Friday, October 31, 2008

And the Winner is.....................

Just think, this time next week all the shouting and yelling will be over and we'll know - or will we? Will there be a big bang ending with a clear cut winner or is it going to come down to the line? I read on Yahoo news just a few minutes ago that Al Gore is going to Florida to campaign for Obama. Hmmm, do you think that will help?

We're still having 2 to 3 calls a day from the Republican party, but that's ok. I say the same thing and that we all vote straight Republican. Some call for Tom but I have to say he is in Iraq with the Army and they send their greetings and thanks to him for serving. He expressed to me he didn't want Obama in because of his economic plan.

Governor Richardson was just on the TV talking to a crowd of Democrats and he said Obama wouldn't tax those middle class making less than $120,000.00. Obama said $200,000.00, and Biden said $150,000.00. I believe it really doesn't matter what they say on the stump, its what they really do to your pocket after that will matter and anyhow, they'll change their mind again. What President hasn't changed their political promises when they finally reached the golden throne! Either for need or because the congress wouldn't pass it, but it happens all the time.

I wish Obama wouldn't increase taxes on anyone right now. As smart as he's suppose to be you'd think he'd realize a non-increase is an incentive to spend. Although can it be that those who have so much money like Biden and some of Obama's movie star friends have so much money that paying another 15 to 20% on their taxes won't matter? I guess they'll say and do anything to get him elected.

Oh well. It's Halloween. My goblins are all taking naps. No big deal for us but we will remove our McCain/Palin yard sign and put it back up tomorrow - - - just in case!!!!!

Be safe, take good care, and God bless America!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ah! Quaint! Thinking of a title for this blog, "speechless' is how I feel because of the closeness of how this campaign competition is shaping up. I do realize in a few days we will have a mode of "speechless" airwaves when the final electronic vote has been cast and absentee ballads have been tallied and we will have a decision on who is our new President. In my gut I know that will not be the end of it, I know if John McCain gets the Presidency, he will be elected by a slim vote and if Obama gets it, there will be lots of controversies and there are already about that man and his background or lack of.

As mentioned previously for the sake of my sanity I have narrowed my news viewing to two TV stations - Fox Network News and our local CBS channel. We have a great panel of news casters on our local CBS channel. When I watch in the morning they report the news as well as throw in some casual interaction which is very humorous. Also, we are fans of the CSI shows and they are on the CBS stations. We're not avid viewers for some of the more el natural programs or the fight to the end or dance your heart out programs. I'd rather be on the computer or reading a book.

As for the politics of the day - Barack Obama had his big Hollywood presentation on TV last night. We didn't watch. I was anxious to hear the reviews on our morning news program but there were no reviews to be heard. Perhaps this afternoon Bill O'Reilly will have something to say. It looks like the percentages of how things are going between the two candidates are close. I am so glad John McCain has pepped up his speeches to the masses. He's a nice guy with a big heart - you know, nice guys finish last, and unfortunately, until the nice guy put on the fighting gloves attitude his campaign was slowly slidding downhill and was becoming a losing battle. He's doing so much better especially now that we have Joe the Plumber and Tito the Builder - isn't America grand!!! I'm glad to see John McCain pepping up the crowds. I'm also glad he's let Sarah Palin loose - I wish he would have let her do her thing months ago. She has a knack for appealing to the common folk and there are a lot of us out there.

Sarah Palin is one tough gal - she is suitable for being in the White House. Any woman who can put up with the crap that has been thrown at her deserves to win.

The more I hear about Barack Obama and the more stuff that seems to keep oozing out of the cracks I become more frightened. There's so much we don't know about this guy. I hate to say it but it's like a cult following. He is good looking and has a winning smile. I'm not too taken with his speeches, in fact, on a scale of 5 to 10 with 10 being the best - I'd give him a 7 for speech making. He says the same thing over and over, well, so do all the others which does become mundane. This morning on the news they were reporting that many of the internet contributors to the Obama campaign were using pre-paid credit cards which means they can be paid under any name and address and since the Obama campaign is not using the usual financially authorized system to verify credit cards, there's no legal paper trail on the donations. Excuse me!!!! Isn't there something inherently wrong with that - - white flags all over the field!!! But, what can they do. Just think about it. If this is the type of business his campaign inspires to, how will our country be run if Obama does become president? Will we have any rights at all?

