Friday, April 9, 2010

My choice

I have been put to ease to know finally we are hearing more from Newt Gingrich regarding today's political theatre. It is difficult enough to keep up with all the changes in our government especially since the changes are happening so quickly. But, I am even more disturbed by the problems within the Republican party as well as the facts that many of our current elected Republicans can't seem to handle the Obama/Pelosi/Reed shenanigans. Right now the party is not up to the battle even if the election were to be handed to us on a silver platter in 2012. I don't worry so much about the local state's elections, the Republicans can handle that, but when it comes to a strong Republican president, I didn't see one in the ballgame I was comfortable with until recently. Granted, there are good people with good ideas and strong features, but not what we need running against the Obama machine.

Many voters are assuming Sarah Palin will be running for President and she is putting herself out there as though she is running, but that doesn't mean she will make a good candidate, not yet. It is my thought she should run for Congress in her own state for experience. I think she is a great motivator and I do like her a lot but I don't have the confidence that she could or would win! Unfortunately, like it or not, she needs to prove herself and it has nothing to do with her being a woman from Alaska - it is just my gut that says it. It upsets me that Barrack Obama had less experience than Sarah Palin, yet Obama continues to put her down intellectually. He is such a snob anyhow - a snob without any couth or sophication. Mitt Romney, well, I voted for him in the Nevada Primary then John McCain for president - - personally, I don't want to see either man run for President again. I think Romney should be on the president's staff. He is a very intelligent man and has a great deal to offer. He would be a great president, but there again, I don't think he could carry it over Obama right now.

Newt Gingrich has proven himself. He has also proven that he works across the aisle. He may be strong willed but he can get along with the other side - contrary to what is going on in Washington today. Gingrich spoke recently at a meeting of the Southern Republican Conference and he said that Obama is the most radical president in the history of America. You can read the article here. He has conviction in his statements with out any whimpering or excuses, you can believe it.

I also like Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, for Vice President. I am not sure how they would be as running mates, but I like the ticket.

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