Friday, October 24, 2008

Clear the deck

Not much to say tonight but what has been on my mind is the number of high profile well known Republicans who are jumping ship to the other side and bringing some of their constituents with them. Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania is upset because McCain didn't select him as VP so he's gone over the the other side, and there are others. What are they afraid of - are the afraid if we should lose this election to Obama then they won't have to say they were losers?

I think they are cowards and I sure wouldn't want them as my friends. No wonder the Republican party is going in a mess - when the going gets tough the tough get going but not the Republican politicians, they head for the hills to the other side. Well, good luck to you. I hope the real voters who make a difference remember your retreat.

I was glad to see in our local newspaper - the Las Vegas Review Journal, a full half page below the fold about three columns (I believe) all about how much more experienced Sarah Palin is than Obama. I've been saying it all along, but I don't have anyone to tell it to but you all. Even in the debates, he didn't say anything new, it was repetition and exactly words that he had said in previous debates - he just had a sweet smile and a soft voice and can sell anything with that smooth personality. Too bad we didn't have more debates like the one at Saddleback, that one was very revealing.

By the way - when Obama talks about McCain's health plan, don't believe everything he is saying until YOU read what it is all about. It's complicated but worth looking at - especially if you don't have insurance or you don't want to use what you company offers. Really, check it out - don't take Obama's word for it. He is a good salesman, you know, but after all he is a very intelligent politician and a good speaker like Bill Clinton. He does mesmerize the crowd with that smile. But as I read in the Wall Street Journal recently, Obama has made a lot of promises and he talks a good talk, but when he is actually faced with the reality of being President will he be up to the job. When he was in the Senate he voted "present" way too many times and didn't put across any momentus bills. We all know McCain can do it - and so can Sarah Palin - they both have walked the walk and talked the talk and their records prove what they are capable of accomplishing.

It's going to be a long long week plus until the election - I'm not sure I'll survive election night without having a nervous breakdown. I don't watch CNN now after realizing how one sided their political news reporting is and now after what they did to malign Sarah Palin with lies. It's all dirty pool and messy competition. Even Lou Dobbs on CNN brought that up a month or so ago. We only watch Fox News Network for national news and our local CBS channel for local news because they are a good group of reporters.

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