Thursday, March 18, 2010

Smiling faces and fancy signing pen.

The Health care bill will be signed on Sunday! Oh, what a thrill! I think I'll get drunk! Oh, maybe I should make an appointment w/my surgeon and have my knees fixed and get everything else fixed that needs fixing before the bird doo doo hits the fan and the new health care laws go into effect. Because, well you know, we probably won't be able to have surgery on things like knees, fingers, toes, nose jobs, etc because nothing will be covered. It may sound silly but it really isn't.

Do you know what is in the Health bill President Obama is pushing and making deals with his Democrats over? Personally, I believe that he has no idea. I believe he just wants a deal passed because he promised he would - I really believe he doesn't care whether it would ruin our system as it is. Yes, we do need changes badly. The insurance companies need stronger regulations - oops, that means more government intervention - but how do we get away from that, they surely can't police themselves. The heath care system itself is a mess - how much do you pay for a band aid when you've gone to the hospital? Well, I know there's more than the cost of the band aid figured in on the cost, but holy macaroni, but the actual charge is just a big much, I think.

Also, what's good for one should be good for all - no discrimination allowed - be you black, white, Irish, Polish, German or whatever. If a white guy comes in with serious injuries from an accident and he just lost his job, and can't find work he will be harassed forever for payment, but if an illegal immigrant enters a hospital requiring assistance, there will be no searching for payment. It's not equal. The only alternative for the white guy is bankruptcy. So everyone loses on that deal. He doesn't want it that way, but he has no choice.

I was recently privy to information that some doctors in our town are refusing to care for Medicare patience because they are afraid they won't be paid. We know that Walgreen Drug Stores in Washington state w/not accept new Medicaid patience - and we are just beginning - the bill as it is hasn't passed yet!!!

I was an extremely healthy person when I was young, but since becoming a senior citizen everything seems to be going wrong. It's not because I lead a horrendously wild lifestyle, quite the contrary, at this time in my life we are very sedentary although we do have mild activity. I go in for regular check ups and mostly everything is good for me, except I have a few weird things wrong - like bad knees. I was a hard consistent worker, and I believe this had affect my knees. I have postponed any surgery until my husband has his surgery - both of us need both knees replace. I do fine - slowly and limited, but don't put any pressure on me to walk distances or be in a hurry, but we manage.

So if surgery is needed on whatever - I am worried how things will be after this horrible Healthcare bill is passes - it is a nightmare for sure.

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