Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday morning opinion

I have a Sunday morning routine and for as long I can remember for the past nine years, we have followed the same pattern. Coffee on, planted squarely and comfortably in front of the TV and the local news first, then CBS Sunday Morning news, and then read the newspaper. I am not sure how long I have had a fondness for Charles Krauthammer, maybe it was when we started watching Fox News in the afternoon on the weekdays when he was on the panel which appeared at the end of the news reports. Although, my first introduction of Mr. Krauthammer was long ago in the 90s when I was up early caring for my son Brian and I watched Brian Lamb and C-SPAN. Charles Krauthammer was often a guest, I enjoyed hearing his point of view then and I continue to value his opinion today.

My first stop when reading the Sunday paper is the Viewpoint section and Charles Krauthammer's column. I found this morning's column as interesting as any other of his opinions, but I thought I would share this one here today.

It has to do with the decision President Obama must make regarding sending troops to Afghanistan. If you have any family member or friend in the military, I am sure you are very interested to know what the president will decide to do. I am disappointed that it is taking the president so long to make up his mind. As you will read in Mr. Krauthammer's column, this wasn't something that just came up and the president needed more time to think. I am sure President Obama has to check with everyone of his monetary supporters to see what they think, I wish he would go with his guy. I know he and Michelle have pledge support to the military families, but you can't put off making decisions while soldiers are dying.

I hope you will find Charles Krauthammer's column as enlightening and informative as I did. You may find it here.

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