Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which comes first Wall Street or the Unions?

I am reading an interesting article on Politico.com this morning about GMs CEO Wagoner and the amount of money "donated" to the GOP by Wagoner and GM. It seems GM gave a tat more to the GOP than the Democrats, but the Wagoners gave a more balance amount although more to the Republicans. In the 2008 election race, the Wagoner's contributed to Mitt Rommey's campaign and none to the Obama or McCain's campaign. Could there be an undercurrent of political attitute of payback for lack of monetary campaign financial support?

Also, I thought a very important issue, to me at least, Wagoner didn't come away from GM a poor man, he was given $20 million as he walked out the door.

As I was leaving the room on the TV the early morning news program on Fox's News, Bill Hemmer was interviewing a Union representative and the union rep was complaining about Wall Street getting all the breaks from Obama. Without listening to the debate between Bill and the guy, my first thought was without Wall Street could there be a union to worry about in the first place? Without a big business, why would we need a union?

A couple not so relevant issues, I have a Chevy Avalanche, it is my "change-of-life" baby. We all hear about guys buying their Corvettes or cute sports cars, well, this is my equivalent. I picked this truck out with lots of research. We had a Buick, then sold it for a Lincoln. But, I was so picky and always hollering at the grandkids to stop kicking the back of the seats, sit still, and all that needless harping, I knew I needed a rugged vehicle to haul around my grandkids especially our grandson - Solder Tom whom we were raising. He was playing football and in the band, and I was all the time picking up his friends and driving them around. I didn't want to be fussy about when I picked up Tom and his friends especially after football practice with all their gear. So on an instinct I went shopping after much research on the Avalanche and when I saw and drove this baby I knew I wanted it - and I am not an off the wall purchaser. I threw caution to the wind because I knew this was mine with only 4 miles on the mileage indicator. I enjoyed my Chevy truck more than the Lincoln Park Avenue and even on long trips. Granted the Lincoln has a smoother ride but for over all accommodations this is my choice. We sold the Lincoln and I never regretted it. It took Tom a while to get use to the Yellow truck, but there was no problem finding me in the school parking lot. Back then yellow vehicles were far and few, not like today. My reward was when Tom asked me when I was going to give him my Yellow truck - my answer was a huge laugh. When my husband retired a couple years ago, he sold his Ford diesel 350 four-wheel drive to downsize to one vehicle. and now he drives my Chevy. I don't want GM to go out of business. This vehicle has the best braking system of any vehicle I've ever driven. It gets decent gas mileage as well on the road and in town. My repair people are the best ever and give the best service. I am very satisfied with my GM product. However I do expect the business to be run so that it is beneficial to its customers and not so much as a government entity.

I know this is a "tender" time for our auto companies and perhaps they need the bailout rather than bankruptcy - I don't know, I didn't get as far as Economics in college - I had to drop out and take care of Brian after his accident in the Army. For me, I find it can be very difficult to "trust" our politicians. I do a lot of praying, worrying and hoping that they get it right. It's all a big mess, and I'm still scared about the future of our country - and I don't blame George Bush for all of this mess either.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Celebrate Human Achievement

Tonight, thousands of people around the world will participate in “Earth Hour” a holiday invented by the World Wildlife Fund that asks people to turn off the lights for an hour and think about the consequences of their energy use. Thousands of cities, iconic monuments, and even national government are participating in this anti-energy event. Even the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Acropolis in Athens, and even the Empire State Building will go dark for the event.

Please check out the rest of the story and view the really neat video here.

We won't be turning our lights out - we already conserve and recycle. We will be celebrating life and light!! The World Wildlife Fund is one of those organizations that have created many restrictions and gotten grand sums of money from our government for their causes.

I am not a believer in Global Warming nor do I agree with Al Gore's theory. There are too many other scientist who have proven his wrong.

Political TV for kids

Reading through the Saturday paper Wall Street Journal this morning, I came across this article as noted at the Online Wall Street Journal for your reading pleasure. I found it quite interesting because we do have an eight year old granddaughter living with us who is smart as can be and talks about everything they do in school and what she sees on TV (thank goodness!)

