Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarah Palin vs David Letterman

It was reported this morning on Foxnews and CNN about the jokes David Letterman told in his top 10 list mentioning the Palin daughters and sex. Here is one article about the incident.

I find David Letterman's comments disgusting, but it is something close to obsessive not only this incident but all others articles the liberal media or personalities have with Sarah Palin and her family. What is it with them? I read the comments following this article and a couple others and their opinions are so disrespectful. Does in all come down to the facts of being liberal in actions advocating abortion, free sex, drugs, homosexuality, etc, versus following a religious belief and trying to raise your children with good morals? Unfortunately, there is an issue of free will in all of us and we do mess up, but are conservatives held to a higher standard and can be chastised easier by the mass of liberals thus giving themthe liberals, the freedom to say whatever they want no matter who it affects? They protect their own, for example, Former President Clinton, and his "love affair" in the oval office. An person I know who is an extreme liberal said about President Clinton "that was his business and it didn't affect his job as President." She said the same thing about Senator John Edwards from North Carolina - "what they do in their private life is of no concern since it doesn't affect their job"- that's a Liberal Democrat opinion. So why are they picking on the Republicans? Do we do hold ourselves to a high standard and are our family values higher? I don't think so, as I am not implying Democrats do not have high standards for their families but they just can't see the inequality as they are criticizing Sarah Palin.

Governor Sarah Palin didn't shun her daughter when she was pregnant but took care of her. There are many of us who have gone through the same situation as Sarah has - not condoning the action of their child but certainly knowing it isn't the baby's fault. Could it be those who are complaining and shouting out ugly remarks about the Palin's they themselves were abandoned by their mothers, maybe they were neglected and shunned by society and this is their revenge for not receiving the acceptance for their mother's transgressions. I don't know the answer for that and I don't understand the cruelty in their comments. I just don't get it. Why do the liberals consistently attack Sarah Palin? Are they fearful of her strength?

In the article I referred to above in this post, they are again attacking Sarah for shopping. Please check out this photo I have copied from the "Washington Examiner." First Lady Michelle was coming out of Westminster Abby. Personally, I think her outfit is too casual for the event but most of the posts have favorable comments about her outfit. She is young and maybe that's the deal - it's a different set of rules for her generation. All the articles of Michelle and the children shopping in Paris are complimentary and positive. Whose money is First Lady Michelle spending by the way? And, what about the big party for the Obama girls in London on the set of the Harry Potter movie stage? Who paid for that? I don't begrudge the girls their fun but I certainly don't like the double standard. The press pounces on Sarah Palin for everything and Michelle can wear a $500 pair of tennis shoes to serve the homeless. I think she could wear a paper sack and it's all haute couture.

The Liberal Democrats need to get "nice."

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  1. It's the classic Liberal double standard. Palin would be a rock star if only she had "Democrat" next to her political party affiliation. If Palin wore that hideous outfit that Michelle Obama was wearing, she would be the laughingstock of every cable news and talk show.

    The things the media and others get away with saying about Sarah Palin would be considered racist, sexist, cruel, and so on if said about Michelle Obama or any Democrat/Liberal for that matter.