Friday, June 12, 2009

Sorry Sarah, but I agree with Charles Krauthammer

The issue of Sarah Palin vs David Letterman was brought up during the Lighting Round on the Fox New's Political Report this afternoon. It was Charles Krauthammer's opinion and I lean towards agreement with the esteem Mr. Krauthammer, its time to let it go.

We are into what, day four or five of the Letterman vs Palin ugly dispute. There's no doubt Sarah is in the right and in my words, Letterman is a scumbag for discussing Sarah's daughters in an extremely sexual manner. It isn't only Letterman who is a dope, but the people in his audience for clapping cheering and laughing and the all the others who continue to support Letterman. As one blogger wrote, it would be a very different story if Letterman had said something like this about the Obama girls or even Chelsea Clinton.

But, enough already. There's no more to be gained, the more it is talked about by Sarah and our side, the more Letterman gains. This all goes to prove one thing, now sexist Letterman is and how hypocritical the Liberals are. Sarah needs to get down to discussing the difficult issues if she is going to run for a higher political office. Those who are important and those that matter know the story and we need no explainations - we are with you Sarah!

As I was wrapping this post up, I logged on to Fox News and found this large photo with caption on the main internet page. Maybe it isn't going to go away so quickly and maybe someone with ethics will do something about David Letterman and his sexist attitude!!!! Check out the follow-up story here.

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