Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stimulas for What??? Jobs, did you say?

If it wasn't for the fact I am a Lady and today is Sunday, I would cuss!!! Oh, what the heck! HOLY CRAP! Just one irritating thing among a trillion - Rep. John Boehner was giving a really good speech on the floor of the House the other night then I heard him say that building a fast train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas wasn't a good investment and had nothing to do with jobs. I guess he doesn't realize how many years we have been waiting for the money to be available for the work to be started on the super train. Lets see now - how many miles between here (Las Vegas) and LA and how long will it take to build, and oh, yeah, the up keep - jobs, jobs, and more jobs!!! Holy Moley! Rep Boehner you really need to get your facts straight! Rep. John Boehner is from my home state of Ohio and I've always thought good things about him - but these comments really stunned me.

It looks like Senator Harry Reid got the pet project for Mayor Goodman after all - the financing for the museum for the Mob was slipped in at the last minute. Could it have been the letter the Mayor wrote about President Obama's slam on Las Vegas had a positive effect? Give me the fast train to LA over a mob museum any day!

Finally, shaking my head - President Obama wanted the stimulus bill on his desk on Presidents Day and everyone worked their fingers to the bone without even reading it - it's on his desk and Pelosi and Obama left town! What a life!

Only in America and only the Democrats!

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  1. Hi Jean,
    I love your anger at Obama and Pelosi leaving town. I could not agree more. What happened to all of this urgency? As soon as he knows it is in the bag, now he can wait to sign it! What a crock! I have nothing against him having a romantic dinner with his wife or spending time with his daughters over Valentine's Day weekend, but don't say how urgent all of this is and then leave. Needless to say I am in no hurry for it to be signed. It's like a death sentence for America. I'm depressed now.