This article, titled "Politics for the Preschool Set" written by Bret Stephens. Mr. Stephens begins his column relating his observations as he drops off his children at school in the morning. He notices the girl's and boy's attire, then an addition to some - an "Obama 08 campaign button." These are second graders and they are being used as promoters of politics. At that age, all I was interested in was my pet parakeet and bike riding.

Mr. Stephens writes about the TV program featured on Nickelodeon - aren't we all familiar with those programs even if we are senior citizens as I am. The show "Noggin" was presenting specific political facts about President Obama. Now there's nothing inherently wrong with discussing our Presidents on a children's program as long as it's done in a "non-partisan" way. How silly is that to use in regard to a child's program, who would have thought that a respected and traditional child's program would go so far as to promote one politician over another. In Mr. Stephens column, he writes that he had called Nickelodeon and "was told the clip was done for black history month (along with clips of other notable African-Americans) and had "no political overtones."" However, there has not been any programing relating to President Bush or any prior presidents.

What's wrong with this picture, are they so engrossed in trying to get their liberal opinion across that they would use their kids do to their showing off? I would use the term brain-washing because at that age, kids will believe anything and not understand the difference.

Please check Mr. Stephen's article and if you have difficulty accessing it online, let me know and I can type some of the good parts such as his "poem" he composed that echoed a more conservative point of view of the Obama clan vs the poem on Noggin.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All worn out - too tired for words!

Folks, I know there's so much going on, lots to talk about in the news, but it's been one of those happening days in our Family Life and my thinking cells are too far gone to be creative tonight. My thoughts and good wishes are with you all. I'm sure I'll be up and at 'em tomorrow, till then I bid you adieu!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Liberal Friends

This is my place for venting my frustrations and opinions about the politics of our country or any issue I choose. I welcome your comments, positive or negative but don't fault me, my friends. You have your right to your opinions and to favor President Obama just as I have a right as an American to disagree. I respect your rights as I would hope you would respect my rights as well. I do not see things in the same way you do with regards to our political issues. Please don't let this difference come between what friendship we can have. I have no prejudice against anyone for their race, creed, political belief, religion or education. I hope you will aspire to extend this respect to me.


I can't seem to get over this, or maybe get through it is a better way of expressing it. The thought just came to mind, maybe its because I am old-er. I'll be the age of Medicare this year, so maybe my reaction to President Obama's behavior is as a result of my old age and this is the reason rationalizing his behavior has contributed to my sour attitude the past couple of days. Speaking of bad behavior, I forgot about Bill Clinton. Who could forget when the President Clinton shook his finger and said those infamous words! Well, DUH! yes, I should have guessed, this must be a Democratic trait and perhaps that's why no one "seems" to be as emotion about it - or expects any different behavior. Have we become so passe with bad or inappropriate behavior with our politicians we brush them off with only a mention. Maybe we're reached the point of "what's the use" or "there's nothing we can do about" attitude.

I am totally ticked off at the juvenile behavior of President Obama during the interview on 60 minutes Sunday night. The laughathon of President Obama during a serious interview about our economy was shear lunacy. Several have said the interviewer, Steve Croft, had no right to react and was disrespectful to ask "are you punch drunk?" and maybe so, but I DO expect a mature behavior from my President at all times and I would guess so did Mr. Croft. President's Obama explanation was that was trying to be positive or having a light moment . Being positive is certainly not having a giggle fest during an interview of that caliber. Making light of a very serious event is very immature. His behavior is very unacceptable!

We have been sold a fake bill of goods. The perception we've been given is all an illusion. The Big Top circus has come to town and we're paying dearly to watch the show. I'll repeat what I said in an earlier post - I'm scared. These Democrats are out to ruin our country.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Proud to be an American

Regardless of how bad the mess in Washington gets, they can't take away the pride we feel for our country. We have to stand up and fight so our rights and freedom aren't taken away.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This morning as per our Sunday morning routine, my husband and I were watching the early CBS Sunday Morning program with Charles Kuralt's - here's this morning's link. One issue I found most interesting was the story about a group called Mensa, link here. I quote from the CBS page "Some 2,000 of the planet’s best and brightest minds met in Denver, Colo., recently for the annual gathering of Mensa, the international high IQ society. It’s an exclusive group: To join, you need an IQ score of at least 130........One of the society’s 100,000 members explained it this way: "Most of us are just a little different, a little out-of-step. And here we fit in."