His campaign has brought in more money than any other in our history. That is amazing and scary - and they don't know where the money is coming from even though there have been rumors the money is coming from foreign contributors which is a no-no and you know folks, we'll never know. The federal government can't work fast enough to check his campaign finances and by the time they get to it, he may be president and do you think for one minute with a Democratic President and Democratic Congress we will have any actual checking on campaign finances of the Obama campaign - heck no!

All we've got is a wing and a prayer - not sure about the wing, but praying is our resource. I know there's plenty of praying going on out there - I receive several prayer emails every day so I'm doing my part - how about you? I've voted and I'm praying - the rest is in God's hand. If you think about it, we need something to turn our country around to a more respectful God fearing land, respecting life and not abortion, freedom of speech and not being afraid to ask a question, and knowing the full truth about a man running for President and knowing who he is and who his friends are.

God bless America and Lord, please take care of us. We thank you for our many blessings.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have a headache

I'm not getting any rest as the presidential campaigning has seven days to go and according to the new pundits John McCain is behind. We listened to Sarah Palin on Fox Network this morning as she gave her speech to a crowd in Pennsylvania. I really like listening to her and I generally don't listen to any politician give a speech, but I think she's terrific! I never saw her look at her notes once.

I have two articles I'd like to mention today. One is from the Wall Street dated Saturday/Sunday, October 235-26, 2008, on the Opinion page. It was the "Weekend Interview with Fred Smith" by Stephen Moore the title "Washington is the Problem." Here's the link - It is a lengthy article but very interesting. Fred Smith is FedEx's CEO and he backs Senator McCain. A quote from the article is "the politicians deplore the fact that we have a disparity of income, but the only way to make a blue-collar person earn more is to invest in capital, training and infrastructure. So, the more you tax capital, the more you hurt workers." And, in my humble opinion that is the main argument against Obama's politics and what he is preaching.

I have come to the conclusion the majority of Obama's followers must have never owned a business and maybe have been low income wage earners and maybe they don't realize how bad if would be for our economy to raise taxes on our businesses. Why should we punish their rights for free enterprise which is what our country is all about. If you have an opportunity to read the complete text, it will be worth you time.

The other article is from our local newspaper, the Las Vegas Review Journal, dates Saturday, October 25, 2008, front page below the fold - "Republicans Always Happier, Survey Says" and what's weird about this to me is that I have always thought that. The Liberal Democrats that I know and are friends with are very cynical and pessimistic. The article was written by David Montgomery of the Washington Post. Here's the link, but if it doesn't work, go to the "Washington Post" David Montgomery, or google David Montgomery. It's a pretty interesting article with comments - although I didn't take the time to read the comments when I was getting the link for this blog -

That's it for today - I've been ranting and raving around the house about the campaigns and the polls, and finally decided to limit my TV viewing this week to only a couple of my favorites. I'm losing sleep. Heading for the kitchen to make a pot of chicken soup, maybe that'll be good therapy.

Take good care and have a good day.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Almost here

Only six days until Halloween and the tricker treaters appear and ten days until the election and the scary ads disappear from the TV. We are ready with our Halloween Rice Krispies treats which are individually wrapped and the kids always seems to be glad to get them.

But with regard to the political polls I don't believe any pollster that says Obama is ten points ahead. Have you seen some of the "regular people" being interviewed now? It is refreshing to hear common sense and down to earth opinions rather than the uppities who live beyond my means. Those people that I have heard seemed to agree with me that its a close race. I love it when someone agrees with me!! haha!

Sarah is rocking these days - she has a grand slam momentum going on. Gosh, I hope McCain and Sarah win the election. Sarah's family is awesome and she knows where we are coming from as we raise our families and for those of us who are retired she knows what we have to deal with in our economy. Something else that stuck out in one of the news reports last night - she and John McCain although they agree, she does have ideas beyond what John McCain does and I think this is great - like drilling in Alaska. I think John McCain respects Sarah enough to listen to her ideas or he wouldn't have picked her as his running mate.

Do you realize if we, the U. S., had already been drilling here we wouldn't even be talking about gas station prices being so high. You know the oil barons are cutting back on drilling which means prices are either going to go back up or they won't go down anymore than they are right now. Another thing, even though the price of a barrel of oil has gone down quite a bit, the price at the gas pump hasn't caught up to the lower price. We're screwed no matter which way it goes!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Clear the deck

Not much to say tonight but what has been on my mind is the number of high profile well known Republicans who are jumping ship to the other side and bringing some of their constituents with them. Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania is upset because McCain didn't select him as VP so he's gone over the the other side, and there are others. What are they afraid of - are the afraid if we should lose this election to Obama then they won't have to say they were losers?

