Thursday, February 26, 2009


Could President Obama deliberately be trying to ruin our economy? Could he deliberately be creating an economy so that we could not even finance our military in a time of war? Just a thought although I know it is extremely paranoid to think such a thing. But, never in the course of our country has any president spent so much money at one time - money that's not even there. Wait, if that's so, how different is that than those individuals who took out mortgages and couldn't pay for them. Seems like a vicious circle to me. Oh Lord, what is going on?

My husband says President Obama can't do this spending without the Democrats behind him. Bill O'Reilly described Speaker Pelosi as "Palates Pelosi" because she was constantly jumping up and down to all and any of President Obama's comments - yes, she's behind him all the way. Queen Pelosi. Well, you know the ole saying, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall!"

We need a lot of help from above.

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  1. scary huh? very scary..too bad for the new and generation of tommorow they will be the one who will pay the insanity of obama...poor america..ruin by a man name OBAMA..he felt like he is a mesiah..just completely wrong move...whoever his adviser they completely scary..