How does this relate to my post this Sunday morning - certainly not because I am intellectually competent to join Mensa - one of the questions on the application was "how many stars and stripes on the American flag in 1939?" I didn't know that answer! But, watching the program brought home to me how fortunate we are that we can be different and live in our country with freedom, especially freedom of belonging to groups of individuals with like minds.

The election last year was a historical one for many reasons - A woman, an African American and an Old man (and younger woman VP) running for President. I voted on the basis of my belief - not on gender or heredity. Back in 1990s I did not vote for Bill Clinton either - he was and still is the best orator on this earth - running almost neck and neck with Ronald Reagan and Ronald Reagan in the lead. Bill Clinton reminded me of one of my old boyfriends who threw away his girlfriends like they were candy wrappers from a Snickers bar. He was suave and debonair and sexy too, but I knew underneath all that, well, I knew because of his principles I wasn't voting for him.

It was the same for the 2008 elections. I voted for the individual and the party who shared my values and what I want for the future of this country. I don't look at the gender, the skin color or the age, I want what I believe is best for my country. This blog has become home for me to vent these opinions. It is my comfort spot to exchange thoughts and ideas with other like minded folks. It is not uncommon for me to require of my husband or friends to "check out Right Klik" because he explains the issues so clearly and understandably.

Having said all of that, finally I want to say thanks so much for sharing and providing education on so many different issues and levels by so many different opinions that can't be learned or found on any other venue. A treasure chest of gold, for sure!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

President of Change

Sixty days or so now we have experienced the Office of the President of Change. I think we have a pretty good idea of what kind of change we're getting and about to receive in the future - or is this just a taste of the pie! Are we experiencing some type of digression? Our country has come too far for this. Or can this be something we've come to accept but not experience on the big stage and venue? Segregation in our White House is not what our government is built on or what it is suppose to be all about. We need to ask if this could be a prelude to what sort of change in our White House we are about to experience. President Barack Obama was elected by the majority which included all race and nationalities and he couldn't/wouldn't have been elected without this. This event today isn't proper! Why is this being permitted to happen!

Obama White House bars press from press award ceremony

"This achievement and the overall promise of his historic administration caused the National Newspaper Publishers Assn. to name him "Newsmaker of the Year." The president is to receive the award from the federation of black community newspapers in a White House ceremony this afternoon."

Folks, what is happening inside our White House? Why aren't all Press organizations permitted to cover this story? Why are people especially those in the press NOT upset and up in arms about this situation? This story is being reported by the LA Times and you can read about it here.

Heeeerrrrrrreeee's Barack! and here's where the infamous Johnny Carson theme song comes in! There are accolades from all over the place citing what a great job our President did on the Jay Leno show. (I didn't watch it!) I think NBC should give President Barack Obama his own show, a good idea for when when he loses the election in 2012. Amazing what this guy is getting away with during this critical economical time in our country. It would be like me going out and partying and yucking it up when I have a child seriously ill in the hospital! I know maybe that's a lame comparison, but folks, I expect more mature and responsible behavior from my President. This is being irresponsible and a bad joke at best.

What about the tea bags? I guess I missed this one. Recently I have talked to two friends of different lifestyles and who do not know each other and they asked if I was sending teabags to our political leaders. Both friends were very passionate about this tea bag activity and as I've read on line there are many cities who are promoting this action. Maybe if I had paid more attention to Glen Beck and the 912 happening I'd be in their loop. Here is the link to Glenn Beck's project if you are interested. As a point to know, I do recall that Glenn mentioned NOT to send the actual tea bag, rather just send the tag, because as the politician's office receive an envelope with a tea bag, it is thrown away as a precaution. We will be sending out our tea bag tags to our Nevada politicians this week.
On another point of interest on the Glenn Beck's show, he talked about Thomas Paine's book "Common Sense" and referred to a you tube video, which you can view here. (if you are unable to access through this link, go to youtube & type in Thomas Paine) It's all about a revolution to take back our country.
As a final note today, my Nevada friends have also voiced their opinion on our Senator Reid and how dissatisfied they are with what he is doing today in the Senate. One friend says she will most definitely be working hard during election season to see he doesn't get re-elected. At this point, however, I personally don't seen anyone in Nevada who is strong enough to stand against Reid. Let us pray! Please, Lord, protect and bless our country!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Yes, can you imagine me speechless - I've always got an opinion about something, although maybe I'll mention a few then be on my way.

