Friday, March 20, 2009


Yes, can you imagine me speechless - I've always got an opinion about something, although maybe I'll mention a few then be on my way.

President Obama made a "Biden" slip last night on Jay Leno's, and I know you've heard about it about a few million times already - you know, the one about his bowling ability and the Special Olympics. Good grief, both our leaders sure do lack common sense. I know it was just a slip, but surely, since everyone (except me, it seems) thinks Obama is such a great orator, he should be able to come out with something more clever than comparing himself to an unfortunate disabled child.

Are we ever going to get by the payoffs and the stimulas packages kabunkle? I know our President is trying to side step all his fabunkles by talking about education, health care, and something else. Too bad he doesn't find a Humility or Humble Package and praise our military for the great job they've done in Iraq. I suppose it would be too much for his and the Democrats pride to admit that success.

Michelle Obama is going to plant a garden on the South Lawn of the White House. Alice Waters made comment on what a good idea it is. I hope First Lady Michelle requests Alice Waters assistance. I do admire Ms. Waters abilities. She has great cookbooks and has creative and simplistic ideas for cooking and serving. Personally, I think it is a great idea, especially having the area school children help out with the gardening. I am still wondering what ever happen to those children who attended the same school as the Obama children and who lost their scholarships due to a bill signed by President Obama. Where are they now?

How lucky for me, I just checked Drudgereport and found this photo of President Obama doing the bowling pose. Not bad.

So, with that, I will say adieu and that's all folks! Nothing heavy today. I'll leave the deep thinking to the deep thinkers.

Have a great news day and take good care.

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  1. To have a reputation as such a fantastic communicator, Obama's gaffe tally has gotten to be surprisingly long.