Monday, April 5, 2010

Day after a Holy Day

We have made a pact not to watch TV news shows on Sunday. I wanted to have some sanity on the day we give up to the Lord. We don't do any servile work - hey, we don't even do our games on the computer, now I know that's funny, and I think it is too, but sometimes even the challenge of the games are too much like work - so we try to relax.

Well, I must admit I have fudged a little and given in to watch Chris Wallace on Sunday afternoons. He has on the panel Brit Hume, and I have so much respect for that man's opinion. He's the best. Well, we missed the show yesterday. It was Easter and the kids were here and we had a big dinner. We also went up to the cemetery to put flowers on our son Brian's grave - we all went. Today is the anniversary of 10 years of his death. He had been injured while serving with the Army in Germany - a non-combat accident. He was only 23 years old then in 1989. We took care of him at home for many years before he died - his lungs gave out.

But anyhow, today when anything is mentioned about VA health care I know first hand, although things have changed in 10 years, I hope. I do wonder now with all the change in my health care, my insurance, my medicare, what really will happen to the military health care and the Vets health care.

God only knows, and yet we have a President, the first, who doesn't go to Church on Sunday because he thinks it causes too much of a problem for the people. He doesn't might going anywhere else though, does he!

Not much to say today. Our favorite Fox News show is on in a few minutes. Brit Baier will off this week - he always has a good show. The question that will be asked on today's show is if you can make a better salary working for the government or the private sector. Should be interesting!

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