Saturday, August 21, 2010


In a couple of months we have the supreme opportunity of changing the course of our country. We have the right as American citizens to choose an individual who we personally believe will bring our country back to "our way of thinking" as a Leader in the scheme of the world view. But, the choices on the lists are not appealing. It is confusing, what does a citizen do then? Do we vote for the party for the sake of change?

I live in the state of Harry Reid. I remember many years ago, Harry Reid was a different person, never mind the Democrat, he wasn't so high minded and resourceful. He wasn't wishy washy - at least that's the way I remembered him. He was like a common man - he was a common man back then. Like so many politicians who were no bodies when they are swept up into the limelight of high positions they become full of themselves believing they are beyond any rules and regulations. Like Chris Dodd and Barney Franks who head up the housing agencies, they are stupid blind and couldn't/wouldn't believe they have anything to do with the problems we are enduring today. I believe they are absolutely so high and mighty they are shocked to believe it is their fault.

As I write this, I have only one choice to pick for the Senator spot except for Harry Reid. I do not know this person - Sharon Angle. I see her on TV and I read the spots and the bios, but I do not have a feel for this person. She was not my pick, she is an unknown in my book and I am not comfortable choosing her.

I do believe it is time for Harry Reid to retire. Las Vegas has been hit hard by the economical disadvantages that have effected our country with the bailouts and the Obama stimulus. Obama's comments twice have been a sword in the side of our tourist industry yet it was the Las Vegas unions who worked so hard to carry the vote here in southern Nevada for Obama to be nominated here. Very curious that a man so well-educated would bite the hand that feeds him, but it didn't seem to affect the union votes at all - they are still behind him all the way. Strange.

I will hold my breathe as I push the button for my vote of Sharon Angle, doing so very unassuradely. Without confidence and without faith but knowing we need a fresh face representing our fair state in Washington and we need more Republicans in the Congress.

Although, like the borderline Republicans, Olympia Snowe, recently elected Scott Brown and a couple others, they have assisted the Democrats pass bills that the majority of Republicans were against. I have no idea whether Mrs. Angle has the fortitude to stand with the party and that is one principle I vote on.

I will add, being so far removed from the politics and running of our government we only see and hear what we are told and read in the different forms of media communications available to us today. We are trusted to figure it all out ourselves to make a balance and accurate decision. We also have no idea of the deals that are made behind closed doors to make any congressman change their vote. The deal breaker may be something so extraordinary wonderful for the states, the politician in all good conscience couldn't pass it by, thus failing to vote on party line and going with the gift horse. Would we be any different?

We have a conundrum this year and in two years when the presidential elections are before us. The changes in our country have been so dramatic. We have all been affected in one way or another.