Monday, May 30, 2011


On Fox News this afternoon there was a poll for viewers.  The poll gave a choice of who you prefer for president - Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin.  I didn't take the poll but I was surprised at the results

I really dread going through another year of campaigning.  It seems like it never ends now.  I told my husband I will probably stop watching the news as the Republicans all throw their hats into the ring and get moving on the campaign trail to Iowa and then New England.  It's all so tedious and redundant. We've heard it all before, same thing over and over again only in a different tone and a different voice.  There should be a law against campaigning all year long.  Never mind the individual hasn't actually said "I'm going to run for President!" the actions are first and foremost on the TV news even before they announce.

Maybe we should change the way the news broadcast.  I think so many things that happen are the result of how the media relates it to their viewers.  We know this, a rational person knows this.  But, we've gone too far, it won't change, we won't change, we're too use to it.  We appreciate it for so long, then we wonder "is this all they've got?"  But, I'm on a different subject.

The winner of the poll, in case you're interested, was Michelle Bachmann, not by a landslide, but enough of a difference.  However, I will say there weren't that many votes all total, maybe because it was a holiday and everyone is out celebrating instead of watching Bret Baier's show.  Bret wasn't even there, someone else was sitting in for him.

I like Michelle Bachmann.  She is a Tea Partier - I'm not.  I'm all for what the Tea Party stands for - I think it's great people like me have the time and energy to do what they've done to speak out for what they believe.  It's fantastic.  But, personally, I don't think Mrs. Bachmann, as honorable a person and experienced as she is, she doesn't have the real "fire in her belly" to WIN it!!!  That is the name of the game - THE WIN!

I think Sarah Palin has the "Fire in her Belly" but she has little things about her that people don't like.  I hate to say it, I really do, because I LIKE Sarah.  I really do.  I admire her so much.  I think she had more experience than Obama hands down at the beginning of the 2008 election.  But it's her voice - - mind you, it's not what she SAYS but it's the sound of her voice.  Unfortunately no one can help that but it is what it is.  If you were going to try out for a particular acting part in a movie and that part required you to have an accent or not have an accent, you would be given speech lessons.  I'm not saying Sarah should take speech lessons - who am I to give Sarah Palin advice?  But, I know it would help. 

I usually don't pick the winners in most things, not sure why - except for my husband of 47 years.  I thought Donald Trump could guide our country through the financial trials we are enduring and he wouldn't be afraid to stand up against any of our ruthless even doers in foreign countries - he would FIRE them!!!!  AND, he know protocol - he would know when and not when to toast the Queen of England.

And, then there's Governor Perry of Texas.  Great speaker and good leader.  I have my eye on him, but he hasn't thrown his hat in the rings yet.  I voted for Romney once, and that was enough.  He has a "flame" in his belly, but not enough. 

And the rest who have declared in the Republican party, well, who is it?  None of them stir my spirit.  I pray someone will step up to the plate with the Fire in their Belly and a Spark in their Eye and get the job done.  Take the job away from Barack Obama before it's too late. 

I pray for this miracle.

Friday, April 1, 2011


It's been over a year since I posted here. Facebook and other activities have possessed my attention.

This afternoon I became so overcome with emotion over the government's announcement that our economy is re-bounding I thought I would throw up!!! I didn't know where to go to get this unhealthy attitude off my mind and I remember this place, so I have returned.

Today I read a post by Andrew Malcolm and he reported on the gas guzzling vehicles that transported President Obama on a trip to Maryland to speak on clean cars. The "presidential parade" was made up of 15 gas powered vehicles, which included 2 limousines and 7 SUVs - no electric cars by the way.

Amazing, is "being green" only meant for the lower class?

We are retired. We haven't traveled in a couple of years. We are a pretty passive stay at home retired senior citizen couple. The other day my husband filled my vehicle up with gas at the cost of $100.00. If we were an active couple, we would have to give it up being active because we couldn't afford to drive anywhere very often. I do not understand how a family can survive this crisis. On every news network show today, the beginning announcement is how well our economy is doing. Are they nuts? I wonder if any Washington beaucrat has gone to the grocery store lately? Have they actually gone to a gas station? Oh wait, they are millionaires and it wouldn't bother them. Also, house prices in my neighborhood has fallen in a sink hole. We had hoped to sell our place and down size.

