Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our new GOP Chairman - Michael Steele

I was delighted when I heard on Foxs News yesterday that Michael Steele had been voted in as Chairman of the Republican party. I have to honestly say, I have received a lot of communications from the Republican party for a long time - for donations - and emails too, but I really didn't know a lot about who was heading the party - now I know, I've seen Michael Steele on Foxs New often and I have ALWAYS listened to what he had to say.

GOP Chairman Michael Steele is well-spoken, pleasant personality, educated on the issues and someone I can and will pay attention to. I look forward to his leadership putting the Republican Party back on the map and headed in the right direction - he means business!! The Democrats have walked all over us - and I've noticed some of our elected Republicans in office now not standing up for party values.

I am hopeful now - and I look for a Honest Change in the Right Direction!!!

You can read more about our Chairman here.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Geithner receives large severance sum

Newly minted Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s finances got a recent boost, thanks to a plump $435,000 severance payment from his old employer – the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In addition, Geithner last year earned $411,000 as president of the New York Fed and got another $50,000 to $100,000 for unused vacation and comp time, according to a mandatory financial disclosure statement released by the Office of Government Ethics.

Read more here.

President Obama was upset with the Wall Street executives over their bonuses but oh, wait, its okay Geithner gets bonuses because Geithner's one of his buds!

So typical! Why should we be shocked at anything we read about this administration. Even Nancy Pelosi thinks she's bipartisan as reported on

Sarah Palin is riding in on her four-wheeler to rescue the Republican's in a couple of days. Someone has to pull the party together.

President Obama has shed his jacket not for "casual day" but because he sets his office thermastat on high and it's too hot for the jacket. He wants us to economize while he wastes - don't do as I do but as I say - because I WON!

Former President George W. Bush, wife attend Baylor women's basketball game

It was great to see this photo and read this on the website this afternoon. I haven't found any articles about the Bushes since the greetings at Waco. To read the complete article, check it out here:
Former President George W. Bush walks out of the tunnel with Baylor coach Kim Mulkey (center) and wife Laura Bush on Wednesday.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cry Out

I saw this video today on Airman Mom's blog. It brought to mind our precious military personnel serving to protect us and what a friend said to me today. She is against the war. Her boys never served. She'll never know the pride. She'll never know the sacrifices we have made for Our Country. She'll never understand why.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

President Elect Obama will asked for $440 million for NASA to investigate global warming. I guess he's given up trusting former Vice President Gore's word on the subject considering Gore's lack of environmental procedures in his personal life.

In the Netherlands, they are having a Cold Spell - their canals are frozen. We're having record cold temperatures in our northern states, but the Dems are stubbornly trying to convince the U. S. citizens we are having global warming. Is this one method of employment President Elect Obama is pursuing, giving NASA additional work for scientists to do some experiments in the frozen tundra?

There was a news report this morning we could product our own fuel if we collect the by product of wine and beer but we needed a special container which we could have right in our back yard. Gee, I wish I knew all the stuff we could do with recycle byproducts especially manure. We collected the cow patties from our land where we raised Black Angus cows years ago and we would spread the manure for fertilizer. We didn't know much about turning it into fuel back then, holy cow, we could have been rich!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Friends in High Places

Obama’s Treasury Secretary: Tax rules for thee, but not for me; Update: Link to Senate Finance Cmte docs added By Michelle Malkin • January 13, 2009 04:36 PM Please read Michelle's column!
This was the most unappealing news I heard today. A man who was nominated to be our new Treasury Secretary by President-Elect Obama owes back taxes - and did so several years in a row. One amount he had to repay was over $25,000.00 and he didn't have to pay any penalties. The prominent Harry Reid said it was just a "hiccup" in the record of the well liked Timothy Geithner. No wonder we have problems on Wall Street!
I don't know about you but I am extremely upset how simple it is for these politicians to get away with their sins without any penance. Chris Todd is another one who seems to be pious and saintly but is one of the biggies who contributed to the cost of our money problems on the home front. Do these people have no conscience? The politicians and some of our right minded reporters seem to have the opinion there's nothing wrong here and Mr. Geithner will be selected for our Treasury Secretary. What's wrong with this picture?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

President Bush, content the war in Iraq is nearly won, says he rejected his own party despite pressure to withdraw, a move now lauded by his father. You can view the interview by Bret Hume and Presidents George W. and George H. W. Bush by linking to Transcript: Presidents Bush 41 and 43 on 'FOX News Sunday'.

