Saturday, August 8, 2009

Over zealous Senior Citizens

Can you imagine? We were watching CNN this morning - both channels, separate formats, different reporters and I was shocked by the rude manner of the media's reporters as they talked about the behavior of the people at the town meetings. The media's take was so outragiously absurd and I believe the media's opinion is on the merge of fantacy - they must have one heck of a slanted writer to report the justification of American citizens voicing their opinion as being a crowd in a riot mode. I think it is actually so funny how the media is ganging up on the Seniors because they have finally come out and spoke up for what they want. It must be a real shocker for the youngins that run the news media today to see people their grandparent's age getting rowdy - maybe they think it's only the rights of the youth to speak their mind in a town hall. Maybe they think anyone over 55 years old should be seen and not heard. Well, it's howdy doodie time kiddies!!! They forget we are the very ones that paid the big bucks for the media and other business survival today. We are the shakers and the movers but we've moved on to our relaxing days - but surely don't want some guy like Barack Obama and his associates coming in and taking away what we worked so hard so long to enjoy.

Take a good look at those people showing up at the town halls! They remind me of hard working individuals who have saved and skimped for their family, probably working more than forty hours a week, and the mothers who worked too and put their kids through college - and it's probably the same kids who are raising hell about the Seniors standing up for their earned rights to speak.

I don't give a shit whether it's organized or not - we have our rights to raise hell just like everyone else does. I am so very grateful these people have the balls to get out there and speak their mind. President Obama is NOT my savior - not in a million years and he doesn't have the loving spirit to give us what we need. He wants to form us into what he and his community organizers from the gangster work he came from in Chicago are like - - well, buddy, it ain't gonna happen.

Thank you to all those Seniors and Youngins who have joined in and are speaking your minds. We are behind you all the way. We know the truth of the matter. If CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC don't get their act together - they will all be out of business and the only media station in business will be Fox - and that wouldn't bother me a bit.

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