Saturday, August 29, 2009

Feeling guilty

Actually, I was feeling guilty and wondering if I was justified in that. I remember when my husband and I went to Marriage Encounter many years ago, it was said that "Feelings are neither right nor wrong" but we know the right or wrong is the outcome and how we react.

I have not watched the funeral of Senator Edward Kennedy. I do not have fond memories of him although I have heard of many of the bills he has been responsible for that has helped the poor and needy. Nonetheless, we lived in Massachusetts during the time of the horrible death of Mary Jo Kopechne. I was much younger then but raising my children and even so had a moral sense of outrage at Senator Kennedy's reaction or lack of - totally avoiding helping that young beautiful woman who was in his care - a coward. And since, cooperating in assisting getting his nephews off and out of trouble when they had women troubles. I just don't have any respect. Maybe that's why I really don't feel guilty or want to give any homage to a man of his background.
When I opened my blog dashboard the first thing I saw was the photo of a very young military boy - yes, a boy. He had only been in the Army for a year and now he is dead. Can you imagine the grief of his parents. This is where my grief and tears are shed - painfully. He is the hero and he should be given the honor that Senator Kennedy is receiving. Oh my! My heart is breaking into 1000 pieces thinking of that young man's family. So soon, gone. Truly a Hero.

The solder is Pfc. Matthew E. Wildes, 18, of Hammond, La., joined the Army in 2008. He deployed to Afghanistan on May 24, 2009, and died August 27 of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his vehicle. You can read more about this young man at Airmanmom's blog.
Airman Mom is dedicated to bringing us bloggers the news of our military personnel and I appreciate her dedication and contribution so much. Thank you Airman Mom, you are amazing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't you agree - it's a mess and getting worse!

No quotes or links or educated pronouncements here tonight. I can't remember a time when our country was under more turmoil that since Obama took office. The media had a field day to begin it all but for the most part now you may be really getting both sides of the story. The Conservative and Liberal side, yes, we have to allow both sides to be heard and said. There has to be equality, but up to now it has been one-sided.

It's a laugh that the Obama administration groupies with the close union organization SEIU and another Liberal group called "Health Care for America Now" will be professing their basic freedom of speech to hit the road and denounce what the Conservatives and Independent Parties have been professing. The Democrats have chastised those who have come out to disagree and voice their opinions as being radicals and even worse. But, aha, now they are following the LEADERS and COPY CATTING exactly what they have denounce. Oh, the farce in it all. This should be an interesting week watching the Obama Health Care posse carry out their duty - attempting to put down and put out the energy of what has become a huge success for those individuals who have spoken against the Obama Health Care programs.

We have a right to choice and to know what to expect. Granted there are areas where there should be changes - but not the entire Health Care system.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

CBS Sunday Morning

Every Sunday morning, Bob and I make a point of being in front of the TV to watch our favorite Sunday program. It is complete with all types of entertaining varieties of interest from music, art, interviews and nature. This morning the show began with two sections both about President Obama's healthcare program and the public who are debating and attending the town halls. After only 15 minutes of watching which included the intro and commercials, I had had enough and my husband agreed.

Here's a link to one of the CBS reports. Their argument has now become that we don't know what is in Obama's Health Care bill. Well, guess what? He most likely doesn't either since he has left it up to the House and Congress to put it all together. President Obama gave them a list of what he wants for the bill and let them to the work of putting it into a bill to be voted on.

"Members of Congress are getting more than an earful," political professor Larry Sabato, who directs the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, told CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson for CBS' "Sunday Morning." "They're getting a belly full." He went on to labeled the town hall attendees as "belly-achers" - in this report - and that's when our TV went black - we turned it off. I resent the labeling they are giving those individuals who are exercising their basic right to speak. Their labels are childish. I was hoping this report would cover both sides, but it wasn't a balanced report. Why can't any of these networks tread the middle of the road and present these situations equally?
This is only one of several town hall photos used in this report. I especially like the sign mentioning "fishy." Once the idea of the White House sniffing out emails that seemed "fishy" became public then another robust outrage began against the White House and for our right to Free Speech. Yet, the reports detail the people in a riot mode whereas in the President Obama Town Halls everyone is smiling prettily. I think that's not reality.
In any of the photos or news clips I have seen, the people seem to represent the ordinary United States citizen. The ones who have worked so hard all their life to earn what they have. Middle Americans who don't want President Obama and the Democrats to take away their rights.
One of our Las Vegas Review Journal writers, Thomas Mitchell, wrote a column for the Sunday Viewpoint section. The title of the column is "Instead of shouts, insults, how about persuasion?" I agree that some restrain and less hollering would be to our benefit. However, on that note, on this mornings CBS show, a clip highlighted the young woman who was speaking to Senator Spector. I have seen this clip quite often and my opinion of her demeanor was quite different from the way she was portrayed in this mornings report. At the town hall, she had a list in her hand and granted, she was excited as she spoke but she was not hollering at Senator Spector. She was looking directly at him and standing probably three to four feet away from the senator. She was extremely concerned and those feelings came through in her words, however, the CBS reporter labeled her as one of the "belly-achers." Come on now!
These people are like the sleeping lion that has been awakened. Regardless of whether yelling or being nice, this movement has certainly put the Democrats and President Obama on the defensive and perhaps they will put more thought into what type of bills they will produce. And, perhaps, this will also highlight the politicians who have their own best issues on their mind and not their constituents.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whole Foods being put out to pasture by the Libs

