Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beautiful Sculptured Arms

Bob and I were watching the Saturday early morning show on Fox news network with the three Happy Jokers At 6 AM our time, Karl Rove made an appearance and an interview which was pretty interesting and enlightening, but, that's not what's got me stirred up this morning. Maybe it's a woman thing, although Bob almost puked too and we're still working on our Saturday morning coffee wake up.

They showed the photo of Michelle Obama and I thought they were going to wee wee all over themselves carrying on over Michelle Obama's "beautifully sculptured arms." In First Lady Michelle Obama's White House photo, Michelle is wearing a sleeveless black dress. Everywhere she goes for special events she wears sleeveless dresses and the shape of her arms are the main topic of conversations. Big deal! Holy Cow, I didn't realize it was so important to have sculptured arms to be noticed. I guess I'm getting old. On the page of the newspaper that revealed the White House photo, check it out here, they had a poll to vote for your opinion on the dress and her style. I have drawn my own personal conclusion that I am too old and too conservative for this administration.
Their style is young and energized. President Obama showed up at a basketball game last night. I guess all this change in protocol is a good thing, it loosens up the Presidential position to a "regular guy" status - away from all the Prompt and Circumstance and dressy up stuff that I do like. They probably appeal more to the younger hip guy and gal, but not to me.
I have to admit Michelle does look nice and the pearls around her neck are a great asset, but lets get some sleeves on already. Maybebe if the press were more respectful and not make such a big ga-ga deal about her ARMS, but then at least they're not harping on a different part of her figure like they did poor Hilliary.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Could President Obama deliberately be trying to ruin our economy? Could he deliberately be creating an economy so that we could not even finance our military in a time of war? Just a thought although I know it is extremely paranoid to think such a thing. But, never in the course of our country has any president spent so much money at one time - money that's not even there. Wait, if that's so, how different is that than those individuals who took out mortgages and couldn't pay for them. Seems like a vicious circle to me. Oh Lord, what is going on?

My husband says President Obama can't do this spending without the Democrats behind him. Bill O'Reilly described Speaker Pelosi as "Palates Pelosi" because she was constantly jumping up and down to all and any of President Obama's comments - yes, she's behind him all the way. Queen Pelosi. Well, you know the ole saying, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall!"

We need a lot of help from above.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Grandma is seriously aggitated at some of the Republicans

Ok fellows! I've stood by your side through thick and thin but now you've hit me in my pocketbook and my home. You may be grumbling and complaining about all the garbage the Democrats have put in the stimulus bill, but I wonder if you are even thinking about what you are attacking when you specifically pull a project to pick on.

Republican Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma started it, I believe, when he made comments about the executives coming to Las Vegas then they changed their location to San Francisco - same plans, different place - thank you very much Senator Tom Coburn - and he isn't done, he's on other groups cases to change to other places. For crying out loud, Senator Coburn, do you have a clue as to how many people are employed in Las Vegas? The Las Vegas Convention Commission has taken out an ad in the Wall Street Journal and other publications to explain the hardship the Senator's discrimination has placed on Las Vegas and our economy. This ad will run until the end of 2009, you may check the article and the ad here. Please check out the article which is on Las Vegas Now and the link to the pdf file of the ad.

My son and granddaughter are living with us - he is employed at one of the hotels on the strip and he hasn't worked for going on three weeks. I would like for him to have his own place to live and not be living with us. My wonderful husband and I have been married 45 years this year and my kid is still living with me and now its all your fault. Senator Coburn, can he and our granddaughter go and live with you? Please don't you dare send me a Republican request for you senatorial election (I do receive donation requests from Senator not in my state all the time). Senator Corburn, if I receive a request for donation from you I will send you back a due bill for utilities to cover part of the contribution for my son living with us that he can't pay because you put him out of work! Thank a lot!

