Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beautiful Sculptured Arms

Bob and I were watching the Saturday early morning show on Fox news network with the three Happy Jokers At 6 AM our time, Karl Rove made an appearance and an interview which was pretty interesting and enlightening, but, that's not what's got me stirred up this morning. Maybe it's a woman thing, although Bob almost puked too and we're still working on our Saturday morning coffee wake up.

They showed the photo of Michelle Obama and I thought they were going to wee wee all over themselves carrying on over Michelle Obama's "beautifully sculptured arms." In First Lady Michelle Obama's White House photo, Michelle is wearing a sleeveless black dress. Everywhere she goes for special events she wears sleeveless dresses and the shape of her arms are the main topic of conversations. Big deal! Holy Cow, I didn't realize it was so important to have sculptured arms to be noticed. I guess I'm getting old. On the page of the newspaper that revealed the White House photo, check it out here, they had a poll to vote for your opinion on the dress and her style. I have drawn my own personal conclusion that I am too old and too conservative for this administration.
Their style is young and energized. President Obama showed up at a basketball game last night. I guess all this change in protocol is a good thing, it loosens up the Presidential position to a "regular guy" status - away from all the Prompt and Circumstance and dressy up stuff that I do like. They probably appeal more to the younger hip guy and gal, but not to me.
I have to admit Michelle does look nice and the pearls around her neck are a great asset, but lets get some sleeves on already. Maybebe if the press were more respectful and not make such a big ga-ga deal about her ARMS, but then at least they're not harping on a different part of her figure like they did poor Hilliary.

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  1. I don't care what she's wearing. I can't stand her. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
    Laura Bush is classy...outside AND in.

    I like your blog!