Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Republicans are shooting the party in the foot...............

Humiliation! What is wrong with these men! There's so many things I'd like to write about these situation with our outstanding brilliant Republican leaders and their obvious stupidity and inability to control their insatiable sex drives - they are selfish indeed. Some say it has nothing to do with the way they lead the country - it most certainly does - it clearly is directed to their commitment and honesty.

I am an old lady but I have been married and been true to one - it's not difficult - it's a matter of who you are true to, when you hurt your spouse, the one who is really hurt the most is yourself because you become a betrayer of your own values and virtue. For crying out loud! Yes, I hold these people to a higher standard, I trust them, although I know for many that trust is misplaced.

I at least give Senator Ensign credit for settling up with his wife, and he is darn fortunate that she was willing to work with the situation and do counseling. But, the Governor from South Carolina, balderdash!!!! Did you hear about the emails-----the first thing I thought of was it's too bad he didn't say those sweet things to his wife and maybe he wouldn't have problems!

Who's next? Some humans can be so naive and weak. They'll be more to fail. It's tough out there in the political circle right now, maybe this is a way to cope with the stress. Oh Good Lord, please help us all!

And another thing - Obama is pushing all these new rules, regulations and changes through so quickly - just so no one will read the umpteen hundreds of pages in each bill so they really don't know what they are signing. He is very cunning! He's out to prove a point and he's winning! Medical changes, an outrageously expensive energy program, immigration reform, and the riots in Iran and North Korea's nuclear weapons - just to name a few items to be concerned with! And, he wants every bill pushed through the Congress without nary a peek or discussion! I wonder why that is? By the way - have you noticed, President Obama hasn't mentioned our wonderful military personnel once in any of his speeches or townhall meetings. Has he forgotten who is protecting our homeland?

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