I think they are cowards and I sure wouldn't want them as my friends. No wonder the Republican party is going in a mess - when the going gets tough the tough get going but not the Republican politicians, they head for the hills to the other side. Well, good luck to you. I hope the real voters who make a difference remember your retreat.

I was glad to see in our local newspaper - the Las Vegas Review Journal, a full half page below the fold about three columns (I believe) all about how much more experienced Sarah Palin is than Obama. I've been saying it all along, but I don't have anyone to tell it to but you all. Even in the debates, he didn't say anything new, it was repetition and exactly words that he had said in previous debates - he just had a sweet smile and a soft voice and can sell anything with that smooth personality. Too bad we didn't have more debates like the one at Saddleback, that one was very revealing.

By the way - when Obama talks about McCain's health plan, don't believe everything he is saying until YOU read what it is all about. It's complicated but worth looking at - especially if you don't have insurance or you don't want to use what you company offers. Really, check it out - don't take Obama's word for it. He is a good salesman, you know, but after all he is a very intelligent politician and a good speaker like Bill Clinton. He does mesmerize the crowd with that smile. But as I read in the Wall Street Journal recently, Obama has made a lot of promises and he talks a good talk, but when he is actually faced with the reality of being President will he be up to the job. When he was in the Senate he voted "present" way too many times and didn't put across any momentus bills. We all know McCain can do it - and so can Sarah Palin - they both have walked the walk and talked the talk and their records prove what they are capable of accomplishing.

It's going to be a long long week plus until the election - I'm not sure I'll survive election night without having a nervous breakdown. I don't watch CNN now after realizing how one sided their political news reporting is and now after what they did to malign Sarah Palin with lies. It's all dirty pool and messy competition. Even Lou Dobbs on CNN brought that up a month or so ago. We only watch Fox News Network for national news and our local CBS channel for local news because they are a good group of reporters.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eleven days

Are you getting campaign telephone calls? I was getting about four a day, but now they're down to one a day and its usually recording by a local candidate. I am patient and know that in a few days this will all be over. What is driving me crazy are the commercials - thank you God for the remote. There are some politician's face I don't want to see on my TV screen so I whip that remote out so fast and zap -they are gone! Although their replacement on a nearby channel may be a cartoon or silly commercial but better that than a politician. You know, they could pay off the national debt with the millions of campaign dollars they are spending.

We have all voted early. Take good care. Hope you have had a nice day.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin

Please help me! After listening to the panel on the Fox News with Brit Hume a few minutes ago and their opinion about why Sarah Palin isn't doing so well, I am depressed. One comment (not word for word) from Charles Krauthammer was her religious position on life and having a baby with Downs Syndrome. It boils down to this in my words that the liberals do not accept the action of a mother when she has a choice to birth a child who is known to have a birth defect. It is the opinion she is looked upon very negatively, this and other reasons why they say she isn't experiences enough to be Vice President.

I just can't believe my ears and my heart is hurting. I sacrificed years of my life to care for my son who was injured in a non-combat accident while he served in with the Army in Germany. I gave up a good job and going to college, we gave up a normal social life and our family dedicated our life to caring for our son until his death. I would not change anything I gave up and would do it again. I also raised a grandson because my daughter has a mental disability and was unable to be responsible at that time.

I have a very liberal friend who made a comment recently about the difference of our political beliefs and I couldn't quite figure out what she was driving at until I heard the Fox panel this afternoon. Then I realized my friend could never understand why my son's life was worth the sacrifice because to me what else it there in life - material things, no, nothing is more important to me and my husband than life. I have had others even physicians question why we would give our time to our son when we could just put him in an institution. God gave me a lot of strength and a lot of love and I certainly didn't want to see my son laying in a VA hospital being mistreated and starved. He had bed sores so deep you could put your fist in it. There are horrible things that happened to that wonderful boy and I couldn't stand by and watch people mistreat him.

