Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whole Foods being put out to pasture by the Libs

Well, talk about the protesters being rowdy in the town halls and the Obama administration harassing them!! I just read a story on Twitter, then a blog, then the article in ABC news on line (read the ABC story here). It's unbelievable that the Obama administration would turn on one of it's own just because he voiced his opinion about Obama's Health Care plan and the disagreement of the plan. Oh sob sob! I am referring to the grocery store - Whole Foods. The store is being boycotted because the Democratic CEO disagreed with the Obama health care plan. Unfortunately, those who are boycotting the store have their information backwards, I believe. The individuals who were interviewed and said they would not shop at Whole Foods since they heard about John MacKey's opinion, are under the impression that the Obama Health Care Plan WILL give health care to all. Maybe it will, and maybe it won't but regardless it will be at such a cost, the guy boycotting the Whole Foods Market will probably not have enough money left from his pension or paycheck to purchase the food.

It makes me wonder if President Obama or any of his administration ever had a college course in economics - where are they going to get the money to pay for this health care plan. Granted there are many who need health care assistance, but not the way the Obama administration is planning

There is no discrimination here - the pious outrage will befall anyone regardless of race, religion or political selection. We are NOT permitted our own opinions if it disagrees with the Obama administration on any matter and if we dare we will be chastised and cast off as demons. It is pathetic. If President Bush ever did even one-tenth of the stuff the Obama gang is getting away with, he would have been run out of office without nary a Congressional rule on it.

The day will come when there will be an uprising and the citizens will speak. President Carter had a short lived four years, and if these sorts of antics continue like attempting to mess around with our Freedoms, then four years will be it for President Obama and his administration.

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