Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ten US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

US soldiers fire a Howitzer in Logar province. President Obama is to decide whether to order a surge of troops in Afghanistan. Read the story here.

Personally, I find President Obama's behavior disgraceful as per the other story I just browsed on the Drudgereport page here of President and Mrs Obama going out and celebrating their 17th anniversary while we have troops dying in Afghanistan and the President can't make up his mind what to do. I think maybe he has made up his mind, but isn't sharing the news with the American people. I have been married 45 years, and I can tell you, honestly, if I had a sick child, parent, or there was a major problem in my family, there wouldn't be any going out to celebrate anything. My marriage is not based on when and where we go out to dinner but to take care of the business of the problems at hand in my family. And, I expect the same thing of my President. Surely, his chefs could have come up with something extra special for a sweet and simple twosome dinner for he and Michelle rather than having to parade all over Washington. I imagine the troops in Afghanistan would appreciate some of that R&R too.

It's makes me so sad. The news articles are saying this is the largest death count in 10 years. Don't you know if Bush would be in office right now people would be up in arms and we would hear screaming and hollering from the Democrats.

I pray that God will PLEASE give President the common sense and wisdom to make a good decision for our country and our troops first and foremost. He needs to get out of Himself and get some humility and serve the United States of America.

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