Our home is a large house - wonderful for raising a family. We purchased this place to take care of our disabled son, we fixed it up with all sorts of handicapped advantages, meanwhile, we also raised a grandson here, and now our son and our granddaughter are living with us because our son lost his job.

When you are retired, you are on a fixed income. When the cost of your insurance premiums for medical insurance and Medicare insurance goes up due to the new Obama health care deal, you are not compensated by a higher wage, no way, not when you're retired. You have to suck it up. We hoped to sell our home to have a nice - not lavish - but comfortable nest egg, but no way now. And we read the CEOs of Fannie and Freddie have been paid million and millions of dollars from our government - Holy Cow, it is a maddening insane world.

It is sickening when two governors try to get their state budgets under control to pay the state's bills and people are so blind to not try to work with the governors to get their job done to pay the bills. NO, it is to their best interest to revolt, to take over and to break the law protesting. I do not understand why people can't understand the reality of what is happening in our country.

I am not a Tea party member, but I am a Conservative. At this point in time, if Donald Trump runs for office I will vote for him. It seems individual politicians, the life styles of politicians and their cohorts, and the vocabulary of politicians are ruining this country. They speak gibberish, say one thing and do something else. Call each other liars without hesitation, without blinking. Today an AARP CEO was being questioned by a Republican concerning AARPs tax exempt status and a Democrat jumped in accusing the Republican of something so absurd it was stupid. This was one of the Democrats who had recently been accused of criminal wrongdoing. He got his hands slapped and was back to work. How do these guys get to have any say so in anything if they broke the law?

This must be a dream!!! And, I hope I wake up soon because if it isn't a dream, we are in for some bad days ahead. In fact, that's what I understand is precisely the idea. Obama is doing everything he can to drive up the cost of gas. His buddy George Soros is going to try to do away with currency as we know it and go to a one world currency - yes, really! All is coming to fulfillment, and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it because there are too many people who don't pay attention.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


In a couple of months we have the supreme opportunity of changing the course of our country. We have the right as American citizens to choose an individual who we personally believe will bring our country back to "our way of thinking" as a Leader in the scheme of the world view. But, the choices on the lists are not appealing. It is confusing, what does a citizen do then? Do we vote for the party for the sake of change?

I live in the state of Harry Reid. I remember many years ago, Harry Reid was a different person, never mind the Democrat, he wasn't so high minded and resourceful. He wasn't wishy washy - at least that's the way I remembered him. He was like a common man - he was a common man back then. Like so many politicians who were no bodies when they are swept up into the limelight of high positions they become full of themselves believing they are beyond any rules and regulations. Like Chris Dodd and Barney Franks who head up the housing agencies, they are stupid blind and couldn't/wouldn't believe they have anything to do with the problems we are enduring today. I believe they are absolutely so high and mighty they are shocked to believe it is their fault.

As I write this, I have only one choice to pick for the Senator spot except for Harry Reid. I do not know this person - Sharon Angle. I see her on TV and I read the spots and the bios, but I do not have a feel for this person. She was not my pick, she is an unknown in my book and I am not comfortable choosing her.

I do believe it is time for Harry Reid to retire. Las Vegas has been hit hard by the economical disadvantages that have effected our country with the bailouts and the Obama stimulus. Obama's comments twice have been a sword in the side of our tourist industry yet it was the Las Vegas unions who worked so hard to carry the vote here in southern Nevada for Obama to be nominated here. Very curious that a man so well-educated would bite the hand that feeds him, but it didn't seem to affect the union votes at all - they are still behind him all the way. Strange.

I will hold my breathe as I push the button for my vote of Sharon Angle, doing so very unassuradely. Without confidence and without faith but knowing we need a fresh face representing our fair state in Washington and we need more Republicans in the Congress.

Although, like the borderline Republicans, Olympia Snowe, recently elected Scott Brown and a couple others, they have assisted the Democrats pass bills that the majority of Republicans were against. I have no idea whether Mrs. Angle has the fortitude to stand with the party and that is one principle I vote on.

