Sunday, January 11, 2009

President Bush, content the war in Iraq is nearly won, says he rejected his own party despite pressure to withdraw, a move now lauded by his father. You can view the interview by Bret Hume and Presidents George W. and George H. W. Bush by linking to Transcript: Presidents Bush 41 and 43 on 'FOX News Sunday'.

It was very touching seeing the two of them as father and son being interviewed by Mr. Hume.

We watched a debate of sorts on our Sunday Morning CBS program which we have watched every Sunday morning religiously for years where two different journalists gave diverse opinions of their views of the President Bush's years in the White House. I would enjoy entertaining another persons opinion as to how some of the journalists cannot give President Bush credit for the success of the war in Iraq and more importantly keeping our country free from attack. The one negative opinion stated that President Bush is the most negative president of the United States. I don't buy into that for one second and I believe that journalist will be proven wrong. Could it be the liberals are still mad Bush won over Gore? Can you imagine how Gore would have handled 9/11 - similar to the Global Warming issue probably.

Well, in a matter of less than two weeks we will be governed by a new president with a new agenda and many of the same ole Clinton people. It has been projected that our recession and unemployment will continue to be bad so by mid year Obama will begin to take on flack.

I want very much to sell our home this spring, although, my energy level isn't great enough to accomplish that goal at this point. I am hoping that things will turn around and there will be some stability in the real estate market. As a senior citizen with our home being our investment it is our last hurrah for a good secure future that is dependent on the sales price. We'll see.

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