Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh was a hit!

I only saw snippets of CPAC the past couple of days and lucked out to hear Rush Limbaugh finishing up his speech yesterday. No wonder the Democrats want to change the Fairness Doctrine, resulting in changing the format of the conservative programs. There is no bi-partisan opinion on the liberal talk shows either on tv or radio. Rush has some pretty harsh opinions so its not surprising they want to put a muzzle on his freedom of speech.

After hearing Rush for only the short time I did, I can understand why the Democrats want the Fairness Doctrine passed or the parts they think are balance in their behalf. They want to be able to push their issue in the face of anyone with an opposite opinion but it seems to me they, the Liberals, already dominate the airwaves and have 99 44/100% possession of it all now. I am grateful to have Fox TV News Network so I can hear another opinion and a prospective that I agree with. I can continue to subscribe to the conservative magazines and newspapers but I wonder if someday with the liberals in power, with that freedom be taken away and how long will it be before they infiltrate the internet. It does seem a bit radical but I never thought I'd see things happen that are now since President Obama came into power.

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  1. I may be true that the Democrat Party (Liberals) have 99.44/100 % of the media, but what is the percentage of the people listening to, or reading that percentage.

    You are right about the Demo's wanting "fair and balanced reporting"but only of the Conservative Stations.

    Tom B.