Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Debates

Last night was the second debate between John McCain and Barack Obama and it was boring. We sometimes listen to our TV with our headphones. My husband is very hard of hearing so he NEEDS the headphones 99% of the time for anything. I like to use my headphones because we have several people and a grandchild living with us so there is usually a lot of activity which can be huge distractions. What is nice about my headphones is the one and off switch on the volume control which I used consistently last night. I am reading a book by William F. Buckly and last night was a perfect time to read when I thought the debate was getting tiresome. The book is not one of those stories you have to actually keep up with but a series of articles that were publisted in his magazine over the course of many years.

If you are familiar with William F. Buckley you know that his grammar and word usage is superior. I have threatened to keep a dictionary by my side as I read anything by him but I'm too lazy to get up and get it. I do have a small compact Oxford dictionary and thesaurus by my computer but the print is so small I can't read it even with my glasses on and using a magnifying glass and it is outdated. So I struggle through Buckley's narratives and hope I haven't missed an important meaning - I'll do what I need to do soon.

Back to the debates. I thought Sarah Palin and Joe Biden's debate was excellent. I do like Sarah and I understand why some cultures may not. I am a midwestern, a city girl but have lived on a farm in Kentucky. I DO know that just because she "speaks" sort of whinny and country-fied that certainly doesn't make her stupid. Behind that cheeky first appearance, she has grace, humor, and punch. Just like her snap to it reaction to the heckler in the crowd yesterday at a political get together - she started her speech, the guy started yelling things and instantly she was on it like a hummingbird on a feeder - she was terrific with her come back. Unfortunately, that response to the heckler was all we saw and heard so I don't know if the guy shut up after that or he argued with her. I suppose if he continued to heckler her, the media would have been on it like flies on horse manure.

I am so afraid if Obama gets elected - like the problems we are having with Acorn around our country and the election fraud. You know he was a big part of it when he was getting started. Also he has received a campaign contributions from them too. Don't tell me it the color of the skin issue because it isn't - I have read about him, and I read as much as I can about the candidates I vote for - if Colin Powell was running, there would be no doubt - and it doesn't matter which party. There are a trememdous amount of able bodied and extremely intelligent people of all walks of life who could be running for office of president this year - but this is what we've got.

I don't like the idea of all of the changes of Obama and what his ideas are and I have a right to make that choice. John McCain is my ideal choice but he does promise to clean up Washington and I do trust his leadership abilities. I liked Romney but the rest of the US didn't so there you are. There were good people running but we've got what we've got. God help us!

I pray for our financial situation too. The campaign selection hasn't seemed to help the positive action of the market any which must say something. I wonder if anyone has noticed.

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