Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worker's Compensation - no more!

If you are injured on the job, you have Worker's Compensation to depend on to pay for the injuries you have may incurred. If your boss doesn't see fit to compensate you for your pain and suffering and injuries you have the right to sue. Can you imagine if you are an enlisted soldier in the United States Army and you are suddenly hit by a bullet or receive shrapnel or your vehicle rolls over a roadside bomb and you lose both of your legs and you are told - no way, you pay for your injuries yourself, soldier, you have to use your own insurance and pay out of your pocket! Up until this week, you would have had the confidence as a military solder you would be taken care of by the government, and the people you are serving with your life would stand by your benefits. But, that could all end with a stroke of the pen if President Obama chooses to do so. You would have to pay for your service connected injuries out of YOUR pocket and you CANNOT sue the government. Why in the world would you want to serve a government who wouldn't take care of you in those circumstances?

I know first hand the benefits of service-connected medical services. My son was severely disabled by an on duty non-combat accident. We eventually brought him home from the VA hospital to care for him, and provided care for him for nine years until he passed away as a result of his injuries. We were able to provide this care at home because of his benefits. Yes, it is expensive to our government's budget but it's minimal compared to what Worker's Compensation pays out to ordinary citizens - and yet, that it is our right to receive these benefits. As a civilian, how would you feel if suddenly, you would not be covered if you had an on the job injury? Yet, our men and women serving in the military today willingly sign up to serve our country and many of them have served several tours of duty in extremely hazardous environments. They have the confidence their country will take care of them. They are proud to serve and do so without grumbling or complaining. Do you think they would get upset because their cup of coffee is too hot, or because they have a small pain in the wrist - no, they continue on to serve and protect, to aid and support their fellow soldiers and the United States of America, without apprehension. The least we can do is ALWAYS be there for them when they need our support.

I wonder what President Obama is thinking, or if he is thinking and planning since he will be sending many thousands of troops into Afganistan soon. There are many elements of hazards in Afganistan far different and dangerous than what our troops experienced in Iraq.

What will happen if President Obama takes away the health benefits of our soldiers especially now? I venture to guess that our population of volunteer recruits to all the branches of service would decline as well as those reinlisting might give it a second thought - do you think we need that right now - NO. I personally have no confidence in President Obama to face a violent enemy who may decide to take over our country. In my opinion he has not shown any common sense in handling any military decision especially in view of this particular issue. He may have an outstanding reputation for being a good orator, which I have my reservations about, but he does lack the experience and knowledge necessary to lead this country in the time of war or any confrontation. Our first lady, Michelle, is commanding audiences of military wives and families saying she is making it a priority to help the military families. Well, excuse me, do you think First Lady Michelle, taking away their health coverage will be AIDING the families? I think you need to talk to your husband, Mrs. Obama!

As I was browsing for news clips to share this morning there were none on my usually haunts of columns about the American Legion and the current discussion about the change of military health care. Everyone is focused on the AIG fiasco. I went to the American Legion website which has terrific coverage, of course, and information for those who may wish to check it out, please go here.

I would have never believed any one of our elected presidents would jeopardize the lives of our military heroes however since President Barack Obama has come into office, we have all seen many changes which have left us breathless to say the least! I hope you will make a difference and let your elected official know what a bad idea changing the healthcare coverage policies for our veterans will be. I know first hand the care from the VA and some of the military hospitals isn't perfect, it is improving, but without it for our military to depend on, would ruin their lives financially forever. The Veteran's have it too difficult now. Too many veterans end up homeless, without jobs, and without their families. Please don't let this atrocity happen to them - don't let President Obama sign the bill to take away our military healthcare benefits.

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  1. I wonder what President Obama is thinking, or if he is thinking ..o he's thinking about controlling the free world...!!