Sunday, February 8, 2009

A white glove approach

Obama's press secretary describes Obama's approach as a "white glove" analogy (check here) but I find all this haggling very disconcerting. Me thinks he does protest too much - what is his point? What's his hurry? I can only think he has made a deadline promise to someone to hurry this up - for crying out loud, we're not talking about a $10.00 bet on a horse race but billions/trillions of our dollars. Dang it! is he afraid the American people will find out what is actually in the "stimulus bill?" And his comments to the Democrats at what is usually a no-press fun fest and all the sudden the press is permitted - he said "what is spending but stimulus" or something to that effect. The games they play, its not even "HIS" bill but the Democrats and finally the Republicans have had their chance to enter into the contest. Long term jobs - where - do you see any written in the bill?

I think he is fulfilling his promises to his contributors and nothing more. I was thrilled to see something written in to help the housing industry - but who brought that to the floor - the Republicans. I guess the Democrats have lost their minds since they have become the majority and can't really handle the responsibilities. Looks like a bunch of kids who have been let loose in a candy store without supervision.

I am scared more about the union changes. We have been a union family for a long time. My dad had a great job back in the 60s in Las Vegas building the hotel, hospitals, and schools because of the unions - it was a different time then. We are Republicans and union members - do you know how it effects us because our dues go to support Democrats and we don't dare tell of our affiliation for fear of being retaliated upon? There are hypocracies in our democracy.

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