Monday, March 22, 2010

If it looks like a turd, smells like a tird, is it a turd?

But, then I ask - by whose standard determines if in fact it is a turd?

I'll bet you couldn't guess in a million years what's on my mind. Guessing? Ok, you're right - the Obama/Democratic party Healthcare bill.

I will give credit for some issues in the bill - the lifting of the ban on insurance companies refusing people because of their preexisting illnesses; allowing children to remain on parents policies until age 26; narrowing the donut hole - not too informed on that one yet, and there are a couple other items, however, what I object to is the method and the lack of common sense approach to passing the bill, oh yeah - THE COST!

It seems to me from my prospective, President Obama passed it on to the Senate and Congress to put something together on Heathcare, no matter what, and he would pass it. He was going to trim the big package the Congress came up with back after the election in Virginia - I guess he was scared another Republican got elected, but Nancy Pelosi got upset with him, and the President backed off and left it as it. I wonder if President Obama will ever know what is in the package - do you think he will read it before he signs it?

I know the liberals shake their fingers and say we don't want changes, that we want to let children suffer and seniors do without care - but guess what - in order to help pay for this new bill, they will cut medicare which will throw seniors out the window. I have it on good information there are physicians right now refusing some senior citizens health care because the physicians are afraid they won't get paid. And the physicians know this is only the beginning. They are just as afraid as we are.

Common sense seemed to jump out the dome with the liberals. There has been no compromise allowed - none whatsoever. To say the conservatives aren't concerned about the heathcare today is stupid and irrational. As usual they are being narrow-minded.

I am attempting to learn all I can about this bill. It is posted on Foxnews, I will continue reading. It will affect not only my husband and I because we have medicare and we do have our own insurance - I'll watch and see if our premiums go up - but I feel sorry for my adult children and how the rates will affect them and the care to their children.

God bless our country - we need all the help we can get!

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