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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Republicans who voted for the Energy Bill on Friday

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for printing the names and photos of the eight Republicans who voted with the Democrats to pass the Cap and Tax Energy bill. You can read the complete article on Michelle's blog here.
Also, if you have the time, ready Michelle's main page. She reveals documents from the EPA that have been suppressed regarding our environment and how wrong reporting by the Obama administration will effect our country. My opinion - Al Gore is certainly getting richer and we're getting poorer and poorer. Nancy Pelosi appeared on the floor before the vote was taken at the House of Representatives yesterday - and her final comment, as she shook her fist in the air and she shouted "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" - that is her opinion of what this Cap and Tax bill would do for our country and I instantly thought "what about all the jobs we are going to lose and the businesses it will effect!" They really don't care, do they?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Republicans are shooting the party in the foot...............

Humiliation! What is wrong with these men! There's so many things I'd like to write about these situation with our outstanding brilliant Republican leaders and their obvious stupidity and inability to control their insatiable sex drives - they are selfish indeed. Some say it has nothing to do with the way they lead the country - it most certainly does - it clearly is directed to their commitment and honesty.

I am an old lady but I have been married and been true to one - it's not difficult - it's a matter of who you are true to, when you hurt your spouse, the one who is really hurt the most is yourself because you become a betrayer of your own values and virtue. For crying out loud! Yes, I hold these people to a higher standard, I trust them, although I know for many that trust is misplaced.

I at least give Senator Ensign credit for settling up with his wife, and he is darn fortunate that she was willing to work with the situation and do counseling. But, the Governor from South Carolina, balderdash!!!! Did you hear about the emails-----the first thing I thought of was it's too bad he didn't say those sweet things to his wife and maybe he wouldn't have problems!

Who's next? Some humans can be so naive and weak. They'll be more to fail. It's tough out there in the political circle right now, maybe this is a way to cope with the stress. Oh Good Lord, please help us all!

And another thing - Obama is pushing all these new rules, regulations and changes through so quickly - just so no one will read the umpteen hundreds of pages in each bill so they really don't know what they are signing. He is very cunning! He's out to prove a point and he's winning! Medical changes, an outrageously expensive energy program, immigration reform, and the riots in Iran and North Korea's nuclear weapons - just to name a few items to be concerned with! And, he wants every bill pushed through the Congress without nary a peek or discussion! I wonder why that is? By the way - have you noticed, President Obama hasn't mentioned our wonderful military personnel once in any of his speeches or townhall meetings. Has he forgotten who is protecting our homeland?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How can they look at themselves in the mirror?

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, now aren't they a cozy pair! They make me sick to my stomach.
Those two are the tip of the iceberg of deaf and dumbness - they can't see the forest because of the fog - it is those two who served on the finance committees who were blind to any problems that then President Bush brought to light regarding the failures of Freddie and Fannie. Now they act like Robin Hood and Friar Tuck riding in on their white limousine with all the answers. And another thing when President Bush wanted to make cuts in Medicare, the Democrats had a huge hussy fit.

This is like a play on Broadway and its difficult to tell the good actors from the stinky actors. And, for the finale, President Obama has fired one of his administration committee heads because President Obama said " the man was disoriented" and a lot of other things - well, duh! President Obama should be writing out VP Biden's walking papers - I've never seen any elected person so disoriented as Joe Biden is - and guess what? he's going to run for president after Obama's terms are up!!!! This is really a BAD play!!!

I know this is a mashed up maybe unintelligent post but I can't think fast enough to capture how really upset I am about all the crap happening around us. And, President Obama is picking on Fox News because they aren't bowing down and kissing his shoes - please!

I think I'll try to find one of the kid's fairy tale books, those stories are closer to reality than what's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Obama Stimulus: Predictions vs. Reality

Obama can't blame Fox News for these numbers!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today is Flag Day

The Pledge of Allegiance

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one Nation under God,indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.

A great day for Americans to give tribute to our Stars and Stripes! Read here for the History of the American Flag!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sorry Sarah, but I agree with Charles Krauthammer

The issue of Sarah Palin vs David Letterman was brought up during the Lighting Round on the Fox New's Political Report this afternoon. It was Charles Krauthammer's opinion and I lean towards agreement with the esteem Mr. Krauthammer, its time to let it go.

We are into what, day four or five of the Letterman vs Palin ugly dispute. There's no doubt Sarah is in the right and in my words, Letterman is a scumbag for discussing Sarah's daughters in an extremely sexual manner. It isn't only Letterman who is a dope, but the people in his audience for clapping cheering and laughing and the all the others who continue to support Letterman. As one blogger wrote, it would be a very different story if Letterman had said something like this about the Obama girls or even Chelsea Clinton.

But, enough already. There's no more to be gained, the more it is talked about by Sarah and our side, the more Letterman gains. This all goes to prove one thing, now sexist Letterman is and how hypocritical the Liberals are. Sarah needs to get down to discussing the difficult issues if she is going to run for a higher political office. Those who are important and those that matter know the story and we need no explainations - we are with you Sarah!

As I was wrapping this post up, I logged on to Fox News and found this large photo with caption on the main internet page. Maybe it isn't going to go away so quickly and maybe someone with ethics will do something about David Letterman and his sexist attitude!!!! Check out the follow-up story here.

I was so thrilled to see this article from the Right Wing News

Thanks to one of my favorite blog sites - Le gal In sur rec tion for a link to a new to me blog -the Right Wing News, I would still be feeling like I am the only one who thinks First Lady Michelle Obama's clothes are in my humble opinion - dorky! Here is the link to that article and to a really interesting blog.

