Thursday, January 1, 2009

Time is short

I have thought for days how to start my posts about our President Bush. Yesterday when I had free time with no interruptions, I checked out articles at the White House website, I realized how much I will miss President Bush and Laura Bush. I didn't agree with some of his policies, but as so many agree, he kept our country safe.

I know our citizens believe it is time for a change - but not from the same ole ones in office - how can we see a change with the same people from the Clinton administration in policy making positions? As I've said before, it is the Congress and the House that makes the most decisions and with the luck of the draw maybe they are working together for the good of the country. But, unfortunately as so happened with President Bush - it was a fail/fail situation. The Democrats did everything they could to trip him up even when it was good.

George Bush is a man of high morals. He has Christian values and principles. He has a wonderful marriage to a beautiful and thoughtful lady, a great relationship with his two daughters, and his parents and brother and sister. He may have had some youthful indiscrections, but nothing like Ted Kennedy had when he left his date in a car to drown. Or, like President Clinton and the scandal in his office in the White House. I wonder if people today have less morals than ever before. A friend told me it didn't matter what the public officials did in their personal life but what mattered to her was how they voted. The answer related to a question I asked an acquaintance about John Edwards who had committed adultery while his wife had cancer. This person didn't care about John Edward's values. I am shocked because in my opinion if he wasn't thoughtful and considerate first to his wife, then how much respect does he have for his constituents that trusted him to do the right thing for their state.

Perhaps it will take four more years of the same old Democrats in office before the American people at large understand. And by the way, for those who really believe it was a landslide win for Barrack Obama, you are wrong. It wasn't a close race like Bush and Gore, but Obama didn't run away with it. And there were other terrific Republicans who may have pulled the majority vote, but it is what it is today. But, now, my thoughts are with the Bush's - certainly not on where Barack Obama is vacationing or where he's going to live until January 20th. Maybe I'm seeming unpatriotic, but I am miffed with the media and their stupidity and lack of fair and balanced coverage, period.

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