I will add, being so far removed from the politics and running of our government we only see and hear what we are told and read in the different forms of media communications available to us today. We are trusted to figure it all out ourselves to make a balance and accurate decision. We also have no idea of the deals that are made behind closed doors to make any congressman change their vote. The deal breaker may be something so extraordinary wonderful for the states, the politician in all good conscience couldn't pass it by, thus failing to vote on party line and going with the gift horse. Would we be any different?

We have a conundrum this year and in two years when the presidential elections are before us. The changes in our country have been so dramatic. We have all been affected in one way or another.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Do we need another revolution?

An article in the Los Angeles times reports on Newt Gingrich and his opinion of what the Republicans need to do to win the election. Amazing appearance with his opinion is Barney Franks and his two cents worth about Newt. Is this a "here we go again" moment? Should the Republicans stand up and take notice of the man who made a difference and took back the Congress in the 90s when Clinton was in office?

The citizens of the United States stood up and voted for Change when they voted Barack Obama into office, but remember it wasn't a land slide vote. We shouldn't forget either who was on the ballot for the Republican party and remember they didn't get enough votes to carry it off. There were several good choices, it was difficult to narrow it down, maybe that was the problem then. Today we have the same ole faces back on the stage looking for another change to make their own kind of change. Please!!! I remember the struggle I had then trying to decide who I would vote for, I remember the day we went to the school down the street to pick our choice for Nevada's nominee.

There is one issue that has been brought to light from the Republican's meeting in New Orleans that is puzzling to me. Ron Paul is still a very popular politician among conservative voters. He beat out Sarah Palin, but Mitt Romney won the straw poll in the end. And, unfortunately, Newt Gingrich came in last. Personally, I don't get Ron Paul. I have met some of his supporters. They are very passionate. They are dedicated. I wasn't part of their revolution. I haven't formed a vision of him as an individual who would fit the shoes of my President. However, I will say, if he wins the nomination I will support him.

On FoxNews Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Michelle Bachmann. I thought the questions were hard hitting but the one I was most interested in that I have found no Republican has an answer for and that concerns the Heathcare Bill. The majority of Republicans are against the bill but none can give a quality answer on how to improve or replace what the Democrats have given us. We can all find what is wrong and that is the cost, plus some of the stipulations however what choice do we have - what can the Republicans do better. I have not heard one Republican give an answer I would stand up and cheer about. And, that is what worries me.

Complain, criticize, moan and groan, but what the heck are they going to do to trump the Dems when the election comes around. Everyone says oh this is the year the Republicans make their come back. Well, to tell you the truth, I see no movement that makes any sense like the movement Newt had back in the 90s. We are all sick and tired of having stuff rammed down our throats that we are totally against, but if the Republican leaders can't come up with how they will take the leadership, then we are in deep doo-doo! Granted there are the loyal followers who will vote conservative, but they aren't the majority.

So far, in my humble opinion, I see no mover and shaker - yes, there's Sarah Palin, but sorry folks, I'm still of the mind she needs more governing experience to win - it's just the way it is. Yes, I know she is wiser and more experienced than Obama and she probably knows a lot more about nuclear anything than Obama, but it still comes down to the persona in today's society.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My choice

I have been put to ease to know finally we are hearing more from Newt Gingrich regarding today's political theatre. It is difficult enough to keep up with all the changes in our government especially since the changes are happening so quickly. But, I am even more disturbed by the problems within the Republican party as well as the facts that many of our current elected Republicans can't seem to handle the Obama/Pelosi/Reed shenanigans. Right now the party is not up to the battle even if the election were to be handed to us on a silver platter in 2012. I don't worry so much about the local state's elections, the Republicans can handle that, but when it comes to a strong Republican president, I didn't see one in the ballgame I was comfortable with until recently. Granted, there are good people with good ideas and strong features, but not what we need running against the Obama machine.