I feel like President and First Lady Obama has brought a new style of uncomfortable chic to our Whitehouse. I've felt uneasy that I seemed to be the only one mentioning it. I knew that surely someone else noticed how out of place her outfits seemed to be. I have thought they both lacked the polish and sophistication I expect from someone occupying the Whitehouse. But, referring back to yesterday when I thought that perhaps it was a youth thing, I am older and all the previous First Ladies were more mature in age than Michelle so in retrospect I thought that perhaps it wasn't so outrageous for our First Lady to wear more youthful styles. However, I was cringing when I saw the photo of our First Lady exiting "Westminister Abby" looking as though she had just visited a friend for a drink. Her casual outfit seemed so disrespectful and inappropriate for the occasion.
As for President Obama, the most recent photo of him with his feet propped up on his desk, eating a cracker while talking on the phone wasn't too mannerly. Why would he permit such a photo to be taken by the Whitehouse photographer? The headlines attached to the photo certainly hasn't been complimentary - "Obama Shoe Photo Seen as Insult by Some Israelis."

Both the President and First Lady seem to have taken their positions on as being above the rest of the world - as they are the greatest and beyond reproach. A Newsweek writer even went so far as to mention President Obama as a "god." They have been catapulted to stardom in an unrealistically short space of time and there seemingly remains a long time to go.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarah Palin vs David Letterman

It was reported this morning on Foxnews and CNN about the jokes David Letterman told in his top 10 list mentioning the Palin daughters and sex. Here is one article about the incident.

I find David Letterman's comments disgusting, but it is something close to obsessive not only this incident but all others articles the liberal media or personalities have with Sarah Palin and her family. What is it with them? I read the comments following this article and a couple others and their opinions are so disrespectful. Does in all come down to the facts of being liberal in actions advocating abortion, free sex, drugs, homosexuality, etc, versus following a religious belief and trying to raise your children with good morals? Unfortunately, there is an issue of free will in all of us and we do mess up, but are conservatives held to a higher standard and can be chastised easier by the mass of liberals thus giving themthe liberals, the freedom to say whatever they want no matter who it affects? They protect their own, for example, Former President Clinton, and his "love affair" in the oval office. An person I know who is an extreme liberal said about President Clinton "that was his business and it didn't affect his job as President." She said the same thing about Senator John Edwards from North Carolina - "what they do in their private life is of no concern since it doesn't affect their job"- that's a Liberal Democrat opinion. So why are they picking on the Republicans? Do we do hold ourselves to a high standard and are our family values higher? I don't think so, as I am not implying Democrats do not have high standards for their families but they just can't see the inequality as they are criticizing Sarah Palin.

Governor Sarah Palin didn't shun her daughter when she was pregnant but took care of her. There are many of us who have gone through the same situation as Sarah has - not condoning the action of their child but certainly knowing it isn't the baby's fault. Could it be those who are complaining and shouting out ugly remarks about the Palin's they themselves were abandoned by their mothers, maybe they were neglected and shunned by society and this is their revenge for not receiving the acceptance for their mother's transgressions. I don't know the answer for that and I don't understand the cruelty in their comments. I just don't get it. Why do the liberals consistently attack Sarah Palin? Are they fearful of her strength?

In the article I referred to above in this post, they are again attacking Sarah for shopping. Please check out this photo I have copied from the "Washington Examiner." First Lady Michelle was coming out of Westminster Abby. Personally, I think her outfit is too casual for the event but most of the posts have favorable comments about her outfit. She is young and maybe that's the deal - it's a different set of rules for her generation. All the articles of Michelle and the children shopping in Paris are complimentary and positive. Whose money is First Lady Michelle spending by the way? And, what about the big party for the Obama girls in London on the set of the Harry Potter movie stage? Who paid for that? I don't begrudge the girls their fun but I certainly don't like the double standard. The press pounces on Sarah Palin for everything and Michelle can wear a $500 pair of tennis shoes to serve the homeless. I think she could wear a paper sack and it's all haute couture.

The Liberal Democrats need to get "nice."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congratulations! Charles Krauthammer

This afternoon on Fox News it was announced that Charles Krauthammer won the Eric Breindel award for Excellence in Journalism. You may read about it here.

My husband and I are faithful watchers of the Fox News program in the afternoon where Charles Krauthammer is a member of a panel of three - himself included. It is an inspirational and educational 20 minutes because Mr. Krauthammer doesn't mince his words and sometimes adds a touch of humor which can be momentous! His opinion on political matters is to be respected.

The first time I saw Mr. Krauthammer was back in the early 90s when I was a faithful watcher of C-SPAN early in the morning when Brian Lamb was the host. I was always up early (3:00 AM Las Vegas time) because I was caring for my son Brian who had been injured while serving with the Army in Germany. My Brian had severe brain damage and severe respiratory condition. Brian was totally disabled and we never left him alone. I became a C-SPAN addict since the cable programing at that time was slim but also C-SPAN offered volumes of knowledge to be learned by just tuning in.

Mr. Krauthammer was a regular guest on C-SPAN at that time. Then, as now, I find him very interesting and wouldn't miss any opportunity to hear him speak or to read his columns.

I was very proud and grateful he was awarded this award. He is truly deserving.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A very special lady!

I've been gone, now I'm back, but movin and thinkin slower than a snail! Just wanted to let you know Former First Lady Laura Bush will be on Fox Network with Greta Van Susteren - here's a link to Greta's Foxnew's website - "On the Record."

I'll be back blogging as soon as I can get my political brain waves in focus - too much, soo little time! Our Soldier Tom was home on leave and we stayed on the move!