President Obama made a "Biden" slip last night on Jay Leno's, and I know you've heard about it about a few million times already - you know, the one about his bowling ability and the Special Olympics. Good grief, both our leaders sure do lack common sense. I know it was just a slip, but surely, since everyone (except me, it seems) thinks Obama is such a great orator, he should be able to come out with something more clever than comparing himself to an unfortunate disabled child.

Are we ever going to get by the payoffs and the stimulas packages kabunkle? I know our President is trying to side step all his fabunkles by talking about education, health care, and something else. Too bad he doesn't find a Humility or Humble Package and praise our military for the great job they've done in Iraq. I suppose it would be too much for his and the Democrats pride to admit that success.

Michelle Obama is going to plant a garden on the South Lawn of the White House. Alice Waters made comment on what a good idea it is. I hope First Lady Michelle requests Alice Waters assistance. I do admire Ms. Waters abilities. She has great cookbooks and has creative and simplistic ideas for cooking and serving. Personally, I think it is a great idea, especially having the area school children help out with the gardening. I am still wondering what ever happen to those children who attended the same school as the Obama children and who lost their scholarships due to a bill signed by President Obama. Where are they now?

How lucky for me, I just checked Drudgereport and found this photo of President Obama doing the bowling pose. Not bad.

So, with that, I will say adieu and that's all folks! Nothing heavy today. I'll leave the deep thinking to the deep thinkers.

Have a great news day and take good care.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have you been paying attention?

Are you tired of hearing nothing but Bailout, Bailout, money paid, we lose, goin raise our taxes, on and on and on! Doesn't anyone have any fun out there? Oh, wait a minute, have you been invited to a party at the Obama's place? I read where they served green sparklie stuff on St. Patrick's Day or was it that night? Do you realize they are having more fun than we are? We're spending too much time agonizing over all these problems. Let's have fun too. Let's get some people in the White House and the Congress who want to party with the common people. Michelle Obama told the military mother's they could come to the White House for tea - hmm, I wonder if she has followed through with that invite? I'm a military mom and Gold Star mom too, I wonder if I'll get an invite. You're darn tootin I'll go too, I've got to see all the big deal about her arms and biceps. I want to check out how they decorated the White House too. I'm not crazy about that bright GOLD curtain President Obama stands in front of for his speeches.

Ok, I'm being flippant today. But in all seriousness, I would like to invite you to check out another bloggers blog - he wrote a really great explanation of this crap going on with AIG. He put it in context, I haven't read or heard a better explanation. Please check one of my political favorites - Right Klik, by clicking here.

This morning's Fox News program with Bill and Megyn was great. They covered a multitude of political sins right down to interviewing a guy from ACORN. Megyn threatened to cut off his mike because he was interrupting her so often and wouldn't answer her questions - I really wanted her to cut him off, I am so bad today! Just give me the facts ma'am, just the facts. Oh, yeah! How about that Glenn Beck! Thank goodness for Fox News - life would be so boring and we'd be in such a pickle. Fox is helping to keep them there folks honest or at least giving them a run for their money and their vote. Thanks Fox News! and please be sure to check out "Right Klik" blog site.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Is it a miracle or a result of the complaints from all the Veterans? President Barack Obama made the wisest choice possible today by dropping his plans to make our military pay for their own medical care if they come home from the war wounded, injured or just in need of care. We first heard the good news on Foxs News with Bret Bauer this afternoon. You can also read the article here which appears on the Foxs News internet website.

Ahhhh! whata blessing and relief! May God bless our troops!

Worker's Compensation - no more!