Well, talk about the protesters being rowdy in the town halls and the Obama administration harassing them!! I just read a story on Twitter, then a blog, then the article in ABC news on line (read the ABC story here). It's unbelievable that the Obama administration would turn on one of it's own just because he voiced his opinion about Obama's Health Care plan and the disagreement of the plan. Oh sob sob! I am referring to the grocery store - Whole Foods. The store is being boycotted because the Democratic CEO disagreed with the Obama health care plan. Unfortunately, those who are boycotting the store have their information backwards, I believe. The individuals who were interviewed and said they would not shop at Whole Foods since they heard about John MacKey's opinion, are under the impression that the Obama Health Care Plan WILL give health care to all. Maybe it will, and maybe it won't but regardless it will be at such a cost, the guy boycotting the Whole Foods Market will probably not have enough money left from his pension or paycheck to purchase the food.

It makes me wonder if President Obama or any of his administration ever had a college course in economics - where are they going to get the money to pay for this health care plan. Granted there are many who need health care assistance, but not the way the Obama administration is planning

There is no discrimination here - the pious outrage will befall anyone regardless of race, religion or political selection. We are NOT permitted our own opinions if it disagrees with the Obama administration on any matter and if we dare we will be chastised and cast off as demons. It is pathetic. If President Bush ever did even one-tenth of the stuff the Obama gang is getting away with, he would have been run out of office without nary a Congressional rule on it.

The day will come when there will be an uprising and the citizens will speak. President Carter had a short lived four years, and if these sorts of antics continue like attempting to mess around with our Freedoms, then four years will be it for President Obama and his administration.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Town Halls for All!

I know a lot of people who shout, scream, throw fits, shake their fists and other types of gestures at their TVs during some types of news broadcasts and they are mainly the political ones I'm referring to. The people that I know are not the type to march in a riot type of situation - maybe I could call them "closet protesters" and they have finally come out of the closet.

Why are people so surprised? For years and years and years, we've used our common courtesy and remained calm in public, maybe shaking our head if we hear a broadcast or read a newspaper headline in public we disagree with. We restrained ourselves until we go home, get comfortable in the privacy of our living rooms or den with our favorite drink and snack and turn on the network news. I am not alone when I confess I have screamed at the TV violently and spoken to politicians who could not hear me. My husband is a quiet man and he has laughed at me sometimes because I suppose it could be a humorous sight to see this ole lady saying nasty things to a TV screen, but I've experienced his attitude towards the opinions and comments from politicians and his remarks ain't pretty either!

So now!!!! we have our outlet to be heard. We can go to our political Town Halls to be heard - that is if your congressman is holding them. Unfortunately for us here in Nevada, Senator Harry Reid is not going public with his Town Halls. He is in trouble here in this state anyhow and there are many who would like him out of office. Do you think he might be afraid to face his constituents?

President Obama jabbed Las Vegas a couple of times and his comments have effected the economy very negatively. I didn't hear Senator Reid stand up for us one time, so don't you know those attending the Town Halls would give Senator Reid an ear full. It does make me wonder, will Nancy Pelosi be holding Town Halls?

So, we have come of age and found our forte - the Town Halls, and we are being chastised by the MSM and Democrats. I guess because we have "stolen" their techniques for getting noticed. Well, too bad, we have found our voice and we WILL use our inalienable rights for our Freedom to Speak.

I really do hope people will be courteous - you can get a better response through politeness than shouting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Difference of Opinion

It is very frustrating to hear the Liberals accuse the individuals at the Town Hall meeting to be a racist group just because they are opposing President Obama's Health Care plan. There are many of us who also didn't like President and Mrs. Clinton's Health Care plan back in the 90s when President Clinton first came into office. No one called us racist then - so why would they be doing this now? We are opposing a plan.

