Saturday, January 17, 2009

President Elect Obama will asked for $440 million for NASA to investigate global warming. I guess he's given up trusting former Vice President Gore's word on the subject considering Gore's lack of environmental procedures in his personal life.

In the Netherlands, they are having a Cold Spell - their canals are frozen. We're having record cold temperatures in our northern states, but the Dems are stubbornly trying to convince the U. S. citizens we are having global warming. Is this one method of employment President Elect Obama is pursuing, giving NASA additional work for scientists to do some experiments in the frozen tundra?

There was a news report this morning we could product our own fuel if we collect the by product of wine and beer but we needed a special container which we could have right in our back yard. Gee, I wish I knew all the stuff we could do with recycle byproducts especially manure. We collected the cow patties from our land where we raised Black Angus cows years ago and we would spread the manure for fertilizer. We didn't know much about turning it into fuel back then, holy cow, we could have been rich!

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