If you are injured on the job, you have Worker's Compensation to depend on to pay for the injuries you have may incurred. If your boss doesn't see fit to compensate you for your pain and suffering and injuries you have the right to sue. Can you imagine if you are an enlisted soldier in the United States Army and you are suddenly hit by a bullet or receive shrapnel or your vehicle rolls over a roadside bomb and you lose both of your legs and you are told - no way, you pay for your injuries yourself, soldier, you have to use your own insurance and pay out of your pocket! Up until this week, you would have had the confidence as a military solder you would be taken care of by the government, and the people you are serving with your life would stand by your benefits. But, that could all end with a stroke of the pen if President Obama chooses to do so. You would have to pay for your service connected injuries out of YOUR pocket and you CANNOT sue the government. Why in the world would you want to serve a government who wouldn't take care of you in those circumstances?

I know first hand the benefits of service-connected medical services. My son was severely disabled by an on duty non-combat accident. We eventually brought him home from the VA hospital to care for him, and provided care for him for nine years until he passed away as a result of his injuries. We were able to provide this care at home because of his benefits. Yes, it is expensive to our government's budget but it's minimal compared to what Worker's Compensation pays out to ordinary citizens - and yet, that it is our right to receive these benefits. As a civilian, how would you feel if suddenly, you would not be covered if you had an on the job injury? Yet, our men and women serving in the military today willingly sign up to serve our country and many of them have served several tours of duty in extremely hazardous environments. They have the confidence their country will take care of them. They are proud to serve and do so without grumbling or complaining. Do you think they would get upset because their cup of coffee is too hot, or because they have a small pain in the wrist - no, they continue on to serve and protect, to aid and support their fellow soldiers and the United States of America, without apprehension. The least we can do is ALWAYS be there for them when they need our support.

I wonder what President Obama is thinking, or if he is thinking and planning since he will be sending many thousands of troops into Afganistan soon. There are many elements of hazards in Afganistan far different and dangerous than what our troops experienced in Iraq.

What will happen if President Obama takes away the health benefits of our soldiers especially now? I venture to guess that our population of volunteer recruits to all the branches of service would decline as well as those reinlisting might give it a second thought - do you think we need that right now - NO. I personally have no confidence in President Obama to face a violent enemy who may decide to take over our country. In my opinion he has not shown any common sense in handling any military decision especially in view of this particular issue. He may have an outstanding reputation for being a good orator, which I have my reservations about, but he does lack the experience and knowledge necessary to lead this country in the time of war or any confrontation. Our first lady, Michelle, is commanding audiences of military wives and families saying she is making it a priority to help the military families. Well, excuse me, do you think First Lady Michelle, taking away their health coverage will be AIDING the families? I think you need to talk to your husband, Mrs. Obama!

As I was browsing for news clips to share this morning there were none on my usually haunts of columns about the American Legion and the current discussion about the change of military health care. Everyone is focused on the AIG fiasco. I went to the American Legion website which has terrific coverage, of course, and information for those who may wish to check it out, please go here.

I would have never believed any one of our elected presidents would jeopardize the lives of our military heroes however since President Barack Obama has come into office, we have all seen many changes which have left us breathless to say the least! I hope you will make a difference and let your elected official know what a bad idea changing the healthcare coverage policies for our veterans will be. I know first hand the care from the VA and some of the military hospitals isn't perfect, it is improving, but without it for our military to depend on, would ruin their lives financially forever. The Veteran's have it too difficult now. Too many veterans end up homeless, without jobs, and without their families. Please don't let this atrocity happen to them - don't let President Obama sign the bill to take away our military healthcare benefits.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blarney and such!

I'm starting my St. Patrick's Day going to my favorite hairdresser, no, I'm not getting green hair - at least hopefully not! So the rest of the day will be busy so I wanted to post tomorrow's tiding tonight.

I couldn't find any exciting news to write about without getting totally agitated and it's too late in the evening for that - I would have to drink a complete bottle of wine if I got started on the AIG business. Oh, I have searched the news reports for this bit without any success of finding it - we saw on this mornings network news clippings of tidbits there had been papers that had gone through the Congress about the mortgage problems and the corporations like AIG last year but they were never brought up on the floor for voting. This was before George Bush was out of office. I guess we all knew that though - the Dems are so juvenile, they can't accept responsibility and have to blame the other guy.