The second deal that has my blood pressure at the boiling point is this issue of the fast speed train from Las Vegas to Anaheim or Disneyland that my buddies in the Republican party keeps picking on. Have you people lost your minds?????? I am seriously considering changing to Independent and if you keep it up, you will lose me. Governor Bobbie Jindal, yes you! last night in your speech, you picked on our poor train, and prior to hearing your comments I thought I liked you - not so now!!!! What is it with you people? Can't you see the advantage for the environment and for the population of southern California and Nevada. Our railroad system is so behind the times, Europe and Asia have it over us with their technology and you are complaining about building a hi-tech train that will EMPLOY thousands of people for a long period of time and you label it as PORK BARREL SPENDING? Isn't EMPLOYMENT the key principle to the stimulus plan?

I received my monthly contribution envelope from the head of the Republican Party - Michael Steele, today. Do you really think I am going to put a donation in for the Republican Party. NO! but I might write a letter telling them what I think of how they are doing today. If they keep this up, they won't get back to being a majority in 2012, 2016 or 2020!!!!

End of Rant!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

CitiBank 40% Government owned

That was the big news on Fox News by Stuart Barney this morning. Ok, I am not an economist and I admit I am pretty average on this bailout, stimulus jargon - just taking in what I can and pretty much not getting the real monetary meaning of it all.

Please advise - what does it all mean? Where did the first glut of stimulus money go that George Bush and his guys gave to the banks? Fox News Network has a asked for the documents and I understand they won the rights to see the paperwork. What's all the secrecy?

There's too much happening to fast for my brain to take in and I wonder, is the rush necessary? I have a reluctance to admit that in my humble disposition I would say it seems like Chicken Little shouting "The sky's falling" but then there's the flip side of doing nothing and it would be too late to recover.

It was predictable with the Democrats in office in full guard. We have to give credit where credit is due on predictable, Obama is following through on his promises to tax and spend. We can give him that - he's a trustworthy guy on his promises! I cringe!

As I gaze at the picture of my husband's grandparents farm in Kentucky that is no more because they have passed away and everything changes with time. It was a different era when you visited them. They were very poor but you didn't notice it because it was "home" and comforting. My husband wants to raise baby chicks again, there it is, the home and comforting, solitude, escape from all of this rat race, worry about the ski falling - removed, remote, uninvolved because there's nothing to lose.

We are getting ready to sell our big home in the worse time but that's nothing new to us - we are not gamblers and do not watch the market - we are governed by our heart and family needs. When we bought our farm in Kentucky back in the 70s we paid top price for our cows and sold at the lowest price in the 80s. I had to admited that! So here we are again, if we had sold this home four years ago we would have gotten twice or more of what we MIGHT get today - don't know yet. We have a real estate agent coming in this morning. One of several agents I will interview. We won't put the house on the market until this summer, probably. because I am slower than a slug at packing in my old age. We didn't sell when the price was high because of our heart and family, school and future for him, Soldier Tom. I don't regret it.

Our neighbor is selling her home too - the square footage is less than ours but the amenities at her place is different than ours. Our ground is good for horses and her husband build a huge work building. We live in a good area, but with the economy, well, we'll see if "location, location, location" works for this sale.

Our selling our home now is necessary for our health. We're retired and need to downsize. This is a big home and is wonderful for a big family - schools, parks, shopping, plus one acre lots - - a big plus in the Las Vegas Valley today. We live in Henderson and it was one of the fast growing areas in the U. S. but now its the highest in Foreclosures. It's almost too funny! God only knows and we'll bet on HIM anyday!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What do you think of this video?

I just received this video in an email from a friend. It's pretty amazing and a harsh description of the reality of the standard of our country today.

Do you agree with the author of this video? Please let me know you opinion. Thanks!

Couldn't resist

Have you noticed a similarity of facial characteristic of VP Joe Biden and a very popular comedian's dummy? Oh my gosh, I know I shouldn't do this, but I can't be the only one who has seen the resemblance.