I just don't understand how people can look themselves in the mirror and turn around a criticize a mother for loving her children no matter what. They will never know the depth and joy of true love or have the strength to survive through the worst situations because they are so shallow. If because of their narrow mindedness Sarah Palin and John McCain loses this election, there will be something better for them both because they both brought an awareness of the ignorance and prejudice there is in this country and it exist not because of the color of the skin.

WE DID IT!!!!!

We voted this morning! I have never been so nervous when I voted in my life! I don't know what got into me. For the first time ever, I did my research on each and every person running for office here in Clark County that was on our ballot and I thoroughly checked out the five questions we were to vote on - doing all this before we left the house rather than hurriedly reading through the actual ballot at the polling place. It was a wonderful time saver and I felt enlightened that I knew who I wanted to vote in the other categories before I actually got to the place. I would also like to mention just to cover any unusual questions as to our identity we bought additional forms of identification plus the booklet that we receive from the election committee. We didn't know if we would encounter any problems with our voter registration.

Once we entered the building, I noticed there were a lot of people there but it was a well organized system . We were directed where to stand until directed to an open computer. Honestly, I behaved like I was a new bride I was so nervous and shaking and I wasn't even sure how to sign my name. The ladies were very helpful and patient. I was directed to find an open polling machine, and I almost goofed that one up too and was reprimanded for going the wrong way. I plugged my little card into the machine it wouldn't work right away, oh me, this wasn't going well, then to top it off, I couldn't find the stupid page that I had marked with our selections of the local individuals we wanted to vote for - oh, golly, what a pickle. As I was looking down and earnestly searching the booklet the lady who monitors the people and the machines had stopped before me several times. I didn't like the lack of privacy. The voting machines were arranged close together side by side. I have been at other voting places where the computer and voter are closed in by drapes with complete privacy. The only privacy today was the little doors on each voting machine and they weren't wide enough to prevent someone from checking out my list or how I was voting. I do admit, I think the people on both sides of me this morning were busy trying to figure out the machine and read their booklet to vote rather than pay any attention to anyone else.

I was so relieved after I finished and re-checked my choices, I wanted to celebrate with a drink. It would have been easy enough since right outside the doors of the library where we voted was another smaller room which was a coffee shop and the aroma was awesome. Bob and I settled on a visit to Chili's restaurant nearby and a wholesome lunch and no drink. I feel proud and I wore my "I voted" sticker on my blouse to Chili's and to Costco. I saw one other lady in Costco with her "I Voted" sticker too. God Bless America!

I don't know about you and what's happening in your part of the country - but Bob and I have noticed we have rarely seen any political bumper stickers this year. I noticed in both the library where the voting was held and in the Costco parking lot - there were no stickers. It is very curious and unusual. Always in the past, at least one out of every four or five vehicles will have a bumper sticker. In the course of the past month, I have seen only two McCain/Palin and two Obama. I have a McCain/Palin yard sign, but quite frankly, I haven't seen maybe one other yard sign and that was Obama in a neighborhood a couple miles from here. A neighbor from down the street stopped my husband out in our front yard the other evening. He was talking to Bob about our sign and said that he wouldn't put a McCain yard sign because he was afraid to, but he was going to vote for McCain. I have seen an advertisement online that someone was offering free pizzas for McCain signs - don't know where or who it was. I was browsing and didn't think much of it then.

Bob and I make a point of watching Neil Cavuto and then an hour later Brit Hume both on Fox Network. Today Neil and his guests were discussing how this election will affect the stock market and how bad it will be if Obama does raise taxes. They all admit that John McCain knows better and will do the right thing for the economy. That's all well and good, and we know that. But in retrospect, later on in the show Neil was showing a clip of Obama meeting with people in a neighborhood and you could tell this neighborhood wasn't very financially well off. It is a fact, those poor people don't care about the stock market, they worry about paying their rent and putting food on the table for their children. They are the ones Obama appeals to and they are the ones who adore him and there are a lot of poor people in this country today. His message is of salvation. How can you explain to those disadvantaged people that in order for them to have a job to put food on their table regardless of what the wage, there has to be a job to go to before there can be a wage and raising taxes on businesses just won't cut the mustard much less buy a bottle of catchup.

Things are getting even hairier out there - the constant maligning of Sarah Palin; Joe Biden's stupid remarks that are going unnoticed and then his "alarm" that the sky is going to fall after Obama is elected. Holy Macaroni! Neil Cavuto reported that McDonald's is selling more hamburgers than ever because people are really nervous and eating more especially hamburgers since the stock market is falling again.

