Sunday, March 22, 2009


This morning as per our Sunday morning routine, my husband and I were watching the early CBS Sunday Morning program with Charles Kuralt's - here's this morning's link. One issue I found most interesting was the story about a group called Mensa, link here. I quote from the CBS page "Some 2,000 of the planet’s best and brightest minds met in Denver, Colo., recently for the annual gathering of Mensa, the international high IQ society. It’s an exclusive group: To join, you need an IQ score of at least 130........One of the society’s 100,000 members explained it this way: "Most of us are just a little different, a little out-of-step. And here we fit in."

How does this relate to my post this Sunday morning - certainly not because I am intellectually competent to join Mensa - one of the questions on the application was "how many stars and stripes on the American flag in 1939?" I didn't know that answer! But, watching the program brought home to me how fortunate we are that we can be different and live in our country with freedom, especially freedom of belonging to groups of individuals with like minds.

The election last year was a historical one for many reasons - A woman, an African American and an Old man (and younger woman VP) running for President. I voted on the basis of my belief - not on gender or heredity. Back in 1990s I did not vote for Bill Clinton either - he was and still is the best orator on this earth - running almost neck and neck with Ronald Reagan and Ronald Reagan in the lead. Bill Clinton reminded me of one of my old boyfriends who threw away his girlfriends like they were candy wrappers from a Snickers bar. He was suave and debonair and sexy too, but I knew underneath all that, well, I knew because of his principles I wasn't voting for him.

It was the same for the 2008 elections. I voted for the individual and the party who shared my values and what I want for the future of this country. I don't look at the gender, the skin color or the age, I want what I believe is best for my country. This blog has become home for me to vent these opinions. It is my comfort spot to exchange thoughts and ideas with other like minded folks. It is not uncommon for me to require of my husband or friends to "check out Right Klik" because he explains the issues so clearly and understandably.

Having said all of that, finally I want to say thanks so much for sharing and providing education on so many different issues and levels by so many different opinions that can't be learned or found on any other venue. A treasure chest of gold, for sure!

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