Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't you agree - it's a mess and getting worse!

No quotes or links or educated pronouncements here tonight. I can't remember a time when our country was under more turmoil that since Obama took office. The media had a field day to begin it all but for the most part now you may be really getting both sides of the story. The Conservative and Liberal side, yes, we have to allow both sides to be heard and said. There has to be equality, but up to now it has been one-sided.

It's a laugh that the Obama administration groupies with the close union organization SEIU and another Liberal group called "Health Care for America Now" will be professing their basic freedom of speech to hit the road and denounce what the Conservatives and Independent Parties have been professing. The Democrats have chastised those who have come out to disagree and voice their opinions as being radicals and even worse. But, aha, now they are following the LEADERS and COPY CATTING exactly what they have denounce. Oh, the farce in it all. This should be an interesting week watching the Obama Health Care posse carry out their duty - attempting to put down and put out the energy of what has become a huge success for those individuals who have spoken against the Obama Health Care programs.

We have a right to choice and to know what to expect. Granted there are areas where there should be changes - but not the entire Health Care system.


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