Friday, August 14, 2009

Town Halls for All!

I know a lot of people who shout, scream, throw fits, shake their fists and other types of gestures at their TVs during some types of news broadcasts and they are mainly the political ones I'm referring to. The people that I know are not the type to march in a riot type of situation - maybe I could call them "closet protesters" and they have finally come out of the closet.

Why are people so surprised? For years and years and years, we've used our common courtesy and remained calm in public, maybe shaking our head if we hear a broadcast or read a newspaper headline in public we disagree with. We restrained ourselves until we go home, get comfortable in the privacy of our living rooms or den with our favorite drink and snack and turn on the network news. I am not alone when I confess I have screamed at the TV violently and spoken to politicians who could not hear me. My husband is a quiet man and he has laughed at me sometimes because I suppose it could be a humorous sight to see this ole lady saying nasty things to a TV screen, but I've experienced his attitude towards the opinions and comments from politicians and his remarks ain't pretty either!

So now!!!! we have our outlet to be heard. We can go to our political Town Halls to be heard - that is if your congressman is holding them. Unfortunately for us here in Nevada, Senator Harry Reid is not going public with his Town Halls. He is in trouble here in this state anyhow and there are many who would like him out of office. Do you think he might be afraid to face his constituents?

President Obama jabbed Las Vegas a couple of times and his comments have effected the economy very negatively. I didn't hear Senator Reid stand up for us one time, so don't you know those attending the Town Halls would give Senator Reid an ear full. It does make me wonder, will Nancy Pelosi be holding Town Halls?

So, we have come of age and found our forte - the Town Halls, and we are being chastised by the MSM and Democrats. I guess because we have "stolen" their techniques for getting noticed. Well, too bad, we have found our voice and we WILL use our inalienable rights for our Freedom to Speak.

I really do hope people will be courteous - you can get a better response through politeness than shouting.

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