Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What kind of truck do you drive?

Would you surmise that there is a vast distance between the common sense of a graduate of Harvard and a graduate from the life of hard knocks! I have had the thought of just what type of person drives a truck? I drive a truck. I have a yellow Chevrolet Avalanche - it is my 'change of life' baby. I bought it because I am old and I love the color yellow - you can see me coming down the street and when I first bought it, heads would turn as I drove down the street. I love the way it drives, not too big and not too small, has great get up and go and has the best braking system I've ever experienced. Before the Avalanche, I had a Lincoln Town Car. My truck is a girlie truck. No hauling of manure or men stuff, however, I've had to make exceptions since my husband retired and sold his gigantic Ford 350 diesel with extended cab and long bed - this was back when diesel fuel was beginning to go way up in price. Also, since he was retiring, we decided we didn't need two vehicles. I had to make a change - out the window went my possessiveness, protectiveness and then obsessive nagging came in like "watch out' you're driving too fast, etc. My yellow baby now was being share by a man driver - horror. My principle purpose for purchasing this vehicle besides loving my truck was to haul my grandson around - we raised this wonderful child and he was very active in high school - band, football, volunteer stuff and friends, friends, friend - my Avalanche was/is very durable for hauling kids. And, we do haul flowers, fertilizer, and groceries from Costco. We've taken several wonderful trips across this beautiful country of ours - and my Avalanche is a dream for tripping in! It still looks brand new even though it's seven years old.

I have attended college and but I have worked my way through life, learned common sense through the jobs I have accomplished and the tasks and people I have crossed paths with - and I can sense you are wondering - so what? The So What is revealed in the words from President Barrack Obama when he made sarcastic remarks about Scott Brown's truck. How demeaning and rude his comments were towards this man's choice of transportation. Senator-elect Brown's truck is a GMC which shouldn't even warrant any type of comment but if it did, Obama should be delighted it was a GMC - a company that this president is supporting through our tax dollars and who I believe, has a responsibility to participate to encourage that this company reach a successful goal. Obviously, President Obama doesn't have a clue about such things.

President Obama chose to make a point of fact that Senator Brown drives a truck, he jests that Senator Brown drove his truck around Massachusetts as he was campaigning. Is this a solid basis to attack an individuals choice of vehicles as he is attempting to humiliate this man who is running for a seat against his Democratic party? It was a childish attempt at humor and reminded me of someone who is grasping at straws because he really doesn't have any solid facts. Childish and boorish!

I am brought to the edge of anger when I hear or read about President Obama's education and intelligence. So what? Sarah Palin had more experience as she has worked in the private sector and as a governor and for her town than Barrack Obama hadever achieved. Senator Brown has experience as well, and guess what, he attended to law school too.

What is it with this snob attitude? He has not paid his dues in life. He has been sheltered in the labyrinth of the liberal educational community and not experienced life as a blue collar worker. His family may have been poor, but he earned his education on the backs of the taxpayers. A thought - If our country was destroyed as it is and we all had to start all over as equals - who would survive? The educators or the blue collars and their trucks? Obviously - we would have to work together - that educator would need to borrow the blue collar guy's truck to haul lumber to rebuild his house!

I think this time, President Obama has challenged the wrong subject - a man's truck. How stupid! He really was scraping the bottom of the barrel. What's even worse, the people in the audience thought he was funny. I wonder what type of vehicle they came to the meeting in - bus, taxi, car, or, wait for it - a truck!!!!

It's nonsense, but to think this is all he's got, it is pretty scary!

It is a relief to have experienced the accomplishment of Scott Brown winning the Massachusett's Senate seat. Our good thoughts for success and our prayers for his family are with him daily. All eyes will be on him. We have heard a lot of promises from President Obama this past year, many have been white lies and forgotten tales. I hope Scott Brown has the wherewithall to accomplish all that he has promised.