Greenspun. Mr. Greenspun's article is titled " 'Tea parties' resembled childish tantrums....Anti-tax rallies attempt at historical perspective was a sham."

As soon as I read only the title of the column, my husband recognized stress bubbling out of the top of my head and reminded me that it was Sunday and I should be cool and not read anything written by the liberal Democrats. As a good wife of 45 years I obeyed and put the newspaper down, but I couldn't let it stop there. Without disobeying, I knew I could write about the basic premise of the article. I will admit, however, that I did not read the complete column by Mr. Greenspan but I have reached my own conclusion. I have been in a feverish pitch all week from hearing rude reporters on CNN and other TV channels and glancing at other newspaper and internet columns with their coverage of the Tea Parties. I have came to the conclusion that the liberal press are bullies and hypocrites. The only individuals who have the freedom to march with acceptance are groups marching for Gay Rights and Abortion rallies, protests against Bush, etc. This march was against the present issues of the current administration and the marchers were comprised of all political backgrounds and they were demonized, chastised and degraded!

Well, Mr. Greenspun, you have a right to your opinion especially since you own the newspaper, but we have a right to have our voices heard. You may think the Tea Party was a sham, but you are writing about it, so there must have been some importance to the opinions of the many who gathered or you wouldn't have written a Sunday column about their issues even though you disagree.

Monday, April 13, 2009

MSM goes Ga-Ga over Katy Couric

Katy Couric is awarded the Cronkite Award for her interview of Sarah Palin. How nutty is that? I stopped watching that channel with her on a very long time ago, I think my kids were still in diapers, oh, that's too far back. Can't remember would be a better statement. Didn't like her cocky attitude - but, everyone else seem to loves Katy.

It is amazing how she got away with the false interview of Sarah. Forget Woman's Equality and Rights, if you aren't on the same course, forget it, you are toast. And Katy really toasted Sarah, at least she tried to.

Couldn't they find a better topic for an award? Or, are her interviews far and few between?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mellowing out

As a Catholic, this is a very special time of the year and I have made a pact with myself from Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday to be nice and respectful. I promised to refrain from any scrutiny or rebellious opinionated writings. Lent is a time of sacrifice and repentance - although we should do that all the time - but as with tradition, this is the time of the year that demands more of that. I am normally weak of spirit when it comes to blabbing and keeping my opinions to myself is the most difficult, so the past couple of days without blogging here has been rewarding --- well, to a certain point.
Holy Saturday traditionally is the day of waiting, the day before Christ Resurrection. It's also been our family tradition on Holy Saturday we get together and we color eggs. It is a quiet day here. Trucker Don is on the road, Soldier Tom is in Washington DC, and daughter Suz isn't well, so that leaves only hubby, son Kevin, granddaughter Alex and me.
I embrace traditions and tried to instill the importance of our Christian beliefs in our children. I have fond memories of my family traditions and the values they have for me in my life as I grew up. Something as simple as getting together to color eggs as we prepare for one of the holiest days in our church is an everlasting memory. Celebrating the Resurrection together at the dinner table on Sunday, sharing the traditional meal of ham and all the goodies is just one of the many ingredients that keeps the family bond strong.
I have needed a respit from worrying and agnozing about our political problems. Although, it's almost like a soap opera, even if you miss one day of news, generally speaking, the MSM are talking about the same ole thing the next day. Karl Rove is still talking about VP Biden and that's ole news.
Sending best wishes and prayers from our home to yours. May you have a wonderful Easter.