One point of interest I was happy to see in Townhall online paper tonight is that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will deliver the keynote address at a dinner sponsored by the House and Senate Republican campaign committees. My own personal opinion, I hopes she runs for Senate of Alaska rather than jump back in for the President race i 2012. For her own benefit and experience, I think she would succeed far better and get her feet into the jungle. Not that she doesn't know how to handle herself - I think she's great. I want her to go all the way to the top.

We're off to our favorite Irish pub tomorrow night for some Irish cooking - you all have a great evening! And, Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Thanks to Drudge Report, I bring you a few of my favorites for the day!

Tender, Juicy Obama Fingers Hit the Shelves
check out the story here

Discovery nears space station as debris nears, too
See story here

And finally,
Frank assails bonuses paid to executives at AIG
House committee chairman rails against bonuses paid executives of financially-strapped AIG
See story here

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brain overload

There's been too much going on this week for my brain to commute, compute, dissimulate, disassociate, or translate, so I took a sabbatical. I'm not sure I have yet come to terms with the overload of news and I may have to take a semi-sabbatical this week. The Sunday Las Vegas Review Journal is waiting for me to open and read my favorite Sunday columnist who are always stimulating. I believe almost every word they write, well, almost, I am gullible, but not too stupid to realize I have to think for myself. Will our financial world be any safer with Bernie Madoff in jail? Are there more schemes out there for us to be worried about - like the federal government's big scheme bailout?

Last week, Drudgereport highlighted an article about the President and First Lady courting socialites, you can read about it here. Granted, I want my president to have contacts and to be savvy and mannerly and have clout, and all that good stuff necessary to have contacts and know how to present himself in public with other Heads of State and Presidents of other countries and Prime Ministers. Barack Obama's background didn't come with all those niceties of clout of the Ultra Rich and as President he needs those qualities and associations. I suppose this is one means to achieve that goal. However, I do resent the fact he didn't do anything for the school kids in the Washington DC district to help them achieve a better education to help them get ahead. To me, in essence, he threw the baby, the milk and the carriage out in the gutter. Not a word was uttered when Congress pulled the support for scholarships. It wasn't that much money compared to what was spend in Iowa for smelly pigs.

We have a standing date on Sunday mornings to watch CBS Sunday Morning (see it here). The very first report today was on the economy of Las Vegas. And, yes, we do have a housing crisis much like everyone else in the country, maybe worse. I appreciated the fact they did show Las Vegas Mayor Goodman discussing the issue of President Obama citing businesses for coming to Las Vegas for conventions and such. It may seem obvious and reasonable to someone who doesn't live in Vegas, but the companies didn't cancel their plans, they took their conventions to other cities and most likely spent more of their companie' money. They would have gotten a better deal in Las Vegas, thus saving money for their stockholders. The President's criticism has hurt our economy badly. And, what still bugs me is the union support President Obama received here during the election. The comment from Obama hasn't seemed to affect the continued support today from the culinary union even though many culinary workers have lost their jobs. President Obama did no favors for Las Vegas yet the unions continue to support him. I just don't get it.

We did attend our first Blue Star Mother's meeting yesterday. It was amazing and sometimes tearful to meet the Mothers of military children deployed. Some families have two or more serving. It was an awesome experience to be in their presence and I felt proud to be with them. Blue Star Mother's are those mom's who have children serving in the military. You can check out their web page here if you are interested. There are chapters all over the United States.

After the meeting since we were in the area we decided to stop at Frys the big electronic store. I was thoroughly shocked as we searched for a parking space - there were none to be found except at the far end of the lot. The store was absolutely packed and people were buying big ticket items. I went there to find an item I couldn't make up my mind about whether to buy online or in person - the in person won out. Frys did get my two cents and that's all. I guess we have priorities where we're spending our money and I would venture to guess from the crowds I've seen there's money being spent on electronics and groceries especially at CostCo where there's always a crowd no matter what day or time.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm scared!

Do you remember these furry little toys that talked? They came out during the holiday season of 1989. If you shook it, turned it upside down, or moved it in any fashion it would say something and blink it's eyes and move it's mouth. While moving my daughter out of her apartment recently she found her Ferby and she didn't want it. I couldn't think of throwing something so precious away so I brought it home with me. Now, you might be saying to yourself what would all this have to do with Grandma's Political blog and I'm getting to that.

