Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm scared!

Do you remember these furry little toys that talked? They came out during the holiday season of 1989. If you shook it, turned it upside down, or moved it in any fashion it would say something and blink it's eyes and move it's mouth. While moving my daughter out of her apartment recently she found her Ferby and she didn't want it. I couldn't think of throwing something so precious away so I brought it home with me. Now, you might be saying to yourself what would all this have to do with Grandma's Political blog and I'm getting to that.

This morning Bob and I were watching early morning Fox News with Bill and Megan - two of our favorite Fox personalities. A big news bit was about the North Koreans test firing a long range missile and threatening war if anyone interferes (check it out here). It has been reported that the U. S. and South Korea have been involved in war games which North Korea has condemned. We have a lot of U. S. military personnel in South Korea at this time - many from our Soldier Tom's platoon as well. If North Korea fulfills it's promise to launch the missile it will put some countries in a combat ready position.

Back to my buddy Furby, when I shake Furby ever so gentle, she say's "I'm Scared" and she shakes! Well, that is exactly how I felt this morning when we were watching and listening to this report on North Korea. Folks, I am scared to death if President Barack Obama gets us into war. I have absolutely positively no confidence in him whatsoever! I would have to hope and pray the military generals he has at his side for advice have the sanity and intelligence to carry it off, but if he relies on his newly appointed staff and buddies for advice and troop movement - we are toast. We are broke - aren't we? How would we, could we finance another war?

President Obama and his people are continually trying to blame the Bush administration for this mess, and yes, they are partly to blame, right along with the Democrats in Congress who turned their backs on reports of wrong doing at AIG, Fannie and Freddie - dummies!!!! Errrr - frustration! But, President Obama is in charge now! Does he have the spirit of George W. Bush at his back guiding his left hand to sign his name on those bills now! Yeap, he'll probably come up with that excuse next! He and his buddies and the liberal press are constantly blaming George, but now, what are they going to do about North Korea - they can't blame George for that! Time to fester up and face reality, President Obama, life ain't so pretty when reality sets in.

A Democratic commentator Bob Beckel, on Fox this morning said "C'mon now - President Obama has only been in office a short time" Well, I say, you c'mon, he wants to do everything on his agenda that he spoke about and made promise about in his first 90 days in office (my opinion) so he can say - I told you so! He doesn't care if he succeeds or not - he just wants "them" done no matter how things turn out. He is going so fast and not taking time to absorb what it means to be a good president. Why is he traveling all over the place talking to people in general about his bills when he should be staying at home taking care of business. He's picked people who have some experience to make decisions but not enough experience to run a country. Oh my Gosh! if North Korea stands by its threats and starts trouble, man oh man are we in deep doo doo trouble and it won't be only the stock market, which opened low, low, low this morning!

Oops, my sweet little Furby just said "Ma ma, me scared" Yes, sweet little buddy, I feel the same way!

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