Sunday, August 16, 2009

CBS Sunday Morning

Every Sunday morning, Bob and I make a point of being in front of the TV to watch our favorite Sunday program. It is complete with all types of entertaining varieties of interest from music, art, interviews and nature. This morning the show began with two sections both about President Obama's healthcare program and the public who are debating and attending the town halls. After only 15 minutes of watching which included the intro and commercials, I had had enough and my husband agreed.

Here's a link to one of the CBS reports. Their argument has now become that we don't know what is in Obama's Health Care bill. Well, guess what? He most likely doesn't either since he has left it up to the House and Congress to put it all together. President Obama gave them a list of what he wants for the bill and let them to the work of putting it into a bill to be voted on.

"Members of Congress are getting more than an earful," political professor Larry Sabato, who directs the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, told CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson for CBS' "Sunday Morning." "They're getting a belly full." He went on to labeled the town hall attendees as "belly-achers" - in this report - and that's when our TV went black - we turned it off. I resent the labeling they are giving those individuals who are exercising their basic right to speak. Their labels are childish. I was hoping this report would cover both sides, but it wasn't a balanced report. Why can't any of these networks tread the middle of the road and present these situations equally?
This is only one of several town hall photos used in this report. I especially like the sign mentioning "fishy." Once the idea of the White House sniffing out emails that seemed "fishy" became public then another robust outrage began against the White House and for our right to Free Speech. Yet, the reports detail the people in a riot mode whereas in the President Obama Town Halls everyone is smiling prettily. I think that's not reality.
In any of the photos or news clips I have seen, the people seem to represent the ordinary United States citizen. The ones who have worked so hard all their life to earn what they have. Middle Americans who don't want President Obama and the Democrats to take away their rights.
One of our Las Vegas Review Journal writers, Thomas Mitchell, wrote a column for the Sunday Viewpoint section. The title of the column is "Instead of shouts, insults, how about persuasion?" I agree that some restrain and less hollering would be to our benefit. However, on that note, on this mornings CBS show, a clip highlighted the young woman who was speaking to Senator Spector. I have seen this clip quite often and my opinion of her demeanor was quite different from the way she was portrayed in this mornings report. At the town hall, she had a list in her hand and granted, she was excited as she spoke but she was not hollering at Senator Spector. She was looking directly at him and standing probably three to four feet away from the senator. She was extremely concerned and those feelings came through in her words, however, the CBS reporter labeled her as one of the "belly-achers." Come on now!
These people are like the sleeping lion that has been awakened. Regardless of whether yelling or being nice, this movement has certainly put the Democrats and President Obama on the defensive and perhaps they will put more thought into what type of bills they will produce. And, perhaps, this will also highlight the politicians who have their own best issues on their mind and not their constituents.

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