This morning Bob and I were watching early morning Fox News with Bill and Megan - two of our favorite Fox personalities. A big news bit was about the North Koreans test firing a long range missile and threatening war if anyone interferes (check it out here). It has been reported that the U. S. and South Korea have been involved in war games which North Korea has condemned. We have a lot of U. S. military personnel in South Korea at this time - many from our Soldier Tom's platoon as well. If North Korea fulfills it's promise to launch the missile it will put some countries in a combat ready position.

Back to my buddy Furby, when I shake Furby ever so gentle, she say's "I'm Scared" and she shakes! Well, that is exactly how I felt this morning when we were watching and listening to this report on North Korea. Folks, I am scared to death if President Barack Obama gets us into war. I have absolutely positively no confidence in him whatsoever! I would have to hope and pray the military generals he has at his side for advice have the sanity and intelligence to carry it off, but if he relies on his newly appointed staff and buddies for advice and troop movement - we are toast. We are broke - aren't we? How would we, could we finance another war?

President Obama and his people are continually trying to blame the Bush administration for this mess, and yes, they are partly to blame, right along with the Democrats in Congress who turned their backs on reports of wrong doing at AIG, Fannie and Freddie - dummies!!!! Errrr - frustration! But, President Obama is in charge now! Does he have the spirit of George W. Bush at his back guiding his left hand to sign his name on those bills now! Yeap, he'll probably come up with that excuse next! He and his buddies and the liberal press are constantly blaming George, but now, what are they going to do about North Korea - they can't blame George for that! Time to fester up and face reality, President Obama, life ain't so pretty when reality sets in.

A Democratic commentator Bob Beckel, on Fox this morning said "C'mon now - President Obama has only been in office a short time" Well, I say, you c'mon, he wants to do everything on his agenda that he spoke about and made promise about in his first 90 days in office (my opinion) so he can say - I told you so! He doesn't care if he succeeds or not - he just wants "them" done no matter how things turn out. He is going so fast and not taking time to absorb what it means to be a good president. Why is he traveling all over the place talking to people in general about his bills when he should be staying at home taking care of business. He's picked people who have some experience to make decisions but not enough experience to run a country. Oh my Gosh! if North Korea stands by its threats and starts trouble, man oh man are we in deep doo doo trouble and it won't be only the stock market, which opened low, low, low this morning!

Oops, my sweet little Furby just said "Ma ma, me scared" Yes, sweet little buddy, I feel the same way!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brothers At War by Jake Rademacher (7 minute trailer)

Gary Sinise was on Gov. Mike Huckabee's TV show this evening promoting this movie which he had a hand in producing. It will be opening to some theatres in a couple of weeks and specifically to those listed below.

Brothers at War Brothers At War opens in theaters a wk from today, March 13, in Columbus, GA, Arlington, VA, D.C., Chicago, Warrenville, IL, Fayetteville, NC, Jacksonville, NC.

On March 20th it will be out in Akron, OH.

It will also be coming out in Killeen and San Antonio, Tx, Monterey and Oceanside, CA, Augusta and Savannah, GA, Decatur, IL, Shreveport, LA, Cleveland Heights and Dayton, OH, Clarksville, TN, Hampton, Newport News, and Norfolk, VA on March 27th.

Friday, March 6, 2009

This and that

This has been a day of really odd news articles. I'll briefly state my favorites. On Drudgereport you just can't escape this lovely photo of Chavez. With it is the statement by Chavez encouraging Obama to accept Socialism and you can read about it here. I feel that many of us believe our president is already headed in that direction. I wonder why they haven't met for a beer and a game of one on one in the White House - oh, have they built the basketball court in the White House yet? Well, maybe bowling.

Then there's our prestigious Secretary of State - please, tell me it ain't so, not a Joe Biden twin??? No! No! No!. Heck, I'm not a history major but I know that the United States of America's government has not been around longer than the European countries. Yes, she said that! We're older than Europe! What? Of course, to top that for Secretary of State Clinton, she gave the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a gift of a box with a button on it. The button was suppose to say "reset" but instead it said "overcharged." They got a big laugh out of the situation, but do you have a picture of the caliber of the political leaders we have in this Obama administration. Please, one Joe Biden who is noted for outragious gaffes is enough!