It was very touching seeing the two of them as father and son being interviewed by Mr. Hume.

We watched a debate of sorts on our Sunday Morning CBS program which we have watched every Sunday morning religiously for years where two different journalists gave diverse opinions of their views of the President Bush's years in the White House. I would enjoy entertaining another persons opinion as to how some of the journalists cannot give President Bush credit for the success of the war in Iraq and more importantly keeping our country free from attack. The one negative opinion stated that President Bush is the most negative president of the United States. I don't buy into that for one second and I believe that journalist will be proven wrong. Could it be the liberals are still mad Bush won over Gore? Can you imagine how Gore would have handled 9/11 - similar to the Global Warming issue probably.

Well, in a matter of less than two weeks we will be governed by a new president with a new agenda and many of the same ole Clinton people. It has been projected that our recession and unemployment will continue to be bad so by mid year Obama will begin to take on flack.

I want very much to sell our home this spring, although, my energy level isn't great enough to accomplish that goal at this point. I am hoping that things will turn around and there will be some stability in the real estate market. As a senior citizen with our home being our investment it is our last hurrah for a good secure future that is dependent on the sales price. We'll see.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today was an exciting day for the Bush family with the christening of the President George W. H. Bush carrier, Newport, Virginia. The ceremony was well documented at the George W. H. Bush ship's website. C-SPAN also has photos and commentary.

Friday, January 9, 2009

President George W. Bush and first lady Mrs. Laura Bush on Thursday, Jan. 8, 2008, visited the General Philip Kearny School in Philadelphia. The first thing I noticed when I looked at the first photo with President Bush was his smile and what seemed to me his very relaxed mood.
I have been wondering for a few days how President Bush must be feeling with not yet President - President Elect Obama going around making speeches and doing a lot of procedures which is usually handled by the President. He's no longer a Senator and not yet a President - - what is his actual title?
Personally, I think President Bush is doing a great job with all of this - a great sport. And, too, maybe he's getting a lot of things done and tying up the loose ends since the media is off his back.
I will really miss President Bush and First Lady Laura - and the family and Barney and Miss Beezley.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

President George W. Bush reviews the troops at Ft. Myer in Arlington, Va., Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009, during a military appreciation in his honor. With him is Col. Joseph Buche, Commander of Troops. White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian. Link here for full story

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Time is short

I have thought for days how to start my posts about our President Bush. Yesterday when I had free time with no interruptions, I checked out articles at the White House website, I realized how much I will miss President Bush and Laura Bush. I didn't agree with some of his policies, but as so many agree, he kept our country safe.

I know our citizens believe it is time for a change - but not from the same ole ones in office - how can we see a change with the same people from the Clinton administration in policy making positions? As I've said before, it is the Congress and the House that makes the most decisions and with the luck of the draw maybe they are working together for the good of the country. But, unfortunately as so happened with President Bush - it was a fail/fail situation. The Democrats did everything they could to trip him up even when it was good.

George Bush is a man of high morals. He has Christian values and principles. He has a wonderful marriage to a beautiful and thoughtful lady, a great relationship with his two daughters, and his parents and brother and sister. He may have had some youthful indiscrections, but nothing like Ted Kennedy had when he left his date in a car to drown. Or, like President Clinton and the scandal in his office in the White House. I wonder if people today have less morals than ever before. A friend told me it didn't matter what the public officials did in their personal life but what mattered to her was how they voted. The answer related to a question I asked an acquaintance about John Edwards who had committed adultery while his wife had cancer. This person didn't care about John Edward's values. I am shocked because in my opinion if he wasn't thoughtful and considerate first to his wife, then how much respect does he have for his constituents that trusted him to do the right thing for their state.

Perhaps it will take four more years of the same old Democrats in office before the American people at large understand. And by the way, for those who really believe it was a landslide win for Barrack Obama, you are wrong. It wasn't a close race like Bush and Gore, but Obama didn't run away with it. And there were other terrific Republicans who may have pulled the majority vote, but it is what it is today. But, now, my thoughts are with the Bush's - certainly not on where Barack Obama is vacationing or where he's going to live until January 20th. Maybe I'm seeming unpatriotic, but I am miffed with the media and their stupidity and lack of fair and balanced coverage, period.