Saturday, September 6, 2008

Established writers

Saturday morning I have a routine of reading the Opinion page of the Wall Street Journal. I especially like Peggy Noonan's column. She worked in the Ronald Reagan's administration and has authored several books. She has a quiet non-explosive manner in her writing. I like her opinion because 97% if the time I agree with her.

This morning I was disturbed after reading her column. The last sentence hit me totally the wrong way. The jest of the column was about Sarah Palin. The very last sentence was short and to the point and something like "John McCain's speech was flat."

I had been talking to my husband a short time before reading the column about the difference we have in seeing the same issues. My mother-in-law didn't like me. Everything I did was wrong. I see some of the politicians and their view being similar to my mother-in-law and I can understand why we have such a huge gab in our system. We seem to choose one side of the other without even giving the opposite side a view. We do have those undecided or independents. I hope they are really checking out the records of both parties and individuals before they make a decision. It will be based on their own experience and lifestyle - but it is important to have the facts before the decision.

In the beginning of this election happening, I thought about voting for Obama. I am a registered Republican but no one at the time was fitting. I checked out Obama's voting record in the Senate and some of his background. I didn't only check the newspapers which were slanted in one way or the other, but I went to the Washington record website where there are no opinions only facts. This is how and why I knew I couldn't vote for a man who voted present more than passing or declining a vote on any bill.

I wish everyone would do their homework and not just listen to the media - one side or the other.