"Hey, Bob! Can we go to McDonald's tonight for supper!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Each passing day as we are brought closer and closer to election day and it seems as though we are approaching a cross roads of how much more can each political party do to sway any voters who haven't made up their mind on who they will vote for in the election.

Obama has had massive amounts of money donated to his campaign. He will be spending a large amount on a half hour TV program during prime time baseball playoffs. I wonder how the sports fans are going to feel about that! Interesting.......can't wait to see how that works out. I continue to receive all shapes and sizes of envelopes requesting money for Senator McCann's campaign, but the bank of Jean has been put in habeas corpus. We have not been hit by the stock market downturn but by the hand of "don't spend or else" as delegated by my branch manager -me! I receive two or three telephone calls a day from a very nice person at the GOP telephone bank asking the same questions. I am sorry but last evening I was in the middle of the end of a Bill O'Reilly program and I really wanted to hear it when a sweet old lady called to ask a couple of question and I think I was a little impatient. I thought I heard a surprise tone in her voice when after she thanked me for my time, I also thanked her for her time. I know they are volunteering for rights to tickets to attend an appearance of either Senator McCain or Governor Palin.

Sarah Palin will be here in Henderson at the Pavilion today. I would have liked to have gone, but I couldn't deal with the time in line and neither could my husband. Rallies are for the healthy people unless you are in a wheelchair - not that someone in a wheelchair is healthy, but at least you have a seat. Please, I'm not being disrespectful, our son was in a wheelchair and I know how that works. But, if you have a disability that is not obvious and you don't need special seating, but the health problems involve the inability to stand long or walk long distances then you have few choices for rallies of any sorts. Governor Palin did call me last night on the telephone. I was awestruck. I was breathless and was shocked. Yes, I absolutely was speechless even though I knew it was a recording - it really sounded like her. The Dems think they have a rock star with Obama, but I know we have a rocket star in Sarah Palin - she's gorgeous and amazing!!!!

We will vote tomorrow and I can't wait!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Ten more days to Halloween and fifteen days until the election and then what? Actually, when I think about it the campaigns are grownup Halloween parties. Each "party" offer their bag of goodies to us packaged in a variety of tactical colors and designs and each individualized to tempt us to their programs hallowed cave. Some of the campaign party's management team decorate their stage worse than the scariest house on the block. The "dead guy" that jumps out of the coffin is not unlike the rhetoric we've heard for generations - the body has been dead for so long it's beginning to stink.

I think I am developing heart problems from the stress of their scary tactics. I am sick of the Democrats painting Sarah Palin as inexperienced - give it up will you. For crying out loud - you elected Bill Clinton for two terms, and he was ONLY a governor of a small southern state. Sarah Palin has more experience than Bill Clinton - oh, sorry, Sarah is a woman, that's the difference. Even the women of NOW can't see the difference -0h, but Sarah is a conservative, heaven help her - she saves the children! Please!!! Barack Obama has campaigned three of his years since he's been a senator, I am sick of it! Give me a better reason - it's a two-faced, double standard society! This week Fox News is having a special on Iraq with Bill Hemmer doing the reporting. I wonder how many Democrats really care - probably only if their family members are over there, but the party itself is only enveloped in its self-absorbed partisanship. They can't even convict their own of wrong doing, but Lord knows if it was a Republican doing what Chris Dodd did, he would have been hung.

Yes, we will be voting. We'll be early voting this week, and I'd like to say I'll be glad when it's over, but its never over because when one campaign ends another begins. We've been watching Huckabee on Saturday nights and he has a pretty good show. I have enjoyed hearing other gentlemen of the party who are giving speeches around and I know we did have some good men running - like Romney, and I wonder where we would be right now if we had selected a different candidate - it would probably be the same old thing no matter who we picked.

I know there are a lot of prayers for this campaign, I can only imagine how busy God is, I guess that's why my prayers haven't been answered regarding some personal issues. I wonder if our prayers are organized according to importance or maybe the who's who - nah! Maybe, if I haven't been so good this week, I am put on probation and the answer to my prayers on hold until I do my penitence. Yoo hoo God, I've been good this week, please, may I have..................................! Ha ha - you thought I would tell you - no way. Hope you have a great week and you receive answers from all your prayers today. Take care.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's happening?

