Friday, February 13, 2009

A couple of things

Yesterday on the I came across an article written by Politico's writer - Michael Calerone on the Fairness Doctrine and Bill Clinton. Clinton is obviously in favor of silencing those individuals like Rush Limbaugh who says harsh things against the Democrats. What galls me to no end how the Democrats are attempting to take away all our freedoms especially the Freedom of Speech. At this point, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, and both CNN networks are so liberal, not to mention the publications as well.

My husband and I have traditionally watched the news in the morning and evening and we know who the non-biased reporters are and will not watch their news shows. There are maybe one or two on CNN and we like our local CBS channel early morning otherwise we watch Fox. It's very discerning to hear the bias comments rather than just reporting just the facts.

If a bill like the Fairness Doctrine passes, does this mean our personal blogs stating our dislike of what's going on in Washington with the Democrats will be abolished?

I was totally outraged when I heard President Obama chastise the executives of the stimulus group for going to Las Vegas - I mean, he specifically picked out Las Vegas! It was unbelievable. He came to Vegas so many times and talked to our Culinary Union and had it not been for the union he wouldn't have won the voters here. But, guess what - its the Culinary Union workers that have been put out of work due to this financial breakdown and anytime there is a large group to come to town, it does help the workers. So, what happened with the executives - they went to San Francisco, Seattle, and other places. My son works at one of the hotels and his hours have been cut drastically.

I wonder how the Culinary Union feels about their backing of President Obama now? I think Las Vegas Mayor Goodman did the right thing writing President Obama a letter but I doubt it will do any good. President Obama doesn't seem like the type of man who apologizes for a faux paux. Wait until 2012, maybe the comment will come back to bite him - I hope so.

Although I DON'T watch any of President Obama's town halls, or speeches, it was impossible to miss the constant repetition of the network news snippets and reporting of President Obama's town hall and the guy who worked at McDonald's giving Alleluias for Obama and also the HOMELESS lady who was dressed very nicely - even had a fresh styled hairdo and somehow managed to get attention from President Obama. Have you ever seen a real homeless person? They don't have style hairdos! How obvious can it be that the Obama people are planting maybe prepaid (you think?) fakes in the crowd to drum up sympathy and support for anything President Obama says or does and now to give out free services in front of national new services!

This morning I read Nancy Pelosi is heading to Rome as soon as the stimulus bill is passed (without anyone reading it!). She has disregarded all the prime Catholic rules. I will be very interested to see how she and the Pope get along. I'm Catholic and I know money talks and she's gotten away with a lot - her and the Kennedys and a few others and can still receive the sacraments. Damn, it ticks me off how money talks and if you got it, you can get away with murder!

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