Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Difference of Opinion

It is very frustrating to hear the Liberals accuse the individuals at the Town Hall meeting to be a racist group just because they are opposing President Obama's Health Care plan. There are many of us who also didn't like President and Mrs. Clinton's Health Care plan back in the 90s when President Clinton first came into office. No one called us racist then - so why would they be doing this now? We are opposing a plan.

I just listened to a clip from an internet news link - Bretbart Youtube video of Rep Dingell accusing anyone who spoke out against this Healthcare Bill of being members of KKK. Since when do we not have a right to speak out against any issue we oppose to our elected members of Congress? Granted, some individuals and groups are more rowdy than others and so what - unions are organized and they march and protest and sometimes are rowdy - that is their right, have you ever seen anyone complain about their protest tactics?

President Obama was voted into office by ALL classes of American - or - he wouldn't have been elected. Why are people trying to tear down what I would have hope would have been a character building time for our country? These senior citizens and young people are not protesting against any person's skin color, religion, or background, but a basic issue of our country which if passed will change everything for many of us that are satisfied with what we have.

The Heritage Foundation writes "Criticizing the President is not Racist" - and if you think back, when did it ever become an issue when a person of any race criticize a president be accused of being racist? We are losing the principal stronghold of our freedom to make this our main issue and we will lose our basic of freedom of speech for all by making race an issue, because race certainly isn't the main issue here - this change effects every American citizen.

How the Congress votes will change life for all. There is no doubt we do need health care changes for those in need, those who can't afford to pay for insurance, better control perhaps on the outragious costs of health care, medication and services. There has to be a more substantial method to this plan than taking from the majority who are opposed to the plan on the table at this time.

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