Saturday, June 27, 2009

Republicans who voted for the Energy Bill on Friday

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for printing the names and photos of the eight Republicans who voted with the Democrats to pass the Cap and Tax Energy bill. You can read the complete article on Michelle's blog here.
Also, if you have the time, ready Michelle's main page. She reveals documents from the EPA that have been suppressed regarding our environment and how wrong reporting by the Obama administration will effect our country. My opinion - Al Gore is certainly getting richer and we're getting poorer and poorer. Nancy Pelosi appeared on the floor before the vote was taken at the House of Representatives yesterday - and her final comment, as she shook her fist in the air and she shouted "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" - that is her opinion of what this Cap and Tax bill would do for our country and I instantly thought "what about all the jobs we are going to lose and the businesses it will effect!" They really don't care, do they?

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