The similarities are more prevalent on a side view but I was unable to locate side views of either one! Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying our VP has the disposition of Walter, Jeff Dunham's dummy, but then that's just my humble opinion. For more photos of Walter, check out this website! For more photos of VP Biden, turn on to most any news network.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

FYI - The Stimulus

I thought you might be interested in this website - "Stimulus Watch"- it gives a break down of how the stimulus is distributed to each state.

Just a thought

When I first got married, my mom gave me a piece of advice I have never forgotten. She told me no matter what, if I had a bill to always pay something on that bill. This was back in the early 60s when we didn't have much in the way of material goods. She was married during the depression and knew very hard times.

We had difficult times too but I always remembered mom's words and if the money was short at the end of a week, I'd contact the people and let them know I would send something. That practice was acceptable back in those days. Now, if I have a bill I double or triple my payment or pay off that bill. I have been fortunate not to have to file for bankruptcy or have a bank take something back, but that's because I never bought something I couldn't afford.

My friends and us were raising our young children when colored TVs first came out, we were almost the last of the neighborhood to get one - we all had three or four children and knew where our priorities were. Our kids didn't get the latest toys and wore Sears jeans for years until they were sick of them.

There's is a different mindset in my kids generation - they wanted everything we worked hard to buy. Credit cards were shoved under their noses whether they had good credit or not. You know the rest of the story on that one. But, of all things were the prices of houses and some cars. In the last couple of years, there was no way anyone could afford to buy a home unless there were two paychecks coming in. I remember we were offered our first home with a small down payment and take over payments. We sold that home for a profit and bought a better home. And we were a one paycheck family because I gave up a career to care for our children and our home and we survived - without a lot of material goods, but that was okay with us. My husband was never without a job. He would do anything to put food on the table and a roof over our head.

Here we are today, retired and needing to sell our nice big home so we can downsize. Our health warrants needing a smaller place to maintain but we have seen the bottom drop out of the value it was a couple of years ago. It was inevitable though, and we will be okay, we always are, we plan it so. It was time for those that thought they had it so good for so long buying what they wanted and not paying for it, it was time they experienced hard times so they would appreciate the good times. But, what about us? Glenn Beck on the Fox Network just talked about that - he said he never misses making a house payment, so what about us, we never miss a house payment, but the government is helping those that are in a mess. Doesn't seem fair to me - but that's life, it really is.

We'll make it and I'll complain some and yell at the TV but we'll be okay because we are survivors and know how to do without if we have to - we'll make it okay, but I know some who won't, don't you?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stimulas for What??? Jobs, did you say?

If it wasn't for the fact I am a Lady and today is Sunday, I would cuss!!! Oh, what the heck! HOLY CRAP! Just one irritating thing among a trillion - Rep. John Boehner was giving a really good speech on the floor of the House the other night then I heard him say that building a fast train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas wasn't a good investment and had nothing to do with jobs. I guess he doesn't realize how many years we have been waiting for the money to be available for the work to be started on the super train. Lets see now - how many miles between here (Las Vegas) and LA and how long will it take to build, and oh, yeah, the up keep - jobs, jobs, and more jobs!!! Holy Moley! Rep Boehner you really need to get your facts straight! Rep. John Boehner is from my home state of Ohio and I've always thought good things about him - but these comments really stunned me.

It looks like Senator Harry Reid got the pet project for Mayor Goodman after all - the financing for the museum for the Mob was slipped in at the last minute. Could it have been the letter the Mayor wrote about President Obama's slam on Las Vegas had a positive effect? Give me the fast train to LA over a mob museum any day!

Finally, shaking my head - President Obama wanted the stimulus bill on his desk on Presidents Day and everyone worked their fingers to the bone without even reading it - it's on his desk and Pelosi and Obama left town! What a life!