My personal favorite or rather most favorite disgusting event is the news of the gift from President Obama to Prime Minister Brown. As my husband and I travel around our wonderful country we enjoy most of all visiting our Presidential Museums and we've been to several. There is always a section of the gifts which that White House serving at the time has received. Each of the gifts from other countries are very ornate, expensive and unique. We would EXPECT that the gifts from our presidents would be comparable. Our current president gave to PM Brown on his recent visit to our country a selection of DVDS of American movies. It was suggested in one news report, these movies were something PM Brown could purchase on Amazon.com. And, get this, he gave PM Brown's gifts for his children and it has been suggested they came out of the White House gift shop - helicopters. Yeap, I've seen those helicopters in all of the gift shop museums I've visited and in the President Reagan gift catalog. So tacky! They have no class or sophication. I expect more from my elected president.

Isn't there someone in the White House who can advise this president what the protocol is for visiting dignitaries and gift giving? There was an article from the British press which stated that Michelle Obama didn't favor the British because of the slave era. She's come to our White House with a huge grudge on her shoulder and it looks like she will have persuasion for how our European and British friends will be treated by President Obama and the friends of the Obama's in the White House. It is really embarrassing. Please, send a Miss Manners to visit the White House for a policy on protocol.

Short spot

Bugging me big time. Perhaps I'm too naive, sensitive and middle class to understand this one. It's been said, I read, that Obama intends to change the percentage we can take off our income tax deductions for money or stuff we give to charity. And, this is a big deal, why? I don't believe in socialism and I want the rich to keep their well earned money as long as its acquired legally - however, reading the articles in the Wall Street Journal and others publications I wonder how some wealthy have gotten their millions and how many acquired this rich status just by being deceivingly clever.

OK, sorry, I wandered off my main objective - giving without reciprocation. Since when is the object to be thoughtful and helpful to aid the poor and needy come with a rebate? Yes, I know it's nice to have a tax deduction so we can get some of our well-earned money back, but should a few percentage points off the deduction really make that big of a deal? Our personal deductions for anything and everything ended two years ago, you see, we are in the middle income group, but I don't care. I feel obligated to help and give what I can - joyfully and without fanfare.

We prefer to give to charities or groups who have nothing to gain or who do not give any part of the contribution to the big wheel executives in swell offices. We want the poor and needy to receive benefit of our hard earned cash. Because of our economy now, I've had to cut back on the size of my donations and I feel really guilty because I know they need my "little bit" more than ever.

I hope others will stand by their principles too and not forget those who are more needy. They shouldn't be punished because our new president choses to penalize a good thing. Please continue giving for the sake of kindness and those less blessed.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jonathan Krohn Addresses CPAC

I thought this bumper sticker was pretty clever. This idea came from the Tennessee Republican Party and you can buy one. You can read the complete story and to purchase one here.

We are in the process of preparing to sell our home -- what a joke. We live in the Las Vegas area and the community has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. We are retired and for health reasons need/have to down size. The house prices need to be more reasonable. The prices here have gone out of sight. I don't know how families could make it without two wage earners. Perhaps that's why so many made bad decisions hoping to get something for nothing.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh was a hit!

I only saw snippets of CPAC the past couple of days and lucked out to hear Rush Limbaugh finishing up his speech yesterday. No wonder the Democrats want to change the Fairness Doctrine, resulting in changing the format of the conservative programs. There is no bi-partisan opinion on the liberal talk shows either on tv or radio. Rush has some pretty harsh opinions so its not surprising they want to put a muzzle on his freedom of speech.

After hearing Rush for only the short time I did, I can understand why the Democrats want the Fairness Doctrine passed or the parts they think are balance in their behalf. They want to be able to push their issue in the face of anyone with an opposite opinion but it seems to me they, the Liberals, already dominate the airwaves and have 99 44/100% possession of it all now. I am grateful to have Fox TV News Network so I can hear another opinion and a prospective that I agree with. I can continue to subscribe to the conservative magazines and newspapers but I wonder if someday with the liberals in power, with that freedom be taken away and how long will it be before they infiltrate the internet. It does seem a bit radical but I never thought I'd see things happen that are now since President Obama came into power.