This morning Bob and I watched the Fox News as usual. I love Neil Cavuto and he's always on Saturday mornings with the financial gurus. He has been giving the advice to not panic and wait this out with regard to making any drastic financial changes, I think he is right. He is also for an hour during the week.

I am equally concerned with the direction the election is going but for the life of me I don't believe the numbers the polls are giving out. In Peggy Noonan's column in the Wall Street Journal, she wrote the same thing, the polls are off. I listened to a part of a big doings with John McCain yesterday and the public was telling McCain to get tough and he doesn't want to. I don't know what we are going to do if we have a Democratic president and a Democratic controlled Congress. Has our country really gone totally liberal?

We've lost our rights to displaying our religious beliefs, we lost our right to speak out against the other party - for example, Obama's squad will prosecute anyone who says anything against him in Missouri. The Acorn people are manipulating the registration forms for voters -how much of this are we going to stand for - are there no equal rights people who are conservatives or who really care where this country goes? And the Congress - they aren't doing anything because they don't want George Bush to get any credit for anything. They would put their own beliefs first rather than the country. Why in the world don't they want to drill for oil? Do you realize if we drill it would put the middle east out of business and the money back in our pocket and we would be the number one country of power again - what is wrong with these people!!!!! Do they want our country to fail - - oh, wait a minute - they want all the power for Obama, then they will do something, but oh, wait, no they will give all the money away to the poor. Oh, wait another minute, what will happen to the businesses, they will be controlled by the government and then what - we will be socialists!!!! No more entrepreneur ventures because who will be stimulated to create a new business if they are taxed to the hilt!!!! Heaven help us.

Well, that's my rant for today and I haven't even read Michelle Malkin's blog yet - she has pretty good stuff -

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Debates

Last night was the second debate between John McCain and Barack Obama and it was boring. We sometimes listen to our TV with our headphones. My husband is very hard of hearing so he NEEDS the headphones 99% of the time for anything. I like to use my headphones because we have several people and a grandchild living with us so there is usually a lot of activity which can be huge distractions. What is nice about my headphones is the one and off switch on the volume control which I used consistently last night. I am reading a book by William F. Buckly and last night was a perfect time to read when I thought the debate was getting tiresome. The book is not one of those stories you have to actually keep up with but a series of articles that were publisted in his magazine over the course of many years.

If you are familiar with William F. Buckley you know that his grammar and word usage is superior. I have threatened to keep a dictionary by my side as I read anything by him but I'm too lazy to get up and get it. I do have a small compact Oxford dictionary and thesaurus by my computer but the print is so small I can't read it even with my glasses on and using a magnifying glass and it is outdated. So I struggle through Buckley's narratives and hope I haven't missed an important meaning - I'll do what I need to do soon.

Back to the debates. I thought Sarah Palin and Joe Biden's debate was excellent. I do like Sarah and I understand why some cultures may not. I am a midwestern, a city girl but have lived on a farm in Kentucky. I DO know that just because she "speaks" sort of whinny and country-fied that certainly doesn't make her stupid. Behind that cheeky first appearance, she has grace, humor, and punch. Just like her snap to it reaction to the heckler in the crowd yesterday at a political get together - she started her speech, the guy started yelling things and instantly she was on it like a hummingbird on a feeder - she was terrific with her come back. Unfortunately, that response to the heckler was all we saw and heard so I don't know if the guy shut up after that or he argued with her. I suppose if he continued to heckler her, the media would have been on it like flies on horse manure.

I am so afraid if Obama gets elected - like the problems we are having with Acorn around our country and the election fraud. You know he was a big part of it when he was getting started. Also he has received a campaign contributions from them too. Don't tell me it the color of the skin issue because it isn't - I have read about him, and I read as much as I can about the candidates I vote for - if Colin Powell was running, there would be no doubt - and it doesn't matter which party. There are a trememdous amount of able bodied and extremely intelligent people of all walks of life who could be running for office of president this year - but this is what we've got.

I don't like the idea of all of the changes of Obama and what his ideas are and I have a right to make that choice. John McCain is my ideal choice but he does promise to clean up Washington and I do trust his leadership abilities. I liked Romney but the rest of the US didn't so there you are. There were good people running but we've got what we've got. God help us!

I pray for our financial situation too. The campaign selection hasn't seemed to help the positive action of the market any which must say something. I wonder if anyone has noticed.