Only in America and only the Democrats!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A couple of things

Yesterday on the I came across an article written by Politico's writer - Michael Calerone on the Fairness Doctrine and Bill Clinton. Clinton is obviously in favor of silencing those individuals like Rush Limbaugh who says harsh things against the Democrats. What galls me to no end how the Democrats are attempting to take away all our freedoms especially the Freedom of Speech. At this point, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, and both CNN networks are so liberal, not to mention the publications as well.

My husband and I have traditionally watched the news in the morning and evening and we know who the non-biased reporters are and will not watch their news shows. There are maybe one or two on CNN and we like our local CBS channel early morning otherwise we watch Fox. It's very discerning to hear the bias comments rather than just reporting just the facts.

If a bill like the Fairness Doctrine passes, does this mean our personal blogs stating our dislike of what's going on in Washington with the Democrats will be abolished?

I was totally outraged when I heard President Obama chastise the executives of the stimulus group for going to Las Vegas - I mean, he specifically picked out Las Vegas! It was unbelievable. He came to Vegas so many times and talked to our Culinary Union and had it not been for the union he wouldn't have won the voters here. But, guess what - its the Culinary Union workers that have been put out of work due to this financial breakdown and anytime there is a large group to come to town, it does help the workers. So, what happened with the executives - they went to San Francisco, Seattle, and other places. My son works at one of the hotels and his hours have been cut drastically.

I wonder how the Culinary Union feels about their backing of President Obama now? I think Las Vegas Mayor Goodman did the right thing writing President Obama a letter but I doubt it will do any good. President Obama doesn't seem like the type of man who apologizes for a faux paux. Wait until 2012, maybe the comment will come back to bite him - I hope so.

Although I DON'T watch any of President Obama's town halls, or speeches, it was impossible to miss the constant repetition of the network news snippets and reporting of President Obama's town hall and the guy who worked at McDonald's giving Alleluias for Obama and also the HOMELESS lady who was dressed very nicely - even had a fresh styled hairdo and somehow managed to get attention from President Obama. Have you ever seen a real homeless person? They don't have style hairdos! How obvious can it be that the Obama people are planting maybe prepaid (you think?) fakes in the crowd to drum up sympathy and support for anything President Obama says or does and now to give out free services in front of national new services!

This morning I read Nancy Pelosi is heading to Rome as soon as the stimulus bill is passed (without anyone reading it!). She has disregarded all the prime Catholic rules. I will be very interested to see how she and the Pope get along. I'm Catholic and I know money talks and she's gotten away with a lot - her and the Kennedys and a few others and can still receive the sacraments. Damn, it ticks me off how money talks and if you got it, you can get away with murder!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A white glove approach

Obama's press secretary describes Obama's approach as a "white glove" analogy (check here) but I find all this haggling very disconcerting. Me thinks he does protest too much - what is his point? What's his hurry? I can only think he has made a deadline promise to someone to hurry this up - for crying out loud, we're not talking about a $10.00 bet on a horse race but billions/trillions of our dollars. Dang it! is he afraid the American people will find out what is actually in the "stimulus bill?" And his comments to the Democrats at what is usually a no-press fun fest and all the sudden the press is permitted - he said "what is spending but stimulus" or something to that effect. The games they play, its not even "HIS" bill but the Democrats and finally the Republicans have had their chance to enter into the contest. Long term jobs - where - do you see any written in the bill?

I think he is fulfilling his promises to his contributors and nothing more. I was thrilled to see something written in to help the housing industry - but who brought that to the floor - the Republicans. I guess the Democrats have lost their minds since they have become the majority and can't really handle the responsibilities. Looks like a bunch of kids who have been let loose in a candy store without supervision.

I am scared more about the union changes. We have been a union family for a long time. My dad had a great job back in the 60s in Las Vegas building the hotel, hospitals, and schools because of the unions - it was a different time then. We are Republicans and union members - do you know how it effects us because our dues go to support Democrats and we don't dare tell of our affiliation for fear of being retaliated upon? There are hypocracies in our democracy.

Friday, February 6, 2009