Many voters are assuming Sarah Palin will be running for President and she is putting herself out there as though she is running, but that doesn't mean she will make a good candidate, not yet. It is my thought she should run for Congress in her own state for experience. I think she is a great motivator and I do like her a lot but I don't have the confidence that she could or would win! Unfortunately, like it or not, she needs to prove herself and it has nothing to do with her being a woman from Alaska - it is just my gut that says it. It upsets me that Barrack Obama had less experience than Sarah Palin, yet Obama continues to put her down intellectually. He is such a snob anyhow - a snob without any couth or sophication. Mitt Romney, well, I voted for him in the Nevada Primary then John McCain for president - - personally, I don't want to see either man run for President again. I think Romney should be on the president's staff. He is a very intelligent man and has a great deal to offer. He would be a great president, but there again, I don't think he could carry it over Obama right now.

Newt Gingrich has proven himself. He has also proven that he works across the aisle. He may be strong willed but he can get along with the other side - contrary to what is going on in Washington today. Gingrich spoke recently at a meeting of the Southern Republican Conference and he said that Obama is the most radical president in the history of America. You can read the article here. He has conviction in his statements with out any whimpering or excuses, you can believe it.

I also like Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, for Vice President. I am not sure how they would be as running mates, but I like the ticket.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day after a Holy Day

We have made a pact not to watch TV news shows on Sunday. I wanted to have some sanity on the day we give up to the Lord. We don't do any servile work - hey, we don't even do our games on the computer, now I know that's funny, and I think it is too, but sometimes even the challenge of the games are too much like work - so we try to relax.

Well, I must admit I have fudged a little and given in to watch Chris Wallace on Sunday afternoons. He has on the panel Brit Hume, and I have so much respect for that man's opinion. He's the best. Well, we missed the show yesterday. It was Easter and the kids were here and we had a big dinner. We also went up to the cemetery to put flowers on our son Brian's grave - we all went. Today is the anniversary of 10 years of his death. He had been injured while serving with the Army in Germany - a non-combat accident. He was only 23 years old then in 1989. We took care of him at home for many years before he died - his lungs gave out.

But anyhow, today when anything is mentioned about VA health care I know first hand, although things have changed in 10 years, I hope. I do wonder now with all the change in my health care, my insurance, my medicare, what really will happen to the military health care and the Vets health care.

God only knows, and yet we have a President, the first, who doesn't go to Church on Sunday because he thinks it causes too much of a problem for the people. He doesn't might going anywhere else though, does he!

Not much to say today. Our favorite Fox News show is on in a few minutes. Brit Baier will off this week - he always has a good show. The question that will be asked on today's show is if you can make a better salary working for the government or the private sector. Should be interesting!

Monday, March 22, 2010

If it looks like a turd, smells like a tird, is it a turd?

But, then I ask - by whose standard determines if in fact it is a turd?

I'll bet you couldn't guess in a million years what's on my mind. Guessing? Ok, you're right - the Obama/Democratic party Healthcare bill.

I will give credit for some issues in the bill - the lifting of the ban on insurance companies refusing people because of their preexisting illnesses; allowing children to remain on parents policies until age 26; narrowing the donut hole - not too informed on that one yet, and there are a couple other items, however, what I object to is the method and the lack of common sense approach to passing the bill, oh yeah - THE COST!

It seems to me from my prospective, President Obama passed it on to the Senate and Congress to put something together on Heathcare, no matter what, and he would pass it. He was going to trim the big package the Congress came up with back after the election in Virginia - I guess he was scared another Republican got elected, but Nancy Pelosi got upset with him, and the President backed off and left it as it. I wonder if President Obama will ever know what is in the package - do you think he will read it before he signs it?

I know the liberals shake their fingers and say we don't want changes, that we want to let children suffer and seniors do without care - but guess what - in order to help pay for this new bill, they will cut medicare which will throw seniors out the window. I have it on good information there are physicians right now refusing some senior citizens health care because the physicians are afraid they won't get paid. And the physicians know this is only the beginning. They are just as afraid as we are.

Common sense seemed to jump out the dome with the liberals. There has been no compromise allowed - none whatsoever. To say the conservatives aren't concerned about the heathcare today is stupid and irrational. As usual they are being narrow-minded.

I am attempting to learn all I can about this bill. It is posted on Foxnews, I will continue reading. It will affect not only my husband and I because we have medicare and we do have our own insurance - I'll watch and see if our premiums go up - but I feel sorry for my adult children and how the rates will affect them and the care to their children.