I just listened to a clip from an internet news link - Bretbart Youtube video of Rep Dingell accusing anyone who spoke out against this Healthcare Bill of being members of KKK. Since when do we not have a right to speak out against any issue we oppose to our elected members of Congress? Granted, some individuals and groups are more rowdy than others and so what - unions are organized and they march and protest and sometimes are rowdy - that is their right, have you ever seen anyone complain about their protest tactics?

President Obama was voted into office by ALL classes of American - or - he wouldn't have been elected. Why are people trying to tear down what I would have hope would have been a character building time for our country? These senior citizens and young people are not protesting against any person's skin color, religion, or background, but a basic issue of our country which if passed will change everything for many of us that are satisfied with what we have.

The Heritage Foundation writes "Criticizing the President is not Racist" - and if you think back, when did it ever become an issue when a person of any race criticize a president be accused of being racist? We are losing the principal stronghold of our freedom to make this our main issue and we will lose our basic of freedom of speech for all by making race an issue, because race certainly isn't the main issue here - this change effects every American citizen.

How the Congress votes will change life for all. There is no doubt we do need health care changes for those in need, those who can't afford to pay for insurance, better control perhaps on the outragious costs of health care, medication and services. There has to be a more substantial method to this plan than taking from the majority who are opposed to the plan on the table at this time.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Over zealous Senior Citizens

Can you imagine? We were watching CNN this morning - both channels, separate formats, different reporters and I was shocked by the rude manner of the media's reporters as they talked about the behavior of the people at the town meetings. The media's take was so outragiously absurd and I believe the media's opinion is on the merge of fantacy - they must have one heck of a slanted writer to report the justification of American citizens voicing their opinion as being a crowd in a riot mode. I think it is actually so funny how the media is ganging up on the Seniors because they have finally come out and spoke up for what they want. It must be a real shocker for the youngins that run the news media today to see people their grandparent's age getting rowdy - maybe they think it's only the rights of the youth to speak their mind in a town hall. Maybe they think anyone over 55 years old should be seen and not heard. Well, it's howdy doodie time kiddies!!! They forget we are the very ones that paid the big bucks for the media and other business survival today. We are the shakers and the movers but we've moved on to our relaxing days - but surely don't want some guy like Barack Obama and his associates coming in and taking away what we worked so hard so long to enjoy.

Take a good look at those people showing up at the town halls! They remind me of hard working individuals who have saved and skimped for their family, probably working more than forty hours a week, and the mothers who worked too and put their kids through college - and it's probably the same kids who are raising hell about the Seniors standing up for their earned rights to speak.

I don't give a shit whether it's organized or not - we have our rights to raise hell just like everyone else does. I am so very grateful these people have the balls to get out there and speak their mind. President Obama is NOT my savior - not in a million years and he doesn't have the loving spirit to give us what we need. He wants to form us into what he and his community organizers from the gangster work he came from in Chicago are like - - well, buddy, it ain't gonna happen.

Thank you to all those Seniors and Youngins who have joined in and are speaking your minds. We are behind you all the way. We know the truth of the matter. If CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC don't get their act together - they will all be out of business and the only media station in business will be Fox - and that wouldn't bother me a bit.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Jets for our Leaders! Oh Boy!!!

I wonder if I could hitch a ride to North Carolina, Fort Bragg, in particular to see my grandson who is serving in the Army. I have some paperwork he needs. If they are buying those new jets with our money, why can't we have benefit of them too??? Huh?

"The House Orders Up Three Jets" is the name of the Roll Call article - and you can read the complete text here.
I wonder who's behind all of these extra spending in the Congress? Can you guess and for what purpose?

The Reporters are home!

Journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee are home - thanks mostly in part to the journey President Bill Clinton made to North Korea to meet with the leader Kim Jong Il. You can read more about the home coming here.

Regardless of which political preference, during a time like this we must be thankful to our President, Secretary of State, Al Gore, and especially President Clinton for their efforts to free these two women who it seemed were doomed to a life of hard work and solitude in a foreign country.

Their arrival on American soil in Burbank, California, via a private jet provided by an American businessman to President Clinton was followed by all the news networks this morning. We were able to experience the young ladies first steps back on American soil and share their tears as they were greeted by their family. It was truly a rewarding event.

Thank you to our administration for all you did for the safe return for these two young female journalists. Also, appreciation to President Clinton and his relationship with the North Korean leader without which this event may not have occurred.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Not a Doctor, But I Play One on TV

I don't know about you, but with the health problems I have, I wouldn't want to be second guessed by the "opinion" of which pill or treatment to take as projected by President Obama. Granted, we do need a plan to help the poor and those unemployed who can't afford a plan, but President Obama's choices have not been spot on - not by a long shot!