Friday, June 12, 2009

I was so thrilled to see this article from the Right Wing News

Thanks to one of my favorite blog sites - Le gal In sur rec tion for a link to a new to me blog -the Right Wing News, I would still be feeling like I am the only one who thinks First Lady Michelle Obama's clothes are in my humble opinion - dorky! Here is the link to that article and to a really interesting blog.

I feel like President and First Lady Obama has brought a new style of uncomfortable chic to our Whitehouse. I've felt uneasy that I seemed to be the only one mentioning it. I knew that surely someone else noticed how out of place her outfits seemed to be. I have thought they both lacked the polish and sophistication I expect from someone occupying the Whitehouse. But, referring back to yesterday when I thought that perhaps it was a youth thing, I am older and all the previous First Ladies were more mature in age than Michelle so in retrospect I thought that perhaps it wasn't so outrageous for our First Lady to wear more youthful styles. However, I was cringing when I saw the photo of our First Lady exiting "Westminister Abby" looking as though she had just visited a friend for a drink. Her casual outfit seemed so disrespectful and inappropriate for the occasion.
As for President Obama, the most recent photo of him with his feet propped up on his desk, eating a cracker while talking on the phone wasn't too mannerly. Why would he permit such a photo to be taken by the Whitehouse photographer? The headlines attached to the photo certainly hasn't been complimentary - "Obama Shoe Photo Seen as Insult by Some Israelis."

Both the President and First Lady seem to have taken their positions on as being above the rest of the world - as they are the greatest and beyond reproach. A Newsweek writer even went so far as to mention President Obama as a "god." They have been catapulted to stardom in an unrealistically short space of time and there seemingly remains a long time to go.

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  1. I blogged about the same issue. I was not as kind about it though here:

    Her outfit was ridiculous, and anything but classy.