God bless our country - we need all the help we can get!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Smiling faces and fancy signing pen.

The Health care bill will be signed on Sunday! Oh, what a thrill! I think I'll get drunk! Oh, maybe I should make an appointment w/my surgeon and have my knees fixed and get everything else fixed that needs fixing before the bird doo doo hits the fan and the new health care laws go into effect. Because, well you know, we probably won't be able to have surgery on things like knees, fingers, toes, nose jobs, etc because nothing will be covered. It may sound silly but it really isn't.

Do you know what is in the Health bill President Obama is pushing and making deals with his Democrats over? Personally, I believe that he has no idea. I believe he just wants a deal passed because he promised he would - I really believe he doesn't care whether it would ruin our system as it is. Yes, we do need changes badly. The insurance companies need stronger regulations - oops, that means more government intervention - but how do we get away from that, they surely can't police themselves. The heath care system itself is a mess - how much do you pay for a band aid when you've gone to the hospital? Well, I know there's more than the cost of the band aid figured in on the cost, but holy macaroni, but the actual charge is just a big much, I think.

Also, what's good for one should be good for all - no discrimination allowed - be you black, white, Irish, Polish, German or whatever. If a white guy comes in with serious injuries from an accident and he just lost his job, and can't find work he will be harassed forever for payment, but if an illegal immigrant enters a hospital requiring assistance, there will be no searching for payment. It's not equal. The only alternative for the white guy is bankruptcy. So everyone loses on that deal. He doesn't want it that way, but he has no choice.

I was recently privy to information that some doctors in our town are refusing to care for Medicare patience because they are afraid they won't be paid. We know that Walgreen Drug Stores in Washington state w/not accept new Medicaid patience - and we are just beginning - the bill as it is hasn't passed yet!!!

I was an extremely healthy person when I was young, but since becoming a senior citizen everything seems to be going wrong. It's not because I lead a horrendously wild lifestyle, quite the contrary, at this time in my life we are very sedentary although we do have mild activity. I go in for regular check ups and mostly everything is good for me, except I have a few weird things wrong - like bad knees. I was a hard consistent worker, and I believe this had affect my knees. I have postponed any surgery until my husband has his surgery - both of us need both knees replace. I do fine - slowly and limited, but don't put any pressure on me to walk distances or be in a hurry, but we manage.

So if surgery is needed on whatever - I am worried how things will be after this horrible Healthcare bill is passes - it is a nightmare for sure.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is this all there is?

You cannot say the Obama administration has been a boring event for our country, but I am personally getting bored with the repetition of the health care debate and the constant promises. At this point, I see our country going no where but it is also a world wide dilemma in one form or another.

I was surprised this morning when I found a link to a Frank Rich column in my Twitter list. Frank Rich writes for the NY Times and is definitely anti-conservative. He is a great writer, but I have disagreed with his opinions in the past. You may access his post at this link . His opinion was concerned with President Obama's first year in office and how he is handling the Health Care process today. Mr. Rich has written may opposing articles about President Bush, but since Mr. Rich is a liberal, I was taken back when I read Mr. Rich's article about President Obama.

I wonder if everyone is as skeptical about our economy as I am. It wouldn't matter whether a Democrat or Republican was in office at this point - we are in a mess and so is the world economy. Who would have thought Toyota vehicles would be having mechanical problems. Toyota had one of the highest rated reputations for a good vehicles in this country. It was to be admired. It's like the really smart brainy kids in school who went bad. Shocking! The US financial markets are in disarray. Retailers are struggling to sell their products. This all didn't start yesterday and we can blame the political for number one, having their hand in the pot and two, not doing anything to solve the problems sooner.

For years the citizen were and still are very irresponsible with their own finances. We can point our fingers at the politicians almost 95% for their misdeeds but we have to take some of the blame too. I believe it all started with the generation of my adult children. My parents worked through the depression then worked hard to get what they had and keep what they had. They retired comfortably and could enjoy life free from financial worry. Then my generation came of age and mass marketing became a new way of life. But I remember we were one of the last of our crowd to get a colored TV.

