Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Grandma is seriously aggitated at some of the Republicans

Ok fellows! I've stood by your side through thick and thin but now you've hit me in my pocketbook and my home. You may be grumbling and complaining about all the garbage the Democrats have put in the stimulus bill, but I wonder if you are even thinking about what you are attacking when you specifically pull a project to pick on.

Republican Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma started it, I believe, when he made comments about the executives coming to Las Vegas then they changed their location to San Francisco - same plans, different place - thank you very much Senator Tom Coburn - and he isn't done, he's on other groups cases to change to other places. For crying out loud, Senator Coburn, do you have a clue as to how many people are employed in Las Vegas? The Las Vegas Convention Commission has taken out an ad in the Wall Street Journal and other publications to explain the hardship the Senator's discrimination has placed on Las Vegas and our economy. This ad will run until the end of 2009, you may check the article and the ad here. Please check out the article which is on Las Vegas Now and the link to the pdf file of the ad.

My son and granddaughter are living with us - he is employed at one of the hotels on the strip and he hasn't worked for going on three weeks. I would like for him to have his own place to live and not be living with us. My wonderful husband and I have been married 45 years this year and my kid is still living with me and now its all your fault. Senator Coburn, can he and our granddaughter go and live with you? Please don't you dare send me a Republican request for you senatorial election (I do receive donation requests from Senator not in my state all the time). Senator Corburn, if I receive a request for donation from you I will send you back a due bill for utilities to cover part of the contribution for my son living with us that he can't pay because you put him out of work! Thank a lot!

The second deal that has my blood pressure at the boiling point is this issue of the fast speed train from Las Vegas to Anaheim or Disneyland that my buddies in the Republican party keeps picking on. Have you people lost your minds?????? I am seriously considering changing to Independent and if you keep it up, you will lose me. Governor Bobbie Jindal, yes you! last night in your speech, you picked on our poor train, and prior to hearing your comments I thought I liked you - not so now!!!! What is it with you people? Can't you see the advantage for the environment and for the population of southern California and Nevada. Our railroad system is so behind the times, Europe and Asia have it over us with their technology and you are complaining about building a hi-tech train that will EMPLOY thousands of people for a long period of time and you label it as PORK BARREL SPENDING? Isn't EMPLOYMENT the key principle to the stimulus plan?

I received my monthly contribution envelope from the head of the Republican Party - Michael Steele, today. Do you really think I am going to put a donation in for the Republican Party. NO! but I might write a letter telling them what I think of how they are doing today. If they keep this up, they won't get back to being a majority in 2012, 2016 or 2020!!!!

End of Rant!!!

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  1. Hi Jean! Thanks for visiting my farm blog! Funny thing I read your profile...I grew up in Northwest ohio, and my husband and I lived just out of Las Vegas!! Eerie!

    Oh and rant away enough is enough!