Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which comes first Wall Street or the Unions?

I am reading an interesting article on Politico.com this morning about GMs CEO Wagoner and the amount of money "donated" to the GOP by Wagoner and GM. It seems GM gave a tat more to the GOP than the Democrats, but the Wagoners gave a more balance amount although more to the Republicans. In the 2008 election race, the Wagoner's contributed to Mitt Rommey's campaign and none to the Obama or McCain's campaign. Could there be an undercurrent of political attitute of payback for lack of monetary campaign financial support?

Also, I thought a very important issue, to me at least, Wagoner didn't come away from GM a poor man, he was given $20 million as he walked out the door.

As I was leaving the room on the TV the early morning news program on Fox's News, Bill Hemmer was interviewing a Union representative and the union rep was complaining about Wall Street getting all the breaks from Obama. Without listening to the debate between Bill and the guy, my first thought was without Wall Street could there be a union to worry about in the first place? Without a big business, why would we need a union?

A couple not so relevant issues, I have a Chevy Avalanche, it is my "change-of-life" baby. We all hear about guys buying their Corvettes or cute sports cars, well, this is my equivalent. I picked this truck out with lots of research. We had a Buick, then sold it for a Lincoln. But, I was so picky and always hollering at the grandkids to stop kicking the back of the seats, sit still, and all that needless harping, I knew I needed a rugged vehicle to haul around my grandkids especially our grandson - Solder Tom whom we were raising. He was playing football and in the band, and I was all the time picking up his friends and driving them around. I didn't want to be fussy about when I picked up Tom and his friends especially after football practice with all their gear. So on an instinct I went shopping after much research on the Avalanche and when I saw and drove this baby I knew I wanted it - and I am not an off the wall purchaser. I threw caution to the wind because I knew this was mine with only 4 miles on the mileage indicator. I enjoyed my Chevy truck more than the Lincoln Park Avenue and even on long trips. Granted the Lincoln has a smoother ride but for over all accommodations this is my choice. We sold the Lincoln and I never regretted it. It took Tom a while to get use to the Yellow truck, but there was no problem finding me in the school parking lot. Back then yellow vehicles were far and few, not like today. My reward was when Tom asked me when I was going to give him my Yellow truck - my answer was a huge laugh. When my husband retired a couple years ago, he sold his Ford diesel 350 four-wheel drive to downsize to one vehicle. and now he drives my Chevy. I don't want GM to go out of business. This vehicle has the best braking system of any vehicle I've ever driven. It gets decent gas mileage as well on the road and in town. My repair people are the best ever and give the best service. I am very satisfied with my GM product. However I do expect the business to be run so that it is beneficial to its customers and not so much as a government entity.

I know this is a "tender" time for our auto companies and perhaps they need the bailout rather than bankruptcy - I don't know, I didn't get as far as Economics in college - I had to drop out and take care of Brian after his accident in the Army. For me, I find it can be very difficult to "trust" our politicians. I do a lot of praying, worrying and hoping that they get it right. It's all a big mess, and I'm still scared about the future of our country - and I don't blame George Bush for all of this mess either.

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