Friday, March 6, 2009

Short spot

Bugging me big time. Perhaps I'm too naive, sensitive and middle class to understand this one. It's been said, I read, that Obama intends to change the percentage we can take off our income tax deductions for money or stuff we give to charity. And, this is a big deal, why? I don't believe in socialism and I want the rich to keep their well earned money as long as its acquired legally - however, reading the articles in the Wall Street Journal and others publications I wonder how some wealthy have gotten their millions and how many acquired this rich status just by being deceivingly clever.

OK, sorry, I wandered off my main objective - giving without reciprocation. Since when is the object to be thoughtful and helpful to aid the poor and needy come with a rebate? Yes, I know it's nice to have a tax deduction so we can get some of our well-earned money back, but should a few percentage points off the deduction really make that big of a deal? Our personal deductions for anything and everything ended two years ago, you see, we are in the middle income group, but I don't care. I feel obligated to help and give what I can - joyfully and without fanfare.

We prefer to give to charities or groups who have nothing to gain or who do not give any part of the contribution to the big wheel executives in swell offices. We want the poor and needy to receive benefit of our hard earned cash. Because of our economy now, I've had to cut back on the size of my donations and I feel really guilty because I know they need my "little bit" more than ever.

I hope others will stand by their principles too and not forget those who are more needy. They shouldn't be punished because our new president choses to penalize a good thing. Please continue giving for the sake of kindness and those less blessed.


  1. "Since when is the object to be thoughtful and helpful to aid the poor and needy come with a rebate?"

    I totally agree with you, but it is nice to know that by giving money to charity I can divert some money away from Washington. Charities are much more effective in helping the poor than Washington is.

  2. Yes, I agree about Charities being more effective and I WANT you to keep as much of your money as possible. Unfortunately, I think Obama may want all the credit for helping the poor and homeless (at our high cost without permission and to his designated causes!) thus punishing those of us who want to contribute - or at best he's trying to discourage us.