Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I can't seem to get over this, or maybe get through it is a better way of expressing it. The thought just came to mind, maybe its because I am old-er. I'll be the age of Medicare this year, so maybe my reaction to President Obama's behavior is as a result of my old age and this is the reason rationalizing his behavior has contributed to my sour attitude the past couple of days. Speaking of bad behavior, I forgot about Bill Clinton. Who could forget when the President Clinton shook his finger and said those infamous words! Well, DUH! yes, I should have guessed, this must be a Democratic trait and perhaps that's why no one "seems" to be as emotion about it - or expects any different behavior. Have we become so passe with bad or inappropriate behavior with our politicians we brush them off with only a mention. Maybe we're reached the point of "what's the use" or "there's nothing we can do about" attitude.

I am totally ticked off at the juvenile behavior of President Obama during the interview on 60 minutes Sunday night. The laughathon of President Obama during a serious interview about our economy was shear lunacy. Several have said the interviewer, Steve Croft, had no right to react and was disrespectful to ask "are you punch drunk?" and maybe so, but I DO expect a mature behavior from my President at all times and I would guess so did Mr. Croft. President's Obama explanation was that was trying to be positive or having a light moment . Being positive is certainly not having a giggle fest during an interview of that caliber. Making light of a very serious event is very immature. His behavior is very unacceptable!

We have been sold a fake bill of goods. The perception we've been given is all an illusion. The Big Top circus has come to town and we're paying dearly to watch the show. I'll repeat what I said in an earlier post - I'm scared. These Democrats are out to ruin our country.

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