Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brain overload

There's been too much going on this week for my brain to commute, compute, dissimulate, disassociate, or translate, so I took a sabbatical. I'm not sure I have yet come to terms with the overload of news and I may have to take a semi-sabbatical this week. The Sunday Las Vegas Review Journal is waiting for me to open and read my favorite Sunday columnist who are always stimulating. I believe almost every word they write, well, almost, I am gullible, but not too stupid to realize I have to think for myself. Will our financial world be any safer with Bernie Madoff in jail? Are there more schemes out there for us to be worried about - like the federal government's big scheme bailout?

Last week, Drudgereport highlighted an article about the President and First Lady courting socialites, you can read about it here. Granted, I want my president to have contacts and to be savvy and mannerly and have clout, and all that good stuff necessary to have contacts and know how to present himself in public with other Heads of State and Presidents of other countries and Prime Ministers. Barack Obama's background didn't come with all those niceties of clout of the Ultra Rich and as President he needs those qualities and associations. I suppose this is one means to achieve that goal. However, I do resent the fact he didn't do anything for the school kids in the Washington DC district to help them achieve a better education to help them get ahead. To me, in essence, he threw the baby, the milk and the carriage out in the gutter. Not a word was uttered when Congress pulled the support for scholarships. It wasn't that much money compared to what was spend in Iowa for smelly pigs.

We have a standing date on Sunday mornings to watch CBS Sunday Morning (see it here). The very first report today was on the economy of Las Vegas. And, yes, we do have a housing crisis much like everyone else in the country, maybe worse. I appreciated the fact they did show Las Vegas Mayor Goodman discussing the issue of President Obama citing businesses for coming to Las Vegas for conventions and such. It may seem obvious and reasonable to someone who doesn't live in Vegas, but the companies didn't cancel their plans, they took their conventions to other cities and most likely spent more of their companie' money. They would have gotten a better deal in Las Vegas, thus saving money for their stockholders. The President's criticism has hurt our economy badly. And, what still bugs me is the union support President Obama received here during the election. The comment from Obama hasn't seemed to affect the continued support today from the culinary union even though many culinary workers have lost their jobs. President Obama did no favors for Las Vegas yet the unions continue to support him. I just don't get it.

We did attend our first Blue Star Mother's meeting yesterday. It was amazing and sometimes tearful to meet the Mothers of military children deployed. Some families have two or more serving. It was an awesome experience to be in their presence and I felt proud to be with them. Blue Star Mother's are those mom's who have children serving in the military. You can check out their web page here if you are interested. There are chapters all over the United States.

After the meeting since we were in the area we decided to stop at Frys the big electronic store. I was thoroughly shocked as we searched for a parking space - there were none to be found except at the far end of the lot. The store was absolutely packed and people were buying big ticket items. I went there to find an item I couldn't make up my mind about whether to buy online or in person - the in person won out. Frys did get my two cents and that's all. I guess we have priorities where we're spending our money and I would venture to guess from the crowds I've seen there's money being spent on electronics and groceries especially at CostCo where there's always a crowd no matter what day or time.

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