Sunday, December 6, 2009

Totally frustrated!

I haven't blogged in a very long time. I signed up on Twitter a while back so I keep in touch with my favorite conservative bloggers who are signed up as well.

It seems to me our government moves from one controversial subject to another and it is just plain depressing. So I've become a coward, I suppose, and have retreated from writing my comments - just to take a breather.

Family life has so many ups and downs, and combined with the decisions our politicians make we know that in due time those decisions will effect further what is already close to a disaster for families.

I heard an opinion this morning by a prominent TV personality who's name totally escapes me, sorry" but he stated the Wall Street CEO are making big bucks this Christmas season and they are the ones who got us in the economical trouble in the beginning - their actions and decisions then is which has impacted our finances today. They are getting away with it again and what is our government doing about it - again, absolutely nothing!!! For crying out loud, what chance do the working class have to get ahead!! We shout out "throw the bums out of office" and every voting season we either keep the same ones in or replace them with individuals with the same mindset. It is our fault we are in this mess - we have the power, but we have given it away - willingly. Oddly enough, when the bulk of our society, the middle class, do stick up and shout out they are called weird names. Oh me! What are we going to do!!!

Whatever - we have another election year coming up for our congress and senate - let's do a better job of it.