Market maneuvers were different with my kids and their friends and through TV commercials they wanted everything they saw then and now and they wanted it now - all of it. Credit cards were abundant and the companies didn't care who they sent them too - mommy and daddy would pay it, or so the companies were banking on. In the last ten years mortgages were given away to people who couldn't afford them. Foreclosures and bankruptcy became common and those words were no long evil as they would have been in my parent's day. My kids have friends who think nothing of charging a bunch of very expensive electronics and knowing they will file bankruptcy without any concern for their future or their children's future. It has all been too easy for my kids generation and those who followed and are coming of age now.

Who's fault is it? I put the blame on multiple sources. TV commercials, public and friend pressure, weakness of character which lacks responsible decisions, and also our elected officials who allowed companies to take advantage when we were so ignorant. Also, we depended and needed Fannie and Freddie to obtain real honest low cost loans to purchase home - but we were dupe by the same elected officials who put voted into office to protect these government departments. Then we got organizations such as ACORN who selected only certain folks for loan and knew they couldn't pay for them. As parents we can take some of the blame if in anyway we supported the stupid decisions our kids made which assisted them to overspend or use bogus credit cards. It is very difficult as a parent however to tell your 40 year old son what they are doing is wrong and they will not survive financially. They cannot see the outcome. They have been so brain washed, they have no idea how to save money and leave it alone. It is a sad situation.

It will take years for our country to recover what has taken many decades of overspending by the citizens and politicians. The blame should be shared by all political parties and the citizens as well. It is too sad that our elected officials can't get it together and work side by side. Their egos are too superior and they are more important than saving our country. Today we are so diverse in all realms of life there may be no turning back. The miracle of the Internet and technology has provided us with abundant knowledge but we haven't learned to channel the knowledge to a profitable base to the benefit of freedom and security of our country. Where will the compromise be or will there ever be any compromise? For the future of our country, we must band together.

I am in the retirement phase of my life. I am fortunate to have health insurance and a doctor I like and I also have Medicare. I was told by one of the receptionists in my doctor's office recently that she know physicians who are now refusing to treat Medicare patients because of the Medicare cutbacks by the Obama administration. I feel sorry for those poor souls. It has begun - will there be a turning back. Will there be a Savior to help? God only knows...........

Friday, February 19, 2010

Too little too late

President Obama appeared to a Town Hall crowd today here in Las Vegas today. The meeting was held at Green Valley High School which is dead center in the shopping area of Henderson. We were in the vicinity during the time of his appearance to the crowd but we stayed away from that specific area. I was anticipating large traffic jams but none were to be found.

On Fox News Report Bret Baier reported that President Obama told the crowd "he wanted Las Vegas to prosper" and "he loves Las Vegas." Well, President Obama, that's too little too late. Back when you made your first derogatory comment towards Las Vegas, the economy was just beginning to fall over the edge and layoffs at our hotels were just beginning. By the time your second comment was made, our unemployment rate was over 13%, home repossessions were the the highest in the nation and to top it off we have Harry Reid running for re-election. Our native son should have been on top of our problems long before you came into office President Obama, but he did nothing but encourage the problems we have with his sidekick Nancy Pelosi.

President Obama I doubt your visit to Las Vegas has much impact on Harry Reid's re-election. We are watching as the Democrats continue to play back room games with the health care program. If your two little girls tried to get by the half truths to you when you were questioning them as you do to the citizens of the United States, I know you wouldn't be too happy with them. Well, neither are we President Obama. The idea that your Health Care ideas are going to cover all but in reality not all is a hypocritical lie. We don't want your false promises, we don't want the changes you promises because your type of change has not been good for our country.

Finally, the idea that our troops in Afghanistan can not fight the war appropriately but use kid glove tactics will result in harm on our troops. The enemy is smart and shrewd and they have figured out the White House pacifist ideas with the dangerous rules of engagement. You cannot approach winning with a smile and a kind word, it will result in a huge stab in the back and a loss of our military troops.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What kind of truck do you drive?

Would you surmise that there is a vast distance between the common sense of a graduate of Harvard and a graduate from the life of hard knocks! I have had the thought of just what type of person drives a truck? I drive a truck. I have a yellow Chevrolet Avalanche - it is my 'change of life' baby. I bought it because I am old and I love the color yellow - you can see me coming down the street and when I first bought it, heads would turn as I drove down the street. I love the way it drives, not too big and not too small, has great get up and go and has the best braking system I've ever experienced. Before the Avalanche, I had a Lincoln Town Car. My truck is a girlie truck. No hauling of manure or men stuff, however, I've had to make exceptions since my husband retired and sold his gigantic Ford 350 diesel with extended cab and long bed - this was back when diesel fuel was beginning to go way up in price. Also, since he was retiring, we decided we didn't need two vehicles. I had to make a change - out the window went my possessiveness, protectiveness and then obsessive nagging came in like "watch out' you're driving too fast, etc. My yellow baby now was being share by a man driver - horror. My principle purpose for purchasing this vehicle besides loving my truck was to haul my grandson around - we raised this wonderful child and he was very active in high school - band, football, volunteer stuff and friends, friends, friend - my Avalanche was/is very durable for hauling kids. And, we do haul flowers, fertilizer, and groceries from Costco. We've taken several wonderful trips across this beautiful country of ours - and my Avalanche is a dream for tripping in! It still looks brand new even though it's seven years old.

I have attended college and but I have worked my way through life, learned common sense through the jobs I have accomplished and the tasks and people I have crossed paths with - and I can sense you are wondering - so what? The So What is revealed in the words from President Barrack Obama when he made sarcastic remarks about Scott Brown's truck. How demeaning and rude his comments were towards this man's choice of transportation. Senator-elect Brown's truck is a GMC which shouldn't even warrant any type of comment but if it did, Obama should be delighted it was a GMC - a company that this president is supporting through our tax dollars and who I believe, has a responsibility to participate to encourage that this company reach a successful goal. Obviously, President Obama doesn't have a clue about such things.

President Obama chose to make a point of fact that Senator Brown drives a truck, he jests that Senator Brown drove his truck around Massachusetts as he was campaigning. Is this a solid basis to attack an individuals choice of vehicles as he is attempting to humiliate this man who is running for a seat against his Democratic party? It was a childish attempt at humor and reminded me of someone who is grasping at straws because he really doesn't have any solid facts. Childish and boorish!

I am brought to the edge of anger when I hear or read about President Obama's education and intelligence. So what? Sarah Palin had more experience as she has worked in the private sector and as a governor and for her town than Barrack Obama hadever achieved. Senator Brown has experience as well, and guess what, he attended to law school too.

What is it with this snob attitude? He has not paid his dues in life. He has been sheltered in the labyrinth of the liberal educational community and not experienced life as a blue collar worker. His family may have been poor, but he earned his education on the backs of the taxpayers. A thought - If our country was destroyed as it is and we all had to start all over as equals - who would survive? The educators or the blue collars and their trucks? Obviously - we would have to work together - that educator would need to borrow the blue collar guy's truck to haul lumber to rebuild his house!

I think this time, President Obama has challenged the wrong subject - a man's truck. How stupid! He really was scraping the bottom of the barrel. What's even worse, the people in the audience thought he was funny. I wonder what type of vehicle they came to the meeting in - bus, taxi, car, or, wait for it - a truck!!!!

It's nonsense, but to think this is all he's got, it is pretty scary!

It is a relief to have experienced the accomplishment of Scott Brown winning the Massachusett's Senate seat. Our good thoughts for success and our prayers for his family are with him daily. All eyes will be on him. We have heard a lot of promises from President Obama this past year, many have been white lies and forgotten tales. I hope Scott Brown has the wherewithall to accomplish all that he has promised.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Totally frustrated!

I haven't blogged in a very long time. I signed up on Twitter a while back so I keep in touch with my favorite conservative bloggers who are signed up as well.

It seems to me our government moves from one controversial subject to another and it is just plain depressing. So I've become a coward, I suppose, and have retreated from writing my comments - just to take a breather.

Family life has so many ups and downs, and combined with the decisions our politicians make we know that in due time those decisions will effect further what is already close to a disaster for families.

I heard an opinion this morning by a prominent TV personality who's name totally escapes me, sorry" but he stated the Wall Street CEO are making big bucks this Christmas season and they are the ones who got us in the economical trouble in the beginning - their actions and decisions then is which has impacted our finances today. They are getting away with it again and what is our government doing about it - again, absolutely nothing!!! For crying out loud, what chance do the working class have to get ahead!! We shout out "throw the bums out of office" and every voting season we either keep the same ones in or replace them with individuals with the same mindset. It is our fault we are in this mess - we have the power, but we have given it away - willingly. Oddly enough, when the bulk of our society, the middle class, do stick up and shout out they are called weird names. Oh me! What are we going to do!!!

Whatever - we have another election year coming up for our congress and senate - let's do a better job of it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Charles Krauthammer: "Decline is a Choice"

I would like to thank the blog "Bride of Rove" for suggesting the read of Charles Krauthammer's speech. Following are some excerpts I chose to share. Please follow the link to read Mr. Krauthammer's thoughtful, although lengthy article and well worth the time. It certainly put many ideas and Liberal actions into prospective for me.

Charles Krauthammer is a syndicated columnist and contributing editor to THE WEEKLY STANDARD. This essay is adapted from his 2009 Wriston Lecture delivered for the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research in New York on October 5.

"Decline Is a Choice - The New Liberalism and the end of American ascendancy." by Charles Krauthammer 10/19/2009, Volume 015, Issue 05

"The effect on the dollar is already being felt and could ultimately lead to a catastrophic collapse and/or hyperinflation. Having control of the world's reserve currency is an irreplaceable national asset. Yet with every new and growing estimate of the explosion of the national debt, there are more voices calling for replacement of the dollar as the world currency--not just adversaries like Russia and China, Iran and Venezuela, which one would expect, but just last month the head of the World Bank."

"There is no free lunch. Social democracy and its attendant goods may be highly desirable, but they have their price--a price that will be exacted on the dollar, on our primacy in space, on missile defense, on energy security, and on our military capacities and future power projection."

You may link to the article here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

What's up with this? Fox News is in the Dog House with the White House

A quick note - watching Glenn Beck right now. Did you hear about Anita Dunn, the White House communication's director. She appeared on CNN today and blasted Fox News as an enemy of the country!!!!!

Holy Cow! what is happening to our country that we can't even have a choice now of who we watch that the White House communication's director can take potshots at any news network. It's one thing for the news network to compete and put out their own opinions, but another thing for the White House. Perhaps the White House staff and czars, et al, need to go back to school and learn how to read the constitution and try to understand we do have choice in this country.

I am fearful, however, that this president and his followers are trying to take our privileges of freedom away.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday morning opinion

I have a Sunday morning routine and for as long I can remember for the past nine years, we have followed the same pattern. Coffee on, planted squarely and comfortably in front of the TV and the local news first, then CBS Sunday Morning news, and then read the newspaper. I am not sure how long I have had a fondness for Charles Krauthammer, maybe it was when we started watching Fox News in the afternoon on the weekdays when he was on the panel which appeared at the end of the news reports. Although, my first introduction of Mr. Krauthammer was long ago in the 90s when I was up early caring for my son Brian and I watched Brian Lamb and C-SPAN. Charles Krauthammer was often a guest, I enjoyed hearing his point of view then and I continue to value his opinion today.

My first stop when reading the Sunday paper is the Viewpoint section and Charles Krauthammer's column. I found this morning's column as interesting as any other of his opinions, but I thought I would share this one here today.

It has to do with the decision President Obama must make regarding sending troops to Afghanistan. If you have any family member or friend in the military, I am sure you are very interested to know what the president will decide to do. I am disappointed that it is taking the president so long to make up his mind. As you will read in Mr. Krauthammer's column, this wasn't something that just came up and the president needed more time to think. I am sure President Obama has to check with everyone of his monetary supporters to see what they think, I wish he would go with his guy. I know he and Michelle have pledge support to the military families, but you can't put off making decisions while soldiers are dying.

I hope you will find Charles Krauthammer's column as enlightening and informative as I did. You may find it here.