Monday, February 23, 2009

CitiBank 40% Government owned

That was the big news on Fox News by Stuart Barney this morning. Ok, I am not an economist and I admit I am pretty average on this bailout, stimulus jargon - just taking in what I can and pretty much not getting the real monetary meaning of it all.

Please advise - what does it all mean? Where did the first glut of stimulus money go that George Bush and his guys gave to the banks? Fox News Network has a asked for the documents and I understand they won the rights to see the paperwork. What's all the secrecy?

There's too much happening to fast for my brain to take in and I wonder, is the rush necessary? I have a reluctance to admit that in my humble disposition I would say it seems like Chicken Little shouting "The sky's falling" but then there's the flip side of doing nothing and it would be too late to recover.

It was predictable with the Democrats in office in full guard. We have to give credit where credit is due on predictable, Obama is following through on his promises to tax and spend. We can give him that - he's a trustworthy guy on his promises! I cringe!

As I gaze at the picture of my husband's grandparents farm in Kentucky that is no more because they have passed away and everything changes with time. It was a different era when you visited them. They were very poor but you didn't notice it because it was "home" and comforting. My husband wants to raise baby chicks again, there it is, the home and comforting, solitude, escape from all of this rat race, worry about the ski falling - removed, remote, uninvolved because there's nothing to lose.

We are getting ready to sell our big home in the worse time but that's nothing new to us - we are not gamblers and do not watch the market - we are governed by our heart and family needs. When we bought our farm in Kentucky back in the 70s we paid top price for our cows and sold at the lowest price in the 80s. I had to admited that! So here we are again, if we had sold this home four years ago we would have gotten twice or more of what we MIGHT get today - don't know yet. We have a real estate agent coming in this morning. One of several agents I will interview. We won't put the house on the market until this summer, probably. because I am slower than a slug at packing in my old age. We didn't sell when the price was high because of our heart and family, school and future for him, Soldier Tom. I don't regret it.

Our neighbor is selling her home too - the square footage is less than ours but the amenities at her place is different than ours. Our ground is good for horses and her husband build a huge work building. We live in a good area, but with the economy, well, we'll see if "location, location, location" works for this sale.

Our selling our home now is necessary for our health. We're retired and need to downsize. This is a big home and is wonderful for a big family - schools, parks, shopping, plus one acre lots - - a big plus in the Las Vegas Valley today. We live in Henderson and it was one of the fast growing areas in the U. S. but now its the highest in Foreclosures. It's almost too funny! God only knows and we'll bet on HIM anyday!

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  1. There's no end to the bailout nonsense. The genie is out of the bottle. The government won't stop